[Upcoming TW drama] Sonia Sui & Christopher Lee in Notice from a Bachelorette!

OMGGGG!!! When I saw Sonia posted about it on Instagram I had to find information on it! Didn’t expect her to film another drama so quickly… (Sorry on the exclamation marks, it’s really exciting HAHAHA)

The press conference for Notice from a Bachelorette (徵婚啟事 / Zheng Hun Qi Shi / Marriage Wanted) was held today with the main cast – Sonia Sui, Christopher Lee and Yao Yao (Kuo Shu Yao) in attendence. The director is Lian Yi Qi, whose recent works include Sweet Alibi (甜蜜殺機) – the film starring Alec Su and Ariel Lin. This is a TTV / GTV production (The Pursuit of Happiness x A Good Wife?) which is a great plus since they have been making quality dramas this year. I have my issues with TPOH, but nevertheless it’s still better than a lot of other TW dramas out there. Plus Sonia x Christopher! Girl crush x sexy voice! I love this pairing already.

Sonia will play an editor-in-chief of a publishing company who decides to post a ‘Marriage Wanted’ ad online. She’ll meet over 20 potential suitors and of course, one of them is Christopher Lee! Christopher said, “All of the other guys are younger than me so I’m not very confident. But I’m not very old! I’m like their older brother.”


Yao Yao will portray a 25 year old owner of an accessories shop (she’s only 23 in real life!), who is also Sonia’s counsin. She said, “This time my character is a diligent worker and smart, quite a challenge!” Other cast members include Jerry Huang (Henry from ITWY), Hans Zhong Cheng Han and Huang Shao Huai. (Nope, don’t know who they are…)


Unfortunately we might have to wait a long time for this one, the expected release date is October 2014 in the Friday night timeslot!



News Source: Fanily.com.tw, Chinatimes.com



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  1. heisui Avatar

    Wow I’m surprised Sonia has another project so quickly! But waiting all the way ’til October of next year…ugh!! I wonder how her chemistry will be with Christopher Lee. *W*

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah it’s such a LONNGGGGG wait. At least that means they have time to write and film it properly.

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    1. kat Avatar

      Thanks!!!! I love Sonia’s hair and looking forward to this!!!

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