[Blog BTS] What is in a name? Do you use social media?

One of the things I love about Taiwanese dramas is their ‘Behind of scenes’ tadbits at the end of the episode. Some BTS I like even more than the drama itself (Miss No Good), and there’re times when I like the ending in the BTS better than the ending in the drama itself (Borrow Your Love). So in this tradition, I’m hoping to write regular non-drama related posts about the “BTS” of this blog. It’s not about me so much, it’s probably going to concentrate more on the technicals behind this blog.


I’m very far from being a good web designer or developer. I suck at making graphics and only know very basic coding. For me, tweaking a theme usually involves A LOT of googling and trial and error. But I can also be very stubborn. I can spend an unhealthy amount of time trying to figure out how something can be moved 5 more pixels to the right. (or some other ridiculous thing) Anyway, ‘Blog BTS’ will (hopefully) be a regular feature – although I get the feeling it is just an opportunity to ask for some advice from other bloggers / visitors.


One of the blogs I read on a regular basis is The Daily Post. Although it’s geared towards blogs hosted on WordPress.com, some of the tips given there can apply to every type of blog or website. One of the recurring topics is choosing the perfect blog name. I don’t think I was ‘truly’ happy with DramaPot.com but at the time, I had to make a decision quickly (since the previous domain was expiring) and I really wanted something short, not to mention it was still available on the main social media sites. Plus spending at least a week brainstorming, that was the best I could come up with! So for a while I was happy enough with it since I can’t think of anything else anyway, and now that we’re settled it’ll be a massive pain to move it again.


I’m only wavering now because this week, a name suddenly popped into my head – DramaSesame? The tagline can be: Opening the door to Chinese language dramas (or something like that!). Such a bad pun right? But it’s kinda like it. Plus it meets most of the criteria I have when choosing names:


  • There’re no existing blogs with this name.
  • It’s relatively short. (I’d probably consider anything less than 13 characters is ok.)
  • .com is still available.
  • The username is available on Tumblr. (Unfortunately someone has that name on Twitter already but at least he’s not an active user so there won’t be any confusion at least.)


Any advice?!?!? How do you choose your blog or usernames? (I am not creative in that too. Thinking of a username always gives me a headache!)


Flowing onto this, I’m also having a dilemma about how I’m using Twitter at the moment. I have my personal one (@katmky) which used to be private, but over time I don’t care much about the privacy aspect anymore because my mentality is that if it’s posted online, it’s no longer private. I also have a site specific one (@dramapot) which I’m only pushing blog/Tumblr updates to at the moment. I don’t want to bombard people I know from other very unrelated fandoms with too much drama related stuff. Similarly, I don’t want to bombard people who might just want to know blog updates from all the other stuff I post? At the same time, I feel like I’m not using @dramapot as much as I would like. (eg. at least following more drama bloggers to start with) So I’m thinking of getting rid of @dramapot and just have everything under one roof aka keeping with the same ‘identity’? Or should I just use two separate ones?  This is TOO HARD I tell you.

My next question: Do you use Twitter? (Do you have multiple accounts for multiple fandoms / purposes?)






4 responses to “[Blog BTS] What is in a name? Do you use social media?”

  1. heisui Avatar

    I admit that I laughed after reading “drama sesame”. I think it’s cute though. 😀 Actually I chose my blog name on a whim too. T_T” I started it as dramatea but then for some reason I deleted it (no idea why I deleted it T_T) and then made it as mydramatea instead. Looking back I wish I had thought of a blog name that left out the word drama in it.

    Um I’m not sure what a good blog name would be for you. Mine isn’t much better…’Kat’s Corner’? T_T

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah that’s the challenge isn’t it? I don’t really want the word drama too but still want something that most people would instantly recognise as ‘a blog about dramas’ or at least relates to it. Plus something Asian related. Plus keeping it short. Plus not already taken. Gosh it seems like mission impossible!

      1. heisui Avatar

        I’m not too creative with blog names. T_T

        “Bolin Fangirl Forever” <JUST KIDDING! 😛

        Or possibly if there are any words in Chinese you could incorporate into the title too? Like a favorite Chinese word that sounds good when paired together with other English words?

        1. kat Avatar

          HAHAHAHA Now we don’t want to scare people do we?

          Hmmm have to think about your suggestion, avoiding swear words!!!

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