Fortnightly Roundup No. 10 – 18 February 2014

This post is way overdue I know! The ‘drama slump’ bug must be contagious because that’s what I feel like at the moment. I am not watching any on-air dramas and I watched the second last episode of A Good Wife at least two to three weeks ago and still haven’t finished it! >< Is it weird that out of everyone in my family, my FATHER is the one who watches K Dramas? I found him watching You From Another Star. And here I am, either watching the totally wacked C Drama with the most recycled plots aka Shining Days or rewatching something from the 90s aka Files of Justice V. Crazy huh?


It feels like I’ve watched nothing this year so far, but then it seems like I’ve watched a lot of episodes because I haven’t written a roundup post since last year!



A Good Wife Eps 7 to 14 – I’ve touched on HOW GREAT THIS DRAMAS IS in a previous post so I won’t repeat myself. It’s the second last episode and STILL I’m unable to decide which side I’m supporting!!!! I guess I haven’t finished it because I wanted to write about eps 12 to 14 first but that didn’t happen and now my memory has gone hazy. This is the reason I’ve made no progress on Marry or Not. I need to finish this one first before continuing another Tian Xin drama!!!

A Time of Love (Complete) – Good effort by TVB. I think Part 1 – Malaysia had the best story overall with a solid cast. Part 3 – Korea looked the best. They did a great job showcasing the scenery. There was good chemistry between Linda Chung and Yeon Jung Hoon. Part 4 – Japan had the best eyecandy for me personally, LOL. I loved the colourful outfits on Aaron Yan and Naomi Watanabe. As for Part 2 – Singapore, its story was the most disjointed but I did like the Charmaine Sheh and Kenneth Ma pairing. So I would love to see them working together again. The mix of cultures and languages were fun to watch. Short and sweet.

Bounty Lady Eps 9 to 16 – Hrm, for a comedy it’s actually… not very funny. However, it’s enjoyable enough – not to be taken too seriously I suppose. The story is not the most interesting but the whole series is being held together by a good cast. I don’t mind watching this to pass the time but am I super motivated to finish it? Not so much.


Files of Justice V (approx 40% complete) – Well, this is awkward. I’m rewatching a drama from 18 years ago. Has it been that long already? OK, so I didn’t watch it when it first aired (yeah, that was 1996 or thereabouts). The first time I watched it was about 2006? Already 10 years later? And I only have the VCD version (remember those?) which means the quality is BAD and it’s dual language lol. There is something endearing about the 90s, baggy suits, mobile phones shaped like a brick, everyone constantly smoking…


Shining Days Eps 11 to 40ish? – I don’t know whether I’m actually ‘watching’ this drama anymore? It’s airing in Taiwan at the moment (5 episodes a week) and in the past three weeks, I watched 2 or 3 eps per week. Yeah that’s pretty random. I lost interest somewhere around episode 15 and even when I was away for a week, it didn’t feel like much had happened. I kinda want to keep a tab on what’s happening but at the same time, most of the main characters are getting on my nerves. The plot is crazy. I saw a preview last week where the two female leads fell into the water and their mother (the crazy all started when this mother switched them at birth so one is her biological daughter and the other is her ‘adopted’ daughter) had to choose who to rescue. WTF right!!!! I cannot take this drama seriously!


The Pursuit of Happiness Eps 13 (finale) – Good but not great. There is a post here already which covers most of the things I wanted to say…




I haven’t been keeping up with Variety Shows AT ALL. I saw the episode of 100% Entertainment where Xiao Gui, Owodog and Wei Lian ‘debuted’ as “Dry Girls” (I guess that’s a parody of Dream Girls)? That was pretty hilarious. Xiao Gui looks really good as a girl LOL. Otherwise, I don’t recall watching anything else.

The most interesting news that came out in the last couple of days is that Bolin Chen (yes, who else) is filming a new movie (Hou Hui Wu Qi / 后会无期 / Never meet again) in Shanghai. The director Han Han (韩寒) is a well known author but this will be his original screenplay. Photos have come out that Bolin, Chen Qiao En and Feng Shao Feng were filming together. ALTHOUGH, Chen Qiao En might only be a guest star? So yeah. The details are pretty sketchy so far so I’m looking forward to how this one will evolve!


You can find a few more filming pics HERE.


I will quietly announce now my side project– opened last month! Of course fangirling will remain here, but news / magazines etc etc will go there! *evil laugh* I KNOW. I said I won’t go down this fansite/blog path again but this idea kept haunting me. So I’m giving it a trial of one year. Let’s see if I can keep it running for that long…?





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  1. cloudandsea Avatar

    HAHA OMG you are the owner of the fansite! I was frantically looking for Chen Bolin’s fanpage like a few weeks ago but couldn’t find it. 🙁 Then a few days ago, I went to search again to see if there is any fan meeting session and found your web.

    1. kat Avatar

      Oh lol! I didn’t expect anyone to find it since it’s pretty new and empty hahaha. His official Facebook page probably has the most updated info.

  2. carolies541 Avatar

    Wait, you got me there! Is that the pairing for Aaron Yan’s short drama, the japan part if i’m not wrong? What an unconventional pick but it looks like a great comedy. That raised my interest in that drama.

    1. kat Avatar

      Yes! It’s pretty exaggerated but only 40 mins, so it was short and sweet. Aaron and Naomi were quite funny.You should watch it especially if you like Aaron. 🙂

  3. heisui Avatar

    Omg, I should’ve known that a Bolin fansite was coming! 😛 Love all the photoshoots you posted!

    And you are reminding me over and over that I have to restart AGW. I feel like I will eventually just watch the last 5 episodes all in a couple days. 😀

    1. kat Avatar

      HAHAHA~ ooops.

      Yes you should restart! ARGH. It was supposed to be on the top of the list to finish and still I’m dragging it out for so long!!! ><

      1. heisui Avatar

        I’ll get around to it when I get in the right mood. :3

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