Dive In 2014 with Ariel Lin, Bolin Chen and Kai Ko – Quick Recap!

*WARNING – this post is screencaps heavy!


I nearly screamed this morning when I saw Cornetto released another instalment in their web/micro drama – Dive in 2014 (这一刻,爱吧) because not only Bolin Chen returned, the new cast member added was none other than ARIEL LIN!!!! (Oh, Kai Ko also returns too.)

My initial excitement turned into annoyance pretty quickly since they are continuing on the story from previous years. Bolin and Ariel are NOT a pair in this are they? In previous years, Bolin had a really cute story with Nikki Shao, and I didn’t want to see them break up, while on the other hand, if they’re going to add Ariel in this – HOW HOW HOW HOW can they not pair her up with Da Ren Bolin!


FYI – I wrote some recaps for Dive In 2013 last year.


Since I’m completely bitter over how there’s no ArielxBolin OTP-ness, I’ll only write a quick recap this time. Plus I’m surprised they released all three parts at the same time, without much prior promotion at all? The official Cornetto website hasn’t updated since last year either. And the poster below was released a couple of days afterwards. I only saw the poster after I watched this so OKAY THEN I get it. Kai Ko has taken over as the lead now. In 2015 Bolin will probably disappear altogether.



Part 1 – Habits or not

(Sorry, I don’t know how to translate this name)


Part 1 focuses on leaving old habits behind. Xiao You (Bolin Chen) and his girlfriend Ke Ke (Nikki Shao) have been together for three years. He is now a designer but she’s studying overseas. He can’t help but feel some doubts about their relationship.


Kai Ko reprises his role as Ke Dong, now a 4th year Advertising student who is working with (for?) Xiao You. His girlfriend (presumably Xin Yi / Annie Chen who is not in the cast this year) dumped him over WeChat. However, the first time he met Jiang Ai, he falls for her.


Jiang Ai (Ariel Lin) is a first year Masters student who is doing an internship in Xiao You / Ke Dong’s company. Six months ago, her boyfriend of five years broke up with her, saying he wants to travel and see the world.


Jiang Ai arrives at the office (aka the home Xiao You shares with Ke Dong) to work on a proposal. While Xiao You is chatting with Ke Ke online, Ke Dong opens the door…

Xiao You introduces Jiang Ai to Ke Ke over video chat.


The team sat down to talk about their next project, and Ke Dong suggests a promotion for Wei Shi (Chinese version of Vine) where the topic is – If the world ends in 8 seconds, what would you say? Ke Dong makes a funny speech to his first love, Xiao You wanted to say something to Ke Ke (but he got cut off since he hesitated and ran out of time) while Jiang Ai makes a heartfelt speech to her ex, saying she misses him.


Afterwards, Jiang Ai takes a break outside and since this is an icecream ad, Xiao You brings her one and asks whether the speech she made before was about her ex-boyfriend. She tells him about the history, how he just left her even after 5 years together. She thought he would come back within a month or two, but it’s been six months and she misses him.


Ke Dong suggests they all go and see a live band. Jiang Ai becomes distressed as the lead singer takes the stage. As he was about to start, he suggests the person who requested the song come up on stage. Ke Dong immediately pointed to Jiang Ai, but she doesn’t know what to do. Xiao You sees that something is wrong and Jiang Ai tells him the lead singer is her ex-boyfriend. She doesn’t even know he came back.

Still not knowing what to do as the crowd is expecting her to go up the stage, Xiao You takes her hand and leads her to the side of the stage. He encourages her as she goes up.

She tells the crowd this was the song her ex-boyfriend sang to her all the time. She thought she wasn’t about to step out out this ‘habit’ of being together with him but now, she’s ready to move on.


Part 2 – Happiness losing momentum

The beginning of Part 2 sees Jiang Ai baking a cake, while thinking about the events at the concert. She likes Xiao You, but is too afraid to say anything because he already has a girlfriend. Ke Dong notices she’s always coming over to their home office, and teasingly asks her whether she’s interested in him. When she denies it, he knows the person she likes is Xiao You.

Ke Dong takes out his phone and says she has 8 seconds, to record a message. She hates the idea and Ke Dong says her problem is that she’s too timid. If she likes someone, she should tell him. Eventually, she made this declaration:

I like you. I like you more and more each day. But I’m very afraid because I know I cannot like you.


The next day, the trio heads out to the countryside. They found a boat and Xiao You immediately jumps in, with Jiang Ai following closely behind. Ke Dong hesitates because he can’t swim. The other two are astonished but Ke Dong comes back in a life jacket, so they can all go. Jiang Ai is a bit annoyed that Ke Dong tagged along, ruining her moment with Xiao You. They bicker a bit and Ke Dong accidentally falls into the water.


Afterwards, she sits quietly by herself while Ke Dong tries to comfort her – it must be tough to like a person but the other person doesn’t know. Jiang Ai knows that Xiao You loves his girlfriend a lot. Even when she’s overseas he still persists. Ke Dong advises her she can either tell Xiao You the truth or keep these thoughts in a hidden corner of her mind and never let it out. Since her internship is ending soon, Jiang Ai thinks her feelings for Xiao You will end as well.


After Ke Dong left, Xiao You sat down beside Jiang Ai and tells her Ke Ke hasn’t returned his calls or messages. He feels that having a long distance relationship beings a lot of uncertainty. There is a moment where Jiang Ai thinks about confessing her feelings to him, but she decides against it. Instead, she tells him Ke Ke loves him very much. He should be more confident their love for each other can keep the relationship alive. It is also this moment Jiang Ai decides to let go, she will leave her feelings for Xiao You behind and instead, wishes him happiness.


In the next scene, Xiao You is blind folded. His birthday surprise came from Ke Ke, who flew back and brought him a cake.


The friends sit down to play a game of ‘Truth or Dare’. Jiang Ai picked the question which asks whether she likes anyone right now. She doesn’t know what to do while Ke Dong takes the paper off her wondering what’s going on. So to ‘save’ her, he makes a declaration of his own.


Jiang Ai! I like you!


Part 3 – The last 8 seconds of the world

The first scenes were totally Kai Ko fan service.

Continuing on from Part 2, Jiang Ai’s response to Ke Dong’s confession is – Are you drunk? But he tells her he’s serious, but she didn’t give an answer straight away.


Over the next two months, Ke Dong uses some hilarious methods to try to win her heart. But nothing seems to be happening between them. Will the opportunity pass them by?


On the hallway Ke Dong bumps into his ex-girlfriend…


Another month passes by and Jiang Ai stops by Xiao You and Ke Dong’s home / the home office to hand in her internship report. She asks where Ke Dong is, and Xiao You shows her Ke Dong’s room.


(This is like an icecream cone wind chimes, made of all of the packets he saved when they were together – I’m sure we won’t forget this is an ad afterall.)


Xiao You tells her to see what’s on Ke Dong’s ipad. They’re a series of 8 second videos Ke Dong made for her. (This is like a joint ad with Wei Shi right?!?!)


Jiang Ai feels very touched by the videos and she asks Xiao You where Ke Dong is. Xiao You suddenly turned into the ‘wise elder’ mode and tells her he’s at the airport, and she shouldn’t miss the opportunity if she really does like him.


She rushes to the airport but she sees Ke Dong with his ex-girlfriend. She turns around to leave but Ke Dong sees her and runs after her. She finds out that he’s just there to see his ex-girlfriend leave. There was nothing going on between them.

Ke Dong makes another declaration – I like you so much. Can you like me too?

Finally, she accepts him and they hugged.


Overall, this was another cute microfilm from Cornetto. I wonder why they kept pairing Kai with older women though? LOL Just because of Elva? Last year it was Annie Chen (who was just slightly older) and now Ariel Lin. Did I say that I was disappointed that there was no Ariel x Bolin? Just thought I need to reiterate that. 😛


You can find the HD videos on YouTube. [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Behind the scenes]


There’s also a ‘new’ MV (with the same themesong from last year but sung by a different person) which compiles scenes from all three years.





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  1. aehyu Avatar

    Kyaaaaaaa I saw those two together and I couldn’t stop squealing!! It’s sucks they’re not OTP, but something about just watching them on the same screen brought back the feels 😀 also I’m not sure how Bolin is doing this, but he’s kinda pulling off the facial hair well lol, I usually hate that haha XD

    1. kat Avatar

      YESSSSSS all the feels!!! I love it how this time it’s Ariel who’s pining for him and he’s totally oblivious to it. But the way he looked at her at the concert…argh!!

      OK I normally like this facial hair, but it just feels odd *in this microfilm*. He was soooo clean cut in the previous instalments and now, he’s gone all hobo. 😛 (LOL I have no other word to describe it! But I mean it nicely HAHAHA.)

      1. aehyu Avatar

        Ugh I hate the wordpress app, completed deleted my comment >.< okay aside the mini rant, yes! Yes! Yes! I totally agree, the moment in the concert was so cute! The way he took her hand gently, I would kill to see them again in something. Bolin and Ariel together have so much chemistry, it makes me giddy lol XD

        Hahaha hobo does sum it up, but I thought it also kinda made him look a little artsy fartsy lol, but he definitely looks better clean ^^

        1. kat Avatar

          They were so cute in the behind the scenes tooo (OK so it was a really short moment, but still!!!!).

          LOL artsy fartsy is also a good description 😉 But it’s like Ariel is looking younger and he’s looking older. This does not remind me of Da Ren at all!!!

  2. Celine Avatar

    OMG! Facial hair Bolin is HOT! HOT! HOT!!!!!!!
    I think this is his best look to date. Very sexy!

  3. misscupcakees Avatar

    Ariel and Bolin reunite! I need to find some time to watch this! 😛

    1. misscupcakees Avatar

      I just saw it, and there is definitely lots of chemistry between Ariel and Bolin. They totally brought back In Time With You memories!

      And yesss, Bolin’s hair! Dayum, he pulls it off really well and he does so in a very sleek way that doesn’t give off shagginess.

      1. kat Avatar

        YESSSS they definitely should reunite soon. Although in this microfilm it seems like Bolin had ‘grown up’ while Ariel had gotten younger LOL. In any case they still look really good together!

  4. heisui Avatar

    Somehow I missed this post! Omg I love all the screencaps, looks like it was wonderfully filmed! *W* I prefer Bolin without the mustache though. 😛

    1. kat Avatar

      Beautiful people and cute story (although not the OTP I was hoping for!!!) 😛 HAHA I like the mustache generally but it just doesn’t suite this microfilm!