21 hidden cameras follow Aaron Yan in his new online ‘reality’ show The Aaron Time

Aaron Yan has been pretty busy lately. After the success of Just You (就是要你愛上我), Aaron’s current film-as-you-go drama Fall in love with me (愛上兩個我) has been rating number 1 in its Sunday night timeslot. Not to be outdone by his popular onscreen co-star Puff Kuo, whose variety/reality show We Got Married (Global Edition) is currently airing, Aaron will also have his own online ‘reality’ show The Aaron Timeto be released on YouTube by his music management company HIM International.



Here’s a news article translated by DearAaronYan@Tumblr:


Aaron Yan’s online reality show, “The Aaron Time” has taken up nearly one month to film. His music company (HIM International) has placed 21 hidden cameras around his house to capture his everyday lives and his work routines. Everything is exposed in one go.


Some of the places of which the cameras have been placed include: inside Aaron’s wardrobe, toilet and kitchen. At first he felt really awkward. Every morning, he’d go into his younger sister’s room to change into his clothes and when he needed the toilet, he’d go into the toilet in his parents’ room.


Aaron expressed: “I was really worried that they might capture things which aren’t meant to be captured! Every time I go to the toilet, I either had to take a towel to cover the camera or I had to move the direction of the camera. But after a while, I would just sleep straight away without thinking too much because I got too tired from filming. Thus I totally forgot that there were cameras recording in my house. I couldn’t care less in the end and have just let it be!”


Source: China Times // Apple Daily

After a month, there was 800GB of footage filmed! Aaron said, “I really believe in my company. I’ll let them handle it. But later they said they will include scenes when I was in the toilet which really surprised me! Afterwards I adjusted my thinking and will treat this as a short documentary. This will show the real me.


The first couple of  teasers for The Aaron Time is out already and the first episode will be released on May 9. There will be 4 episodes in total.




I guess this show is just another way to promote his upcoming album (to be released in June). Making micro/mini films has been pretty common so they’re pushing it to the next level with a ‘reality’ show?! Are they really going to show Aaron ‘doing his business’?!?! That’s a bit WEIRD. Otherwise, if it was just Aaron showing us around his house and do some ‘reality’ (fake) show stuff it should be a fun watch.


Photo source: Wownews, Aaron Yan (HIM) official Facebook page







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  1. bebe Avatar

    I don’t want to see him do that

  2. heisui Avatar

    This’ll probably be really popular with Aaron’s fangirls!

    1. kat Avatar

      The episodes so far are not very exciting except he takes his shirt off and you get to see his closet… oh and he lies on his bed watching TV?!?!? LOL. It’s kinda weird seeing that.

  3. dawa shinnyue Avatar
    dawa shinnyue

    Aaron yan…. Whatever you do its perfect alwaysss..I love it.

  4. Vi Avatar

    Aaron never give up (fitting) what ever you do I still support u as a very huge fan of yours…. So as all your fans all over the world…..

  5. Kvalrosa Avatar

    I Feel like privacy is privacy- I love him I do but, I’m not obsessed to the point where I wanna see him on the toilet. He’s cute, great singer, hell of an amazing actor but.. this is too much

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