Fortnightly Roundup No. 14 – 22 May 2014

I use the term ‘fortnightly’ fairly loosely around here LOL. It’s been way over a month since the last post!!!! Although I’ve had a few post ideas float in my head, I just haven’t been feeling that motivated to write. ><



Marry or Not Eps 13 to 15I’ve been stuck on episode 12 for god knows how long. Finally I’m watching it again every now and then when I don’t want to sit down for too long LOL. After the main OTP (Tian Xin and Xiu Jie Kai) got together in episode 12 (I think…. well, that’s when they kissed) I thought for a 40 episode drama, that’s quite early. Now we’re moving onto the meddling ex-girlfriend territory which is testing my patience. That ex-girlfriend is such a bxtch!!!!! I can’t wait to see her meddling exposed!!! OK, I am sympathetic of what happened to her, but to deliberately made up so many lies just to separate our main couple, that’s just…. gah.


I also like our other couples (except the newlyweds) which was a huge motivation for me to keep watching. Progress will be slow though…

Rock N’ Road Eps 4 to 6 – Even though I was only on holidays for 10 days, I always need a lot longer to recover and get back to the swing of things. As a result, I’m suddenly 4 episodes behind!!!! I watched ep 4 before I left so I don’t remember much from it except for Li Da being super scary in his confrontation scene with Shu Yu. I watched Eps 5 and 6 this week and although Wei Zhen can still be annoying with her hyperactivity, I like how the story is developing nicely. I wouldn’t call this slow though. Even though it took half the drama (I’m assuming Rock N’ Road has maybe 14 or 15 episodes) to get to the main point that we all know from the story outline, on the way we got to know a lot about the main characters. Everything develops naturally without the usual idol drama ho-hum.


In episode 6 we see Shu Yu and Wei Zhen performing on the street, with Shu Yu reminiscing his ‘good old days’ – he’s still the same dreamer who just wants to focus on his music while his bandmates (I guess it’s mostly Li Da and Jia Xin) have changed. I am surprised and happy that Chris Wu & Kimi Hsia were actually singing instead of being dubbed! They both have good voices! Although Chris only sang half the song (Onion by Mayday) it was still really good. Maybe they had to dub his voice for the chorus because the notes were too high. I saw a bit of the latest ep (10) where Wei Zhen/Kimi was using her own voice to sing  and that was a great scene as well. I hope I can catch up to the current ep by next week.


Ruse of Engagement (Completed!) – What a surprise this series was. Good and bad surprise it ended up to be. I forgot the reason why I started watching this and the middle episodes (11 to 21) got me totally hooked. The editing is well thought out with many episodes ending in a cliffhanger and I just couldn’t tear myself away from the computer! The story is not perfect but most of the action scenes were done well (like the low budget stuff is good, but the high budget explosions, car chases etc were only so-so) and I was really drawn towards one character. For a change it’s not the good looking guy LOL. Not that Ruco Chan or Ron Ng are my type anyway… I am hoping to writing something on this.

Made a gifset of my doomed ship. *sigh*


Unless the Raymond Lam / Charmaine Sheh series Line Walker is really good, Ruse of Engagement might just be my favourite TVB series this year. (Hrm, although I don’t watch TVB all that much!)



Aberdeen (香港仔)Great cast. Some of the biggest names in HK cinema all in the same movie. Louis Koo, Gigi Leung, Miriam Yeung, Eric Tsang and even the comedic icon Ng Man Tat plus a bunch of cameos including Shawn Yue and Chapman To. However, with three main storylines linked by one family, the movie seemed disjointed and it was hard to feel anything for the characters. Plus, I know Pang Ho Cheung (the director) is trying to make this as a movie about ‘everyday’ Hong Kong-ers, it’s hard to sympathise with people experiencing well… mostly first world problems. For example, Louis Koo’s character is successful in his career but the problem he can’t get over is that his daughter is ugly. (As he keeps reminding the poor kid via his actions.) Like… I know you and your wife have great genes but gees, aren’t there bigger problems in life? I walked out of this movie thinking I haven’t got much out of this one.

Campus Confidential (愛情無全順) – FINALLY! I still remember one of the first post that received a lot of hits on this blog (I think it was about 100 in one day) was about this movie! That was over a year ago and even though I already know the ‘twist’ no thanks to a certain reviewer at the Taipei Times (LIke… who doesn’t put spoiler tags when you post a review the same day the movie is actually released?!?!?!?!?!?!) I was still surprised… even though it was a bad one. No, it’s not just Bolin who is completely recognisable here, it’s something quite fundamental about the story which left a bad aftertaste. (Still a decent movie though, if you like the leads.)


Unbeatable (激戰) – I though I’d mention this just because. 😛 I watched this on the plane and even though it was late, all the muscles and fighting kept me awake! Other than the obvious aesthetic reasons, Unbeatable has a solid story that is rather entertaining. Did I mention I have a bit of a crush on Eddie Peng right now? I’ve been trying to find a higher quality version of Wayward Kenting…  anyone?!



Speaking of action movies, Black and White: The Dawn of Justice aka Black and White 2 released its first trailer. OK, so this movie sits between the last movie and the TV drama. Oh gosh. Does that mean there’s still a possibility of a sequel to the actual drama? I mentioned this previously but maybe we should let it die gracefully now.




10 responses to “Fortnightly Roundup No. 14 – 22 May 2014”

  1. Cecilia Avatar

    Have never tuned into Ruse of Engagement but that gifset kiss between Ruco and Yoyo looks very hot and passionate. How does the relationship lines end for each of the leads? Also, I’ve been waiting for Campus

    1. kat Avatar

      Ah that gif is VERY misleading because Ruco and Yoyo’s did not have much of a romantic storyline! It was ALL about Ruco/Aimee with a bit of interference from Ron which really annoyed me lol.

      1. Celine Avatar

        So what the hell was that scene about?

        1. kat Avatar

          Ooooh long story short.. They were just pretending to be together in that scene. 😉

  2. heisui Avatar

    LOL Kat at your ‘gifset of your dying ship’. 2nd lead shipping eh? *wink wink*

    1. kat Avatar

      HAHAHAHA It was like I know it was never going to happen but I just couldn’t help myself….

  3. carolies541 Avatar

    I’ve been behind Rock n Road too for some reason, still up to ep7 only. This week’s show look like the bomb, Shu Yu and Wei Zhen finally getting together! I’m watching Love myself or you too btw~hahaha

    1. kat Avatar

      LOOOL SAME! Just don’t really have to motivation to ‘chase’ Rock N’Road?!? Although Love myself or you is really cuteeeeee. That one I really enjoyed and looking forward to future eps. 🙂

  4. cloudandsea Avatar

    Oh man I was very touched by Chen Bolin when they got together but the twist REALLY left a bad aftertaste. Felt so creepy and weird after that. x_x

    1. kat Avatar

      OMG I completely agree with you!

      Even though I already knew the ‘twist’ I didn’t realise the lengths he went to win Ivy’s heart! It is totally creepy and I just want to erase that part. I’m not sure I can accept someone like that? I understand the writes wanted to do something ‘different’ but it would’ve been much better if this was just a straight cute campus movie.

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