Ruse of Engagement – Carson and Yip Ting moments

I still have a half (or maybe even less) written post about Ruse of Engagement but I just thought I’d take a moment to remember this ship. A ship that was never meant to sail. Actually, I don’t know whether the writers intended to at least give them something more because RoE was filmed in 2011 and since then, Yoyo Mung (who plays Yip Ting) had already left TVB. So TVB pretty much deleted her out of their promotional materials and it’s highly likely they edited a lot of her scenes out.


As I’ve already mentioned (pretty much every time I talked about this series), Yip Ting is my favourite character. Her relationship with Carson (Ruco Chan) did not start off well because of her occupation. They met because she was a reporter digging into all she can about ATF (Anti-Terrorist Force) which is more secretive than other police departments because of the nature of their work. At first, Carson and Yip Ting helped each other by providing information – but mostly, it was through Yip Ting’s tip off that led Carson to the arrest of the terrorists on more than one occasion.


However, because they each have their own secrets (especially Yip Ting, whose adopted father worked for a secret organisation) I didn’t think they could have a truly open and honest relationship. But as the story continued, they developed a trust, a bond between them and they worked really well as a team!



Episode 12 – When Carson saved Yip Ting

It all started when Carson saved her from a car crash. One of the terrorists took her as a hostage and hijacked a car. Carson gives chase and eventually the bad guy crashed the car and fled, leaving Yip Ting unconscious in the car. You know how it goes, Carson got her out before the car exploded…


Yip Ting: Thank you! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be alive! I’ll repay you! I’ll definitely repay you!


It may be just another day in the office for Carson, but Yip Ting will eventually make good on her promise and this was probably the time when she saw him in a different light.


Episode 17 – When Yip Ting saved Carson

After a couple of lacklustre episodes, (mostly a lot of grieving for a character we know to be still alive) we find out how Carson miraculously survived his gunshot – TO THE HEAD, no less. In episode 17, we finally see Carson again, waking up in a hospital (?) in Zhuhai. Through flashbacks, we find out after witnessing his ‘murder’, Yip Ting was devastated and confronted her adopted father (aka Papa). Papa said there was nothing he could do, but Yip Ting could not accept what her Papa did and ran out.


In the rain and storm, she took a boat back out where he was shot and searched on the beach. She found him and eventually called on enough favours to get him to a doctor for treatment. To convince Ah Dong (whose background we never really found out… we only know he’s a hacker?) to help Carson…


Yip Ting: He saved me before, I can’t stand by and do nothing!


If Yip Ting witnessed the terrorists shooting him, Carson wondered why she would save him. So Yip Ting had to reveal pretty much what her involvement was with the organisation and what her real intentions were. From this point onwards, they share a secret – no one can know Yip Ting was the one who saved him….

Episode 19 – The kiss

OKKKK I KNOW it was not a ‘real’ kiss but we have to take what we can get. After Carson goes back undercover where does he go? Yip Ting’s apartment. When his actual girlfriend Jessica asked where he was what did he say? Nothing. But with Yip Ting, he doesn’t have to keep this secret and they confided in each other.


When Yip Ting’s Papa discovered she was the one who saved Carson, she had to come up with a reason. Otherwise, her life will be in danger. So she said she is in love with Carson so she had to save him. Although suspicious at first, Papa eventually believed her but in the meantime, Carson and Yip Ting had to pretend to be a couple to gain Papa’s trust.

*sigh* It was all for show but Yip Ting definitely enjoyed that. 😉


Episode 23 – Yip Ting on the run

Unfortunately the plot line I was kinda waiting for (this pretend boyfriend/girlfriend business while Carson is undercover) ended rather quickly. It was revealed in episode 21 that Jessica is the real mole, as her father is the head of the ‘organisation’. Yip Ting’s Papa wanted to leave the organisation and go overseas, but of course when you know too many secrets, you can’t get away so easily.


With her Papa dead, Yip Ting no longer has protection. With people from the ‘organisation’ on her heels trying to kill her, and the police also wanting her in relation to a murder, the poor girl really had no where to go. After driving around looking for her, Carson finally found her… near his hideout, waiting for him.


Carson: Why did you hide there? Do you know I’m very worried about you?


Carson: Silly girl. I told you before. We’re on the same boat. With me here, you don’t have to be afraid of anything.

Thinking that the most dangerous place is probably the safest, Carson takes Yip Ting to Jessica’s place LOL. Ohhhh seeing the jealous look on Jessica’s face is sooo satisfying, especially when Carson orders his girlfriend to buy medicine for Yip Ting. HAHAHA. Suck it up Jessica. Carson even cooked congee for Yip Ting, who was having a fever.


That was about the only time I enjoyed seeing Jessica being sooooo whiny.

Can I also mention Ngo Sir’s comment was so funny! When Carson told Ngo Sir he took Yip Ting to a safe place aka Jessica’s place…


Ngo Sir: Are you sure it’s safe?


Carson: The most dangerous place is the safest. I don’t think the ‘Scary Bird’ people will look there.


Ngo Sir: I don’t mean ‘Scary Bird’.


Carson: You’re worried about Jessica? Don’t worry, she won’t kill Yip Ting because she doesn’t agree with what her father does.


Ngo Sir: You don’t understand women at all. Two women who both like you in the same place, what do you think will happen?



HAHAHAHAHA Ngo Sir is so smart.


oooOh later in this episode, Pig Head Alfred rocks up to Jessica’s place. (I’ll refrain from talking about how creepy he gets here…) but of course Carson and Yip Ting had to hide… another HAHAHA to Jessica!

Episode 24 – Carson and Yip Ting goes on a mission

Even though this late into the series we know this ship will never even remotely sail but we still have some good scenes of them working undercover together trying to sabotage the terrorist attack. When they were sent to kidnap a young girl, they pretty much winged it since they did not have the time or opportunity to plan on how to let the girl escape… Just one look between them and Yip Ting knew what to do.


Episode 25 – Carson saves Yip Ting again plus all that jazz

This time, they were tasked to place chemical bombs at different locations. They were separated and each had to sabotage the operation in some way but Yip Ting failed. The terrorists tied her up dangling in mid-air with a bomb strapped around her and a five minute countdown.

After some superhuman skills and an unlimited number of bullets, Carson does everything to save her. Even when Yip Ting warned Carson not to go near her since she might be exposed to the virus, that didn’t stop him from helping her… 🙂


Carson: We will always be the best partners, the best of friends.

Well, there is another quite telling scene at the end, but I feel so meh about the ending I’m going to look the other way and just imagine an alternate universe where eventually Carson and Yip Ting develop feelings for each other. LOL. We all know a close friendship is the solid foundation for a long-lasting romantic relationship right?


(Although I just loveeee it how in the end, Carson betrayed Jessica by giving the virus to who else but Yip Ting. TAHAHAHAHA. He trusts her more than his own brother, thankfully.)






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  1. karenedramaddictions Avatar

    HAHAHA omg you just made my day translating 驚鳥 as scary bird!! HAHAHHA

    Yes, I’m so on this ship that never sailed. There are rumours floating that a lot of Yoyo’s scenes were cut out, and I have a feeling that TVB re-edited the drama to ride on the Aimee-Ruco pairing made popular by Inbound Love which aired just a few months prior to this warehoused series. What a waste, because while I never understood why or how Jessica and Carson fell for each other, I can totally see Carson and Yip Ting developing from partners to soulmates and to lovers.

    Like you pointed out, they could read each other’s thoughts at a glance, and trust their lives with each other. Carson may come up with many excuses for caring after Yip Tip at his place and bossing Jessica around to take care of Yip Tip, but Ngo Sir saw through it all! If only this plotline is threaded on longer Y(^___^)Y

    1. kat Avatar

      LOOOOL You know when I first heard the name 驚鳥 – I thought of ‘Angry Birds’ HAHA. The grumpy one with the big eyebrows would be the head of 驚鳥.

      Yeah Jessica & Carson fell in love so quickly, there was no real development of their relationship at all. It was like he finds her attractive, pursue her and that’s it. It was built on such a thin foundation it’s hard to believe the life & death situations they go through later. In contrast, Carson / Yip Ting went through a lot to become real partners.

      Ngo Sir had his best moment in that scene! LOL. Although even if Yoyo had more scenes I think it will even be more annoying because the ending will still have to be the same. Carson still have to choose Jessica over everyone else in his life as he killed himself. At least now he just treat her as a good friend which will never change. 🙂

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