Dylan Kuo guest stars in The Way We Were

I saw this news article today with the cute pics so I thought I’d just roughly translate it. Looking forward to Dylan’s cameo!!! 😀


Upcoming TVBS drama The Way We Were (16個夏天) is currently filming. In the drama, Ruby witnesses her boyfriend cheating on her and teams up with Leroy Young Yi Zhan in ridiculous revenge schemes. Their relationship entanglements spans 16 years.


Ruby Lin’s cheating ex-boyfriend in the drama is played by Dylan Kuo, who immediately agreed to guest star after discovering Ruby is The Way We Were’s producer. Since Dylan usually portrays the rich / playboy type character, he’s excited to take on this challenge, hoping he will get more opportunities to play the antagonist in the future.


Dylan has devoted a lot of time in Mainland China for the past few years but he has known Ruby for a long time. They have many mutual friends, including Peter Ho and Jiro Wang but they never had the opportunity to work together. Coincidentally, the crew from The Way We Were asked Dylan whether his is available and once he heard this is Ruby’s drama, he agreed immediately as his schedule allows it too. “I have to be in Ruby’s drama!


Although he has played many rich / playboy roles, he’s not afraid to take on the role of a cheating boyfriend. He even happily says, “That’s wonderful! I’ve wanted to play the bad guy for a long time!” In the drama, Ruby experienced heartbreak and shed many tears over him. Dylan said, “I’m not afraid that the viewers will hate me. The more people hate me, that’s more recognition for me.


In The Way We Were, Dylan uses many methods to chase girls including passing love notes and giving Ruby Essence of Chicken to win her heart. But Dylan confesses when he was young, he didn’t use elaborate methods to chase girls. When he met someone he liked, he usually just expresses it directly, like asking them out on a date or go to the movies. He said, “Maybe I don’t look like a bad person so they didn’t think I was a pervert. But sometimes they will reject me.


Not only did he cheat in the drama, he even publicly took the other woman to buy condoms and went to a hotel, Dylan smiles and says, “Things you can’t do in real life, you can do in a drama. That’s pretty satisfying!



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  1. Celine Avatar

    I look forward to this one. I want to see her in TW dramas more.

    1. kat Avatar

      Yes indeed! Can’t make much money in TW dramas so she probably needs to keep working in Mainland China to fund projects like this lol.

  2. heisui Avatar

    I’m glad to see he is finally taking a role that’s not the usual rich playboy character!

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