Drama version of Tiny Times will now be a Youku weekly web series

To be honest as time went by the less I became interested in this drama. Tiny Times (小時代) is of course the adaptation of Guo Jing Ming’s famous novels which became a very commercially successful movie series. This drama version, by Taiwanese Director Chu Yu Ning (aka Director Winnie) starring Ivy Chen, Li Yi Feng, Andrea Chen and Peter Ho was filmed back in 2012 but then Guo Jing Ming decided to direct his own movies so not much has been heard about this drama version since.

When the first long trailer came out at the end of 2012, this actually looked half decent. But as I found out more about Tiny Times (no I haven’t watched the movies but I have a general idea of what it’s about), yes I can understand why Guo Jing Ming wanted to make his own version. The drama is more down to earth and dare I say, it might be attempting to insert more substance? HA. I really shouldn’t snark on things I haven’t seen.


Just when I thought the drama version might never see the light of day at the Shanghai TV festival this week, Youku announced they have acquired a total of 17 dramas to be released weekly, exclusively online. One of the dramas they will be releasing duriing summer is Tiny Times. This one episode per week format is a new initiative for them, since the audience is getting used to the Korean/US/UK models with 1 or 2 episodes per week rather than the mainstream television channels who airs something like 3 episodes PER DAY! I often wonder how anyone can watch 3 episodes per day every day but I guess the online streaming sites have the dramas on demand anyway.

If the movie version was the closest adaptation from book to screen as envisioned by the author, then surely the fans will bash this to death since… just look at the poster and stills. Are they even talking about the same thing? But then these days, any press coverage (good or bad) is better than none.


The 18 minute preview of Tiny Times



Here’s a comparison of the lead characters between movie and drama versions. 🙂







13 responses to “Drama version of Tiny Times will now be a Youku weekly web series”

  1. Aehyu Avatar

    Wow has it already been 2 years since the drama finished, I completely forgot about this one. Well at least it’s finally going to see the light of the day.

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah it’s been so long already! So many new and shiny dramas out every year this one just got completely overshadowed by the movie I suppose.

  2. timeinthegray Avatar

    LOL wow it’s been a REALLY long time. I’ve come across the trailer several times since then and each time I watch it expecting to see something new, haha. I never cared to see the movies, so I’ll probably pass on this one… but I’m glad that it’s finally being aired in some form or another.

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah I’m skipping this one too, it was on my to-watch list for the longest time but then just lost interest LOL.

  3. carolies541 Avatar

    I’ll probably be skipping this as I’m not a fan of the storyline anyways and I’m allergic to GJM after watching his movie and reading his novel version of Tiny Times. I thought that the novel will surely be better than what’s shown on screen but it turns out that the movie is better than his writing. That’s not good at all, he’s a full-time writer but I find myself cringing at his writing. Bleh.

    1. kat Avatar

      There seems to be a lot of these ‘writers’ nowadays. I just cringe when people compare Tiny Times to Harry Potter, like yeah they’re both popular that’s about it. More like Twilight series LOL. I’m allergic to that!

      1. carolies541 Avatar

        Harry Potter have pretty good writing even though I’m not a fan of magicians stuffs. But I feel that Tiny Times is like written by a high school teenager, so shallow, not much substance, overly 無病呻吟 and the ending is WTF. I actually only finished the first book (it was a miracle that I was patient enough to finish reading the book) and then I skipped to the third book to read the ending. GJM is more well-known for his fantasy books so maybe, he, really is better with that genre but I don’t know since I never read his fantasy books. I just know that I’m scarred by his Tiny Times.

        1. kat Avatar

          Yeah that’s what I meant~ Harry Potter actually has good writing / storyline while Tiny Times…. hrm. Even though I haven’t read it, from your description of TT that totally reminds me of Twilight!

  4. heisui Avatar

    Lol I thought you’re a super Peter Ho fan though? I thought you would’ve been more excited for the drama. O:

    Hmm I’m not a fan of the Tiny Times series (I watched one of the movies) but I have to say I was impressed by the grandeur of it & Amber’s character. I’m not so sure the actress in the drama version could beat Amber’s portrayal of the same character. >_<

    1. kat Avatar

      I wouldn’t say ‘super’! I sat through more than enough hours of laughter with Shining Days I need a cooling off period. (Since this is going to be a similar role!)

      I haven’t really read a review explaining why Tiny Times is so popular…

      1. heisui Avatar

        Maybe it’s popular because a lot of people liked the novels? O_O

        1. kat Avatar

          But…the novels are crappy right? (but then these days popular novels does not equal good writing I guess…) haha.

          1. heisui Avatar

            I’m not sure, I’ve never read them and I haven’t really heard how they are.

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