Fortnightly Roundup No 16 – 30 June 2014

The past two weeks have been slow going. For the past week at least I just felt like watching some old Variety Shows sitting in my laptop rather than catching up on anything new.



Marry or Not Ep 28 – WHAT? I can’t believe I only watched ONE measly episode in two weeks either. And here I am saying last time how I was making progress. This is what happens when I pause thinking  I can write a post on it and then after some procrastination later, nothing happens. Yikes.


Pleasantly Surprised / Love Myself or You Eps 4 to 6 – This is pretty much the only drama I’m following weekly right now!  Finally, we got a bit of Kai Qi & Hao Wei’s backstory in episode 4 but alas – he disappeared for the next two episodes. I AM NOT HAPPY. Seriously, whilst I enjoy the cutesy moments this drama just feel a bit… it would truly benefit from better editing, rather than things delivered in huge chunks and then forgotten.


But then in the Ep 6 BTS they were showing Puff and Jasper filming parts of episode 6 three days before its airing date. Yep, I really should’ve have high expectations at all.


Rock N’Road Eps 9 to 11 – LOVED episode 11! This drama has really gone from strength to strength and now, not only is Wei Zhen way toned down and I don’t recall being annoyed by her in eps 10 and 11, her scenes with Shu Yu were really cute and sweet. I am SO GLAD Shu Yu finally acknowledged his shortcomings and able to see that Jia Xin and Li Da were not the only ones who changed, he also did. But he was able to pull himself back to his roots and start over with Wei Zhen by his side.

I feel like I’m finally enjoying this drama (without saying ‘except for XYZ’) and Chris Wu really has a great voice! Another thing I’m glad about – they finally have another song for Wei Zhen to sing. (Although that ‘Spring’ song is more suited for a guy?!?) I would’ve gone crazy if I hear 快樂快了 one more time.


You Light Up My Star Ep 2 – Progress has been slow on this one. I feel like I need to get into a certain ‘mood’ for it given the solemn subject matter (at times) and it’s really – I don’t know how to describe it… in your face? Like the scenes involving Cheng Wei’s breakdown are not very subtle. He has to deliver some big monologue (oh the Golden Lobster Awards!) which is difficult to stomach and then to switch over to the lighthearted scenes… is not making me rush out to watch the next ep. I do like the ‘film within film’ scenes though, they’re hilarious!


Random modern c-dramas – episodes 1 of Brave! Lover and Tao Lady. Was I really bored? Possibly? I saw this article which ‘claimed’ recently finished airing Tao Lady (濤女郎) – starring Tia Li, Lin Yo Wei and James Wen had great ratings etc etc and since if this was a TW drama, I would’ve at least checked it out for the male cast. So anyway – it really was a bit of a mess. Tia was okay, I don’t really see Lin Yo Wei as the arrogant, rich type and James plays a douchebag who broke Tia’s heart. I think in reality it was just a long product placement for TaoBao (Chinese version of Ebay). I don’t really have 52 hours of my life to spend on this.


Brave! Lover (加油愛人) starring Daniel Chan, Tina Tang Yi Xin, Nikita Mao Lin Lin and Jeremy Tsui Zheng Xi isn’t much better. I’m fairly certain the storyline is 80% similar to, I don’t know, all the modern c-drama cliches? We have the rich guy (Daniel Chan) who doesn’t want to work in his father’s business and would rather look after his charity foundation. He still cannot forget a little girl he met when he was young (oh you know the drill, guess who she is!). The female lead (Tina Tang) is your poor, hardworking and kind girl who is always happy and optimistic. Then there’s the annoying rich girl second lead (Mao Lin Lin) who has this fixation on our male lead but is obviously not reciprocated. Parts 1 and 2 of this drama apparently has 70 episodes! Ha. No thanks.



100% Entertainment: Will Pan Fans Club (18 June 2014) – This is the best episode I’ve seen in a long time!!!! The banter between Xiao Zhu and Will was hilarious and I loved it when they talked about their friendship. Usually I find the Dancing Queen segment boring but it was also pretty funny. The fans club segment was okay, although why didn’t he bring any gifts for the fans? o_O



I really like some of the pics from this Ivy Chen photoshoot it’s now in the banner rotation. 🙂 The yellow is quite refreshing.


If anyone is in Shanghai on 23 July go and stalk Bolin! He is having his annual (this is an annual thing now?) fans meeting / birthday party. Since I don’t have the necessary holidays nor the required travel documents, I can only hope they will have another one in Taiwan. (Or any other visa-free country is fine by me.) Although his company has already said – no plans for similar functions in TW right now. Boooooo.


6 responses to “Fortnightly Roundup No 16 – 30 June 2014”

  1. Celine Avatar

    I don’t get why c-dramas like making large number of episodes. It’s too long and draggy. What’s the appeal in the large numbers?

    1. kat Avatar

      I guess if they show 3 eps a day they need 50+ eps just to keep a drama on air for a about a month LOL. I think their view is the audience will get bored if they only get to watch 1 ep per day. o_O This assumes people just sit in front of the TV for hours every night. (Maybe it needs to be draggy so people can do other stuff while watching hahaha.)

  2. carolies541 Avatar

    I think I’m in the mood for YLUMS so I watch it pretty on time every week, I’m clearly not loving it enough (especially with most of the characters unlikable to the point of annoying the shit out of me!) but it’s still able to keep my interest with Cheng-Wei and the mysterious girl. Man-Ling is slowly growing on me, I still feel she’s too child-like but at least, she’s improving… slightly. As for Chun-Sheng, he annoys me SO MUCH, SO freaking much. Childish and annoying, meh. I’m not that entertained by those characters who was supposed to be sidekick. I love Ai-Qing (cameo from 曾沛慈 in the latest episode) though, it’s funny that a minor cameo character like her is even better than the sidekicks…

    1. kat Avatar

      From the bits and pieces I saw in eps 3 & 4, it seems like I’ll enjoy the flashbacks more than the present LOL. Yeah, I can’t see how Chun-Sheng can improve over the course of this drama… he’s just… weird / creepy / stalker!!!!!

  3. heisui Avatar

    Lin Yo Wei was instant love in Two Fathers, omg! Too bad it sounds like he was miscast in that drama though. I also would have trouble seeing him as an arrogant character since he was just so sweet in Two Fathers, heh.

    And that Daniel Chan drama….even I wouldn’t suffer through 70 episodes just to see him.. =_=

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah, maybe he improves since Tia will marry him eventually (that is part of the story outline!) and the drama will even include their marriage troubles loool, no wonder it’s so long.

      Have to be a pretty die-hard fan to watch so many episodes just for one actor!

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