Fortnightly Roundup No 17 – 13 July 2014

Drama watching has been a bit slow going (still). There’s so much I want to catch up on plus a couple I had an eye on (The Way We Were & Shenzhen Roommate Diaries) are airing soon so when am I ever going to time to watch them all? WHEN?



Go, Single Lady Ep 1 – I don’t really have time to start another long drama right now but I was curious! It’s a pretty typical rom-com idol drama – a bit exaggerated, the male lead so rich and arrogant it’s annoying, the female lead is a bit loud and obnoxious because she’s not a ‘refined lady’. Wow, I made the leads sound terrible but surely the rich guy will be taken down quite a lot throughout the course of the drama, and maybe Ady’s character won’t be so ‘in your face’ later on. I don’t mind this. Maybe I’ll wait until the Taiwan broadcast later on.

I saw the DVD version so I’m not sure what’s the difference between that and the TV version. Ady and Mike had original voices though, which is excellent. Also, since it was filmed in Taiwan a lot of the supporting characters are the usual faces you see in TW dramas… so it’s not really a C-drama, even though it’s aired in China first.


Marry or Not Eps 29 to 35 – I can finally see the end now!!! I started this like in November/December last year?!?!? I think this drama was going quite well, nothing was really draggy but the last few episodes were not as exciting. Seems like they wrapped up the storyline for the other couples already so we’re left with Xiu Jie Kai and Tian Xin’s one final hurdle before they can find happiness. And TBH that hurdle is in family-melodrama territory which isn’t exactly my cup of tea. Only 5 episodes to go though! I’m excited to finish it LOL.


Pleasantly Surprised / Love Myself or You Eps 7 to 8 – Although I’ve been watching this drama regularly every week, my feelings about it has been quite inconsistent. Whilst Puff/Jasper look really good together, I just can’t ‘get into’ their chemistry, like I like them but don’t ship them. They are resolving all the conflicts pretty quickly though, which I don’t know whether this is a good or bad thing. It’s good because it won’t be draggy, but it’s bad because things are so overwhelmingly Kai Qi / Ah Jie, then besides being cute and fluffy, what else can they fill with for the next 10+ episodes?


Ahhh Have we seen all the backstory for Hao Wei? It’s kinda frustrating it was just all a misunderstanding…


Rock N’Road Ep 12 – Still going well. This drama finished airing last week so once I finish Marry or Not, I can get back to it! 😀



Chef Nic Ep 1 – Something else to watch on Saturday nights! Usually if I’m home, I would try to catch the re-run of Pleasantly Surprised but now I’m tempted to watch Chef Nic first and catch the Pleasantly Surprised re-run on Sundays. 😛 The first episode though, was more like a dating show for Nic and Fan Bing Bing – not a lot of cooking going on! But I’m really looking forward to next week since the guest of the week will be Nick Cheung Ka Fai and they’ll be heading to Australia. 🙂


Speaking of variety shows, Bolin Chen, Feng Shao Feng and Han Han (director) recorded an episode of Happy Camp this week to promote their new movie Continent. I hope it airs soon!!!




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  1. carolies541 Avatar

    Pleasantly Surprised is cute but I agree that I haven’t ship Ah-Jie and Kai-Qi badly (or maybe I ship Jasper and me in real life too bad, hahahahaha it’s preventing me to ship him with any on-screen girl), and not with Hao-Wei either. The thing is… AJ and KQ have this friendly chemistry and also, things add up when AJ haven’t really fall for KQ, he cares for her but not yet burning with romance kind of love. He only started to realize that he cares for her more than a friend but somehow, it gives me a feeling it’s not “up there” yet. As for KQ, I can see that she’s getting affected by AJ (somehow I actually feel she’s more dependent on AJ than AJ is being with her)…

    It’s hard to put it into words, I just feel that they’re more like long-time friends who understand each other but they still lack the sparks to escalate their romance, it’s more of the story problem, they’re emphasizing more on the back story first so the romance feel a bit mild so far. I don’t mind though as I’m still enjoying them together.

    Still behind Rock n road, I think I’ve no motivation to continue…. especially since the later half is filled with dramatic plots, will get back to it when I’m in the mood.

    1. kat Avatar

      HAHAHAHAAHA~ I’m going to think of him as Caroline’s boyfriend from now on. I wonder if AJ is going to help clear up the misunderstanding between KQ and HW. Because he just seems that kind of ‘way too nice’ guy. Seems too hard now for HQ and KQ to develop romantically but at least they can be friends again or something.

      Yeah there’s such a ‘friend-vibe’ between them at the moment, but normally in other dramas I still see the leads as romantically involved (eventually), but between KQ and AJ it’s just… not there. Maybe I see AJ more as a little brother LOLLLLL. (Since KQ is so dominating!)

  2. heisui Avatar

    Too bad it sounds like Go, Single Lady is nothing new. >_< I wish rom-coms would stop relying so much on the archetypal arrogant rich guy/unrefined 'normal' heroine characters.

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah, it seems like the only thing ‘new’ about it is Ady being rich as well, but the other rich people shun her because of her background. Not sure if I like Mike He enough to watch it all….

  3. misscupcakees Avatar

    Yeahhh, wait for the Taiwan airing where you can hear Mike and Ady’s voices undubbed! Plus, you get longer eps with the Taiwanese versions so it will flow better that way. Ohhh, Go, Single Lady is actually a collaboration between China and Taiwan!

    1. kat Avatar

      The DVD version I saw was undubbed too! 🙂 But I hope the TW version has a better theme song. With longer dramas I don’t mind the shorter eps (I consider anything above 20 eps is ‘long’ LOL), then I can watch one ep here & there and don’t feel obliged to stare at the screen for as long…

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