Songs from The Virtuous Queen of Han + photos from promo event

With The Virtuous Queen of Han aka Wei Zi Fu (衛子夫) finally getting an air date – August 20 (!), we finally get to see the opening theme, one of the sub themes plus a preview of the ending song! (Cfensi has heaps of information about this drama) Maybe I’ve been craving for a new Raymond Lam song for so long, this is finally making me feel excited about this drama. I guess the Raymond fangirls will have a busy August / September with Wei Zi Fu airing on August 20 and TVB’s Line Walker airing on August 25! Goodbye real life!


Since Wei Zi Fu was touted as a ‘bilingual drama’ and will be released overseas, I wonder where it will be airing with English subs? Is the version airing in China going to have the English words in the opening theme…? Surely not? Plus the video is in traditional not simplified Chinese, so I guess this might be the version airing in Hong Kong?!?


A couple of days ago, Raymond Lam and real life couple Niki Chow and Xu Zheng Xi attended a press conference / promotion function for the drama. This was the first time Niki and Xu Zheng Xi appeared together after announcing they are dating… and they looked rather awkward! But the reporters also had something else to write about – Raymond finally admitted he’s no longer in contract with TVB – after 16 years no less. I’m not surprised and NOT disappointed. (reasons I shall save for another post…)


Awkward! As Raymond becomes the 'light bulb'
Awkward! As Raymond becomes the ‘light bulb’
no need to be embarrassed Niki!


Theme song Behind the Glory (江山背後) by Raymond Lam


Ending Theme Protect (守衛) by Raymond Lam – 30 second preview


Sub theme With You. Our Love is Perfect (我的愛有你才完美) by Richie Jen and Niki Chow



5 responses to “Songs from The Virtuous Queen of Han + photos from promo event”

  1. heisui Avatar

    I keep on thinking about this drama now that I know it’s airing this month. >_< I think I'm too excited for it..I hope my hopes don't get dashed! The story seems typical but I need some period c-drama romance in my life!!!!

    1. kat Avatar

      HAHAHA is it a romance though? I thought it was more of a historical / biopic. Let’s hope it doesn’t drag!!!!

      1. heisui Avatar

        WELL according to one article I read, they claimed that the drama was more of a historical account of her life, not a harem drama. Based on the trailers though, it looks like even if it is a historical drama, it’s not escaping all the harem politics and the romance. The previews make it look a lot like other palace romance dramas..

        1. kat Avatar

          Ahhh ok, guess they have to have some harem drama to make it more interesting for the viewers. Just can’t escape from it for ancient cdramas!

          1. heisui Avatar

            After all since she’s gonna be a concubine there’s bound to be jealousy from the empress & other concubines right? 😉

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