Pleasantly Surprised / Love Myself or You 2015 Calendar

It’s been over 2 months since Pleasantly Surprised / Love Myself or You (喜歡·一個人) ended. Even though the plot started to fall apart from about episode 15 onwards and the ending failed to tie up all the loose ends, I still loved it a lot because of the cast. And this is not just the huge, full blown second lead syndrome I experienced (and all the Jolin fangirling as evidenced by a previous post). The whole Figaro Cuisine crew had great chemistry and it’s really sweet to see that they still have gatherings quite often.


So to cash in celebrate the ending of Pleasantly Surprised, last month (November)’s edition of SPop Magazine had a special gift of a 2015 calendar. There were two versions, one was of photos from previous SPop photoshoots (including the Jasper x Puff photos from July and Jasper x Puff x Jolin photos from August) and the other version was stills from the drama. I wasn’t too excited about the stills version so I was hoping to get the photoshoot. Luck was on my side this time!


Here’re some ‘action’ shots of the magazine with the calendar. It’s bigger than a postcard and printed double sided. I would love to put them on my desk next year but… how do I display them if they’re double sided? Not exactly the most practical design is it?


Needless to say my favourite months are February, March, April and December. 😉


I’ve dusted off the scanner and scanned the cards below. The headings on the card don’t align so that’s why they look a bit odd… plus my scanner is a bit crappy so excuse the roughness!!!!



HOWEVER – to celebrate the holiday season, I will be giving away one copy of this calendar (along with the November issue of SPop) in our first GIVEAWAY!!!! Stay tuned on details about how to win!!!!!






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  1. carolies541 Avatar

    I want!! I want Jasper’s version^^~

    1. kat Avatar

      The Jasper cover?!

      1. carolies541 Avatar

        August cover, the blue color one and any existing individual covers of him. Haha!

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