Sonia Sui, Christopher Lee and Hans Chung in GQ Taiwan: Who is Mr Right?

January has traditionally been not such a good drama-watching month for me. Besides drama-ing, a major fandom in my life is tennis. Although my favourite has now retired and I don’t follow it as much as I did, I still watch a lot of it in January because a few tournaments (including the first grand slam of the year) are in Australia. I went to Melbourne for a few days last week because it’s become a tradition for me (at the height of my craziness I went to 3 tournaments in 3 weeks!). So yes, now I’m behind in a lot of dramas including Mr Right Wanted. I’m still at episode 10 but I loved what I saw and fully intend to keep watching once things get back to normal again.


This photoshoot/interview with the cast – the beautiful Sonia Sui, Christopher Lee and Hans Chung appeared in the December 2014 edition of GQ Taiwan. I just love these photos so I thought I’d post them along with an interview with the cast! Looks like the trio have found happiness in real life. As we know Christopher is in a happy marriage (plus his son was born a few months ago!), Sonia recently got married (!!!! Huge congratulations to her!) and Hans will marry his long time girlfriend next month! So many happy news recently. 🙂

GQ: How different are your real life personalities compared to your characters?

Sonia: My character is Li Hai Ning, chief editor of a publishing company. She doesn’t want to get married, even a little scared of marriage. The reason I accepted this role was because I also wanted to know why many women think marriage is not necessary. After filming, I understood that many marriages were not built on love. But I’m more traditional, I would like to get married.

Christopher: My character Lun Zhe Ming is a successful entrepreneur. He fell in love the first time he saw Li Hai Ning. He responded to her ‘Marriage Wanted’ ad because he wanted to see her again. His view on love is that ‘if you like someone, then charge forward’. This character has many more desirable qualities than I do, but we have the same determination. The only thing I have over him is that I’m married.

GQ: You have a great wife (Fann Wong) and a newborn son. Is your attitude towards love also charging forward / taking the initiative?

Christopher: Yes. Men should take the initiative and be more accepting in everything in life, even in love.

Hans: My character He Zhong Wen is a simple guy full of sunshine. He’s a bicycle courier. I also like to go bike riding and just finished an ironman race. I was responsible for the cycling segment and rode for 90km. In the beginning, He Zhong Wen was too afraid to confess. His feelings built up slowly and finally had the courage to confess his feelings. This part of him is quite similar to myself.

GQ: In the drama, two guys fight for the female lead Sonia Sui. If this happened in real life, how will you handle it?

Sonia: I think there must be a difference. Using this line from the drama, “Seeing that person, if you can hear music in your heart – that’s the one.” One of them must be more special.

Christopher: Then I’ll bring a radio to a date. (laughs) Haven’t come across this situation before. A relationship really depends on that ‘feeling’. If we forcefully fight for someone, but the girl still can’t forget the other guy then there’s no point. I won’t step on such landmines.

Hans: I’ll do my best to fight, but if she likes the other guy more, then I wouldn’t force it.

GQ: The characters from “Mr Right Wanted” hadn’t found their love yet. In real life, someone is already married, someone is in a happy relationship, what are your views on love?

Hans: My views are more traditional, been together with my girlfriend for a long time. When I meet the right person, I’ll take a lot of care to nurture this relationship. Even when we start a family, I’ll still love and care about the woman who was my girlfriend and now my wife.

Christopher: People are always looking for love. Even when you move onto the next stage of your life, you’re still looking for love at that stage, like me and my wife. Love should be like this, you keep on looking for love from that person, then this love will last.

Sonia: I don’t dare to say I’m waiting for eternal love, but I wish for love that lasts.

GQ: If you don’t need to work, how will you spend a day?

Sonia: I’ll wake up and make myself breakfast, take my dog for a walk. If I have time, I’ll eat a meal with my family and friends.

Christopher: If I’m not looking after my wife and son, I’m a TV addict. I can watch TV for 24 hours.

Hans: Sleep all I want, then wake up and exercise. Exercise is a part of my life.


Here’s a short behind the scenes video for the photoshoot.


Original article appeared in GQ Taiwan. Translation by – please credit if reposting.


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  1. Kappy A Avatar

    Oh! Sexy Sexy! The real Mr. Right won’t be happy with the thigh flash. 😉 Good thing the guys covered each other’s eyes. MUHAHA!

    1. kat Avatar

      Mr Right can’t be so selfish!! Plus the guys are taken so it’s ok lol.

  2. heisui Avatar

    I’m also not finished watching this drama but it’s one of my favorite dramas of 2014. LOVEEEE the story and the cast!! Thank you so much for posting this interview / photoshoot Kat! EHEHE!

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah! I don’t know why I haven’t been motivated to finish it even though I like it a lot. I love this photoshoot – all 3 of them looked great.

      1. heisui Avatar

        I’m waiting ’til I post my next review for MRW before I continue with the drama. That way I won’t have to cover like 10 eps in one post, heheh.

        1. kat Avatar

          Hahaha that’s great you can do that! I always *intend* to and then either the drama is really good I can’t help myself but keep watching or lost the motivation to write and give up 😛

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