Bolin Chen and Yang Zi Shan’s vintage glamour for GQ Taiwan

Since 20 Once Again (重返20歲 aka C version of Miss Granny) was released overseas a couple of weeks ago – who saw it?! Unfortunately I missed its ruin in the cinemas here which I’m kicking myself for since I was really looking forward to it. 🙁 But at least Bolin Chen and Yang Zi Shan had been busy promoting the film in Taiwan doing lots of photoshoots. I haven’t had the chance to catch up with all the articles yet (There’re at least 3 covers of them about this film!) but it’s great to see GQ Taiwan has indulged us again with another beautiful photoshoot. The vintage feel matches the atmosphere of the movie and I also love the video included at the end of this post.


Here’s the short Q & A with Bolin and Zi Shan. Bolin’s next project Distance sounds interesting since he’ll be playing 3 different characters. Also, a couple of days ago it was announced he’ll be in a Chinese-Korean movie with Son Ye Jin so he’s definitely busy and each project is rather unique in its own way.

GQ: Bolin and Zi Shan’s latest movie “20 Once Again” has two versions, Chinese and Korean. The Korean version “Miss Granny” was released last year to very positive reviews. Did you feel any pressure in this role?

Bolin: The script for Miss Granny and 20 Once Again is the same, but we try to avoid the performances which were already done in the Korean version. For example, we’ve added in some character weaknesses which were not in the Korean version. My role is a proud music producer. But he’s afraid of the dark and have to leave the lights on when sleeping. There’re many men who puts up a strong facade on the outside but in private, they have weaknesses people don’t know about.

GQ: Do you have these kind of weaknesses?

Bolin: I’m afraid of change or surprises. Like if we have to change the script or location during filming, I’ll feel very worried. I like to follow what was agreed upon and afraid of sudden changes. If my friends give me a surprise on my birthday, I’ll be very scared.

GQ: Zi Shan, your role is a 70 year old woman whose soul went back to her 20 year old body. You came from Nanjing but made your debut in Taiwan and filmed quite a few Taiwanese productions. Do you have special feelings about this place?

Zi Shan: I have a special relationship with Taiwan. I started my career here, like my second home. I have many friends here so I won’t feel like a foreigner here.


GQ: You’re about to become a Taiwanese daughter-in-law! (Yang Zi Shan’s boyfriend is actor Matt Wu Zhong Tian.)

Zi Shan: That’s right. (laughs)

GQ: In “20 Once Again”, Bolin fell in love with an extraordinary girl who has the soul of a grandmother. In real life, what type of girls do you like? What type of relationship do you wish to have?

Bolin: Depends on the feeling and fate. I hope for a relationship where there’s an adventurous feeling everyday. Even when we’re at home, it should be an exciting adventure. That’s when true love happens. That’s the highest level of what I desire from a relationship.

GQ: Zi Shan is in a stable relationship with boyfriend Wu Zhong Tian and have plans for marriage. Wu Zhong Tian’s short film was nominated for a Golden Horse award. Have you thought about when you will receive an award?

Zi Shan: I’m not someone who knows how to plan. In this industry, a lot of times it’s reliant on luck and fate. If I wish that I can receive a Golden Horse Award in 3 years but in this time, I haven’t been able to participate in those films then there’s no use. Just have to be honest and keep going. One day there’ll be a chance, now I just do my best in everything.

GQ: What’s your next project?

Bolin: Distance (距離) which is produced by Anthony Chen. He won many major awards as a director with Ilo Ilo (爸媽不在家) in 2013. Directors from Mainland China, Singapore and Thailand will all direct a segment. I’ll act in 3 roles. It’s a very exciting challenge.


Zi Shan: No plans yet. Last year I rested for 2 months and spent Mid-Autumn Festival in Taiwan. Then Wu Zhong Tian broke his leg while playing basketball. I was so scared! I get goosebumps now just thinking about it. I went to the doctors with him as he got surgery, did rehabilitation and slowly recovered. I stopped my work and spent that difficult time with him. I’ll gradually get back to work.

Here’s the behind the scenes video for this photoshoot:

Original article appeared in GQ Taiwan. Translation by – please credit if reposting.


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  1. Celine Avatar

    I saw the movie in New York. I loved it. Bolin was quite squee worthy. I definitely prefer the Chinese version of Miss Granny.

    1. kat Avatar

      That’s great to hear! He looked so good in the trailers I’m sure the actual movie would’ve been even more squee worthy hahahaha.

  2. Keane Avatar

    I prefer the Korean version. It was evident that the Korean version had a better tight knit production crew which transcends throughout that filming process versus the Chinese version where I just sense a gap for what layers of emotions the storyline wants to sell. Plus, there was better sexual tension in the Korean version than its Chinese remake between the young lady and her music producer. I love Bolin Chen (especially in super dorky roles), however, he has to throw his towels in the ring by defeat going against the uber smexy Joo Jin Wo. Bolin failed selling ‘seducer producer’ to me while I was watching his Rated-PG version. I liked how the Korean version made it believable for the granny to choose between saving her grandson or being with her lover. I was torn like her for a brief moment, whereas the Chinese version failed to convey that emotional turmoil. I needed a movie to toy with my emotions, and so only the Korean version ripped my heart out to juggle about. Its Chinese remake was far more predictable than its Korean version.

    1. kat Avatar

      I haven’t seen the Korean version, but I’ve read that it focuses more on the relationship with the music producer. I have to agree with you though, the Chinese version spent a lot of time in the set up then it kinda ended… just like that. (And not much happened bw Yang Zi Shan & Bolin at all) So it was easy for granny to choose the grandson – although now I’m wondering about the Korean ver. because in my mind, it was always going to end that way. Bolin’s role was too small to make an impact – but it’s welcoming to see his handsome self again. 😉

      1. Keane Avatar

        The granny also had her confidant, gramps, too. The Korean version gave more hope to grandpa than its Chinese version, which I loved. Grandpa is too cute. I was really rooting for him more than the music producer. (Team ZASK encoded the Korean version with subs so you can pick it up there.)

        1. kat Avatar

          haha I liked the grandpa in the Chinese version too! TBH I didn’t find the granny too likeable so I thought grandpa and granny suited each other. 😉

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