I saw Rain on a sunny day (Yes! – as in Bi / Jung Ji Hoon!)

Looks like 2015 is a year of milestones, not only did I finish my first K-Drama, I saw a K-star!

A couple of days ago, I found out Rain became an ambassador for Queensland, Australia in their new Q-Pop campaign – that is, K-Pop, Queensland Style (corny but cute!). He will tour the state and film a MV here. Through his travels and sharings on social media, the campaign is hoping to inspire others to do the same and visit the sunny state! Will it work? We’ll have to see!

Since Brisbane is hardly where the ‘stars’ usually go, I thought I had to at least go and take a look. (My friend is also a K-Pop fan, so I was just accompanying her! Yeah!) The original call-out was for 8am, and of course being the pros we are, we were early. (Not THAT early, it was 7:30am.) We were expecting *some* fangirls… but there wasn’t any?!? (We later found 2…)

As his flight was coming in at 6:20am (I swear I sound like a crazy fangirl but I’m not. I just figured if I’m going, I have to be prepared, right?!), we kinda wondered why he would take so long to come out. But we waited… and eventually a Korean guy came over and asked us whether we were waiting for him (we must have “fangirls” written on our foreheads) and he told us Rain is coming out on the other side of the airport. Arrgghh ok.

This was what we found!

Whoa! OK. This is like a proper ‘welcome’ mini press conference thing. I’m not sure how much they publicised this beforehand because there was only a handful of people. At least we got a pretty clear view right?

Here’s the cute koala that gets to be up close and personal with Rain! It was hiding behind one of the banners as a bit of a surprise lol.

When they introduced Rain on stage, he didn’t say much (except the usual – I think you can probably guess it) but it was funny the girls next to me were like – OMG he’s so tall! He’s got such a great figure! I agree by the way, although it would be nicer if he at least smiled a little. 😛

Apologises for the crappy photos. I had to edit this quite a lot in PS.

And of course, they presented him with a koala…

I’m wondering why he didn’t hold it?!?!?! President Obama did when he came to Brisbane last year! But at least that was when he had the biggest smile on his face!

Ah well, after another round of photo taking Rain whisked off again and that was the end of our little adventure. Worth the trip out to the airport I think as we didn’t expect to see him so close. 🙂





7 responses to “I saw Rain on a sunny day (Yes! – as in Bi / Jung Ji Hoon!)”

  1. Kappy A Avatar

    Aww! It looks like you had a lot of fun. Rain looks good. That Koala would scare me if it was hiding behind the banner…. Maybe our star is a bit scared? Lol.

    I want to meet a star too! You seem to be traveling and living life with so many colors lately! *envies*

    1. kat Avatar

      What nooo the koala is adorable!! OK, it does have pretty sharp claws and can pee on you….so there’s a point there.

      It’s making up for last year when I saw noone LOL!!!

  2. Anna Avatar

    Wow, you were really close to him!! I used to be quite the Rain fan, like during the Full House days. Then he tried to make it in America and it all kinda fizzled out after that haha.

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah we were surprised at how close we got to see him. I guess not many people went to the airport.

      What you said seems to be what happened to a lot of Rain fans?!?

  3. Lusia Avatar

    Thank you for this fanaccount! Rain is sooo handsome!

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  5. heisui Avatar

    So cool you got to see him! 😀

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