Meeting Xiu Jie Kai at SOB DEALL promo event [2015.11.01 @ Taipei]

I can’t believe it’s over a month already! I have been meaning to write stuff from my trip and just never got around to it. >_< Without further ado…


I always read how people just bump into stars when they visit Hong Kong or Taiwan. That NEVER happens to me. (Actually, it happened this time at the airport!!! LOL) I have to stalk the news in case anyone has a function and luckily this time, Mr Xiu has one! I was super excited to see him in person!!! So excited the event was supposed to start at 2pm, I arrived at 12:30pm. 😛 I thought I was late! I mean, is he popular in Taiwan these days? Will there be lots of fangirls? I need to be prepared you know!

Looks like I’ve revealed myself as a crazy fangirl afterall as there were only 2 other girls there. The boards were there but they haven’t set up anything else.

And so the wait begins… fun. Since it was a Sunday, lots of people walked past and looked at the board (and some even commented – ohh, he’s handsome!) but noone stayed to wait for him. o_O It wasn’t until close to 2pm did other fangirls arrive. The staff at SOB DEALL started telling us Xiu will be there at 2:30pm. Argh. I should have one of those standing chairs!


At 2pm, the formalities started with some odd dancing with their leather bags (hrm…) and they handed out numbers for a lucky draw that Xiu will be doing later. I got number 9.

Finally at 2:30pm, a guest (which I forgot the name of…ooops sorry) arrived. She’s an internet celebrity of some sort? You can tell I was paying attention right? After some chit chat, the man arrived! Whoa, he looks better than he does on TV! *squealing* Since I was super early, I was in front row only metres away from him. I’m sure my expression the whole time was *O* HAHAHAHA.

After they posed for some photos, the host asked him about his baby girl, and he also talked about his upcoming drama – Thirty Something.

The next part involves Xiu personally making a coin/key purse. He had to sew it together and since he has done it before in previous events, it was pretty easy for him. The end product will be given away by a lucky draw later on!

So earlier in the day, if people bought from SOB DEALL (I’m not sure how much they had to spend, but it wouldn’t be a small amount!), they had a chance to make something with Xiu. 5 customers got to do this so that was the next part of the event. They went inside the counter area and sat down at a table to start making their purse (?). Well, this was the boring part as I couldn’t see much from where I was. Plus he had to do some interviews with the media as well. Since things at the front quieten down, the casual bystanders started to leave as well. Only us fans stayed!

The staff were nice though, they know we have been waiting the longest (would’ve been about 2.5 hours by now) so they handed out some gifts. After those lucky (rich) customers finished making their stuff, they got to take a photo with Xiu as well!

Finally it’s lucky draw time! Not only are they giving away the purse Xiu just made, 6 other fans will get the opportunity to take a photo with him! Come on now, call my number!!!!

Since they gave out the numbers around 2pm and by the time the draw started, it was almost 3:30pm, not many people stayed around for that long. They seriously called out so many numbers and no one was there to claim the prize. (see video below) WTH!!! I’m pretty sure they called numbers 7 and 8 but not my number. GRRRRRRRR. Why am I so unlucky! I was standing right next to the Stayreal counter and BOTH of their salesgirls won a prize. Like how lucky are they? They stayed until the end because you know – they were supposed to be working!!!!

*Sigh* That was the end of the formalities of the day. But wait, Xiu hasn’t left yet – he was at the back signing stuff! The fangirls of course (about 20 probably) all lined up for their turn. I seriously had nothing he could sign *facepalm* – although I eventually got one of the promo booklets… BUT… I had no pen. Argh. I’m disappointed at my lack of preparation.


Alright, so I ditched the autograph idea and went for the selfie instead. All the girls had him holding the phone to do it. HAHAHA. Genius. When it was my turn I had no idea what to say to him, so I said, “Can I take a photo with you?” (What a dumb question lol. And what if he says no?!!!) He replied – “Sure!” (Why does he sound so gentle!!!! I must have my fangirl blinkers on.) Since my phone photo quality is crappy I decided to give my camera to him. I think I was the only one to do that and he got slightly confused — hence, the pic is a bit blurred. ARGH.

Yep, that was all I can say to him. We were all crowded in a small place so I couldn’t say much. (Not that I can think of anything anyway…) >_< The people just keep coming and taking pics with him, I saw some girls keep coming back and ask him to sign stuff and took pics multiple times. WTF. I thought that was a bit rude. (Fangirl etiquette guys) And seriously, other stars would’ve put a stop to this. (Or at least the manager would’ve said something) That just shows how super-nice Xiu is.

not me by the way
not me by the way

So my selfie wasn’t perfect, but I was happy. By now, it was almost 4pm and I had to run! Thanks Xiu for being so sweet. 😀 😀 😀 It still feels surreal seeing him in real life!!!!

My photography skills need some work there. I didn’t want to use flash because it would probably be annoying for Xiu. I only used it when the professionals were…





6 responses to “Meeting Xiu Jie Kai at SOB DEALL promo event [2015.11.01 @ Taipei]”

  1. Jo Avatar

    Aw, that sounds like it was a super fun experience, although kind of disappointing that your number wasn’t picked. 🙁 Hopefully you will get another chance in the future, and you will be luckier that time!

    Making a purse with a celebrity… on one hand, it’s an interesting way to interact with them, but on the other hand, it sounds SUPER LAME. :/ I don’t think I would fork over $$$ to do that… ok, it depends on the celebrity, but still.

    1. kat Avatar

      Ah wells the prize for getting picked was a photo with him anyway (would’ve been a nicer photo by a photographer!) but I’m not complaining…

      Yeah I agree it’s a bit lame, the 5 customers just sit around a table and they had to concentrate on making stuff so not much interaction anyway. I wouldn’t mind if he made one personally that would be different! But still for at least 4000 TWD it wasn’t really worth it.

  2. cloudandsea Avatar

    You totally make me wanna go Taiwan after my graduation to just go for any of fave actor’s fan-meeting session!!! And ah he is so nice! I used to not like him after watching Kang Xi Lai Le because he kinda revealed Vic’s secret during the show. But started to like him (and also watching from Kang Xi Lai Le) after he got married because he seemed like a really nice man and husband. 🙂

    1. kat Avatar

      Yes you should go!!! It’s a great place for sightseeing / eating anyway and you might be lucky too. 🙂 I get what you mean though, I felt a bit iffy about him after the Mark/Zai Zai fiasco, it’s like Xiu sided with Mark even tho he was friends with both of them. But he is such a sweet family man now so really happy for him.

    2. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Avatar

      Which episode was it? Anyway Kat, you are so lucky to be able to meet him in a setting with so little other fangirls (less competition, yeah xP)! I totally want to do that next time I visit Taiwan! And Xiu Jiekai’s dimple is too cute!

      1. kat Avatar

        Hahaha It will be revealed when I eventually write a post about it. 😉

        Hrm…maybe he doesn’t a lot of fans who ‘actively follow’ him? Yes you should go to promo events when you visit Taiwan!!

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