[C-Variety] We Are In Love (Season 2 Episode 2) not a recap!

I’ve been procrastinating I know, so I started this post a week late! Although I watched episode 2 live, I’ve been looking forward to rewatching some parts because well, my internet connect sucks at times and I missed the beginning lol. This week, I’m writing in the same order as the show itself.


Fresh Couple – Wei Da Xun x Li Qin

Their mission (date) this week is to be intern feeders at the Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park. If they’re successful, 30 disadvantaged kids will get a free trip to the zoo!


As Da Xun drives Li Qin to the zoo, she asks him whether he had breakfast and he said yes. Well, our girl hasn’t so she starts eating some biscuits. They seem to be less awkward than the night before (during that dinner) and more comfortable around each other. However, a sudden comment from Da Xun stirs things up a bit – “You’re so beautiful!” he says!

I see why Li Qin got a bit apprehensive hearing that. She’s not a teenager who will giggle over such a compliment but I guess from Da Xun’s perspective, he is just joking around like he always do. They then talk about how Da Xun uses humour to hide his insecurities, which turns out to be a serious discussion but a good one to have for Li Qin to get to know about him.


Since this is a safari park, as they’re driving along two ostriches approach their car. Li Qin gets a bit scared and Da Xun thinks this is his opportunity to demonstrate his “boyfriend power” – his bravery. They keep mentioning this “boyfriend power” (aka a boyfriend’s ability to protect and care for his girl…) as Li Qin comments she likes the “Domineering CEO” type, you know the ones you see in dramas who are a bit overbearing, but protective. Hrm…. but as an ostrich approaches Da Xun’s window, he gets even more scared. LOL.

They continue to drive along and stop for some hippo feeding. Another chance for Da Xun to demonstrate his boyfriend power but another fail! Li Qin threw the hay straight into the hippo’s mouth but Da Xun misses 3 times. Poor guy. The day might just get worse for him since Li Qin exclaims she wants to change boyfriends (for the 2nd time) in about 10 minutes!!


Back in the car, Li Qin continues to talk about how she likes more mature guys. OK now – have we heard about what type of girl Da Xun likes? Why is it all about her? She thinks she needs to give the guy something to work towards, a challenge of sorts. Da Xun is still trying though, as he bravely feeds a tiger. “Boyfriend power is when you try your best do what your girl wants. Whatever she says, you can do.”  Gosh Da Xun, this Jiejie here feels sorry for you.


Onto their mission – they have to shoot a promo film for Yue Yue, the panda. Despite its super adorable appearance, this little panda is NOT as cuddly as it looks. When Li Qin asks whether Da Xun can try to pick the panda up… Yue Yue is not pleased with that and this happens more than once! Before they even started, the zookeeper already showed them Yue Yue’s scratch marks, so this is dangerous people!!! As Da Xun tries and fails, Li Qin comments on his lack of ‘boyfriend power’ again. She says it as a joke sometimes, but that doesn’t mean Da Xun is not hurt by that.

At the baby gorillas enclosure, as one of the babies is celebrating his first birthday, our couple has to make a fruit salad as a gift. Li Qin asks Da Xun to peel the apple, and everyone wonders why. I mean, gorillas don’t care right? She says it’s a test – of his boyfriend power, again. I hope Da Xun gets paid a lot for this show. He uses the knife the wrong way and Li Qin asks him whether he usually does housework. His reply is… get the maid to do it. LOL. Li Qin is not impressed.


It kinda gets worse as she tells him to peel better. He mutters why don’t you do it…


What?!?” She exclaims and his reply is “You’re always right.” Ooops.


I really hate it when people say ‘you’re always right.’‘”


I get what she means but at the same time, I feel sorry for Da Xun for putting up with all this. He wonders whether he can do anything right. “If she likes me even a little, she wouldn’t be so picky.


At the end of their day, they sit down and try to talk about what happened. Da Xun says what’s on his mind – that he’s feeling so inadequate right now and she wouldn’t be so critical if she’s with a guy she really likes. Li Qin on the other hand, tries to explain she just wants to hear that he’s trying, instead of just “No, I don’t know how to do housework.” The conversation goes nowhere and that’s it for them this week!!

Orange Juice couple – Bolin Chen x Song Ji Hyo

I am ready for some cuteness!!! This week, our couple arrive at a romantic restaurant for their date! They start off saying Hello, I’m ___ Nice to meet you like three times (this happens when you have a language barrier!) but Ji Hyo comments she doesn’t like the awkwardness, so she will keep talking to him to break the ice. This is interesting because the other couples don’t really do that – take the initiative. She explains to him this restaurant is popular for couples, overlooking the beautiful skyline many couples end up in marriage. Bolin is surprised to hear ‘marriage’ – but he understands she’s just trying to create conversation…


They then spend a whole lot of time talking about… cleanliness. You can totally see Bolin is sitting there itching to wash his hands – being the clean freak Virgo he is. He has talked about his obsession with cleanliness (and doing laundry) in various interviews but we finally see this side of him! This is the guy who forces his friends to wash their hands when they visit him… and even do the laundry for them if he sees their clothes are dirty… Ji Hyo explains she’s a clean person too, and wanders off to wash her hands as well.

Now I feel like a grub. (But then, Bolin has also said before if he loves someone, he wouldn’t mind if she’s not as clean-freaky as he is. *wink wink*)


Besides his love of cleanliness, Bolin’s other love is… candles. When he went to England, he came back with a suitcase full of them and nothing else. Scary. Ji Hyo says she knows how to make them, giving him hope that the one he received earlier is a handmade one. But alas, our girl is busy you know. Maybe next time.


She asks him what he wants to do while in Korea. Since he has only been on filming locations on his previous visits, he just wants to wander around, go shopping etc. Ji Hyo is enthusiastic about this, since she always has to go out wearing a hat and a mask to prevent being recognised. It wouldn’t be possible for her to go out to dinner with her boyfriend, so this is like a dream for her.


Bolin is sitting there nodding and whatnot and I’m thinking – this is the guy who totally didn’t care about the paparazzi when he was with a particular ex. To the point where the paps took so many photos of them together out and about, they even gave him an album full of  such photos. This is such a hilariously unbelievable story. Ji Hyo will be jealous.


As they feel more at ease around each other Bolin decides to undo his tie. He is so doing this on purpose right?! Like… I know you are a lady killer, mister!

Ji Hyo’s fangirl face when Bolin undid his tie haha.

The next day our couple is out on a date again in the Samcheong-dong neighbourhood. Since it’s the weekend, it’s quite busy. As they’re walking along, many people recognise Ji Hyo and Bolin reiterates again how happy he is being able to do that. (*cough* Dude, some years ago you didn’t care….anyway) Oh well, Ji Hyo relishes the opportunity and they take super cute selfies together.

They walk past a shop selling some kind of sugar pancakes (don’t know the name of this sorry) and decide to buy some. After Bolin takes a bite, Ji Hyo eats it too. (They’re sharing food like this already!!!) The sauce starts dripping, so she has sauce on her hair and her sweater. Although she’s feeling super embarrassed, Bolin just puts her hair back, help her get the sauce out of her hair… since we were talking about ‘boyfriend power’ previously, I think Bolin is right off the charts now isn’t he? /biased

At a stamp shop (is that what you call them? like a proper ink stamp), our couple is going to make a personalised one with “BoBo” and “MoMo” on it. Flashback to the previous evening, where they were discussing what nicknames to give each other. BoBo was decided quickly (I see that it means ‘kiss’ in Korean as well?!? Is that right?) and although Bolin suggested ‘Cute Ji’ but in Korean it sounds like… ear wax LOL. No, let’s scrap that one. Ji Hyo then suggested ‘Apple’, a name she likes but the Korean word for Apple sounds like ‘silly person’ in Chinese. HAHAHA. So in the end, they decided on “MoMo” – a shorthand of Mong Ji, which conveniently matches with BoBo. OK, back at the stamp shop, their personalised stamps are done and BoBo MoMo are really excited about it. It’s really pretty tho!!

More selfies to celebrate the occasion. How photogenic are these two!!!! Like… argh.

I just realised the shop owner totally photobombed this!

They continue on their stroll and walk past this wall with some kind of art / graffiti on it. BoBo wants to take a photo there, but MoMo remembers she once shot a RM episode there and took a pic there with Gary…


She tries to change the topic and keeps walking and BoBo has no idea what’s going on. Eventually, MoMo runs and escapes to a little cafe. They order a Vienna coffee and notices the cafe owner is an artist as well so she asks the owner to draw a portrait of them. He has an interesting style!

The owner suggests our couple draw each other and gosh, how many faces can these two pull? Apart from RIDICULOUSLY cute I have no other words to describe them. MoMo takes a long time to draw BoBo but the result… well, Bolin is a good sport LOL.

Our trusty tour guide MoMo decides to take BoBo somewhere warm….a sauna! Do people really go on dates in a sauna?!? That’s the last place I want to go since I’ll sweat like crazy but then BoBo & MoMo still looks great, makeup all intact. They make a bet to see who can stay the longest, and whoever loses will have to grant a wish. BoBo suggests they should do pushups since it’s less hot. (Seriously?) But MoMo must’ve misheard him (Or the translator did) and starts doing sit-ups instead.


Afterwards, BoBo starts to feel the heat and MoMo rushes out to get some water for him. Awwww. So technically, she lost the bet! BoBo’s wish is a massage and what? Skinship already? When he tries to demonstrate his massage skills on her though, it doesn’t seem that enjoyable. Ooops.

That is enough heat for one day and as they leave, MoMo TAKES HIS HAND and leads him out. Whoa. They’re moving so quickly they’ll be on their honeymoon in the next episode right?!



Universe couple – Shawn Yue x Zhou Dong Yu

On a cold night in Beijing, Uncle 6 is planning to surprise his Little Tadpole on her birthday. As she leaves her trailer to film some scenes, he decorates the little table (well, ‘decorate’ is a bit generous) with a candle two hot drinks. Her scene only took 5 minutes to film though so she returns before he’s ready. He hides behind a curtain…


Poor girl is having sinus issues due to the cold weather. Although she notices there’s something extra on the table, she probably don’t feel like looking into it until Uncle 6 completely surprised her!

They sit down to have hot milk tea together and things are still rather awkward between them.  However, Dong Yu explains she hesitated in their previous ‘date’ because she was afraid of saying the wrong things….since he was once her idol.


He starts browsing through a book called “The Book of Answers”. The title is pretty self explanatory I guess but what is the purpose of it? Just for fun? Uncle 6 is wondering the same thing so Dong Yu explains she can ask him a question and he can find the answer in the book of answers.


Uncle 6 ends up asking her whether she will genuinely spend time with him. But the book of answers says…

Of course she explains it’s just a book and doesn’t mean anything. But Uncle 6 asks another question, this time on a more serious note – whether there’ll be a lot of pressure on them being on this show because the reactions from netizens hasn’t been exactly positive since the news came out they will be a pair.


To their relief (?!), the answer is ‘No’ again? But I’m glad they acknowledged that and both don’t want to bring it up because they don’t want the other to feel too much pressure. He tries to console her and tells her not to worry about it.

He gives her a gift and hug which is sweet – although they don’t show what the gift is? It’s supposed to be some clothes?! So now they’re talking about her plans for the night. Since it’s her birthday, she says her friends will probably want to have a gathering.


At a pretty big karaoke lounge, she brings Uncle 6 to meet her best friends. She introduces him as her “new friend”.  She has two pretty good looking guy friends though, which Uncle 6 is not worried about at all since he thinks if they’re meant to be together, they would’ve already. HAHA.

Dong Yu's cute besties
Dong Yu’s cute besties

So her friends asks her to make a speech, in which she says up until she was 17 years old, she always celebrated her birthdays only with her parents because it was winter holiday time when her classmates all went home. One of her friends asks Dong Yu and Uncle 6 to sing a duet, but she steps in to say he lost his voice whilst filming a scene in water a couple of days ago.

Next they all start playing some games (and I have no idea how to describe this) and Uncle 6 feels a bit out of place. Since he’s not familiar with the games he lost, and he has to do 3 one handed push ups as punishment. Dong Yu tries to get him out of it by saying actors only get about 2 or 3 hours of sleep… but he does them anyway, since they can’t think of another punishment.


One of Dong Yu’s good looking friends suggest they play another game. Since they’re actors, Uncle 6 can play the boyfriend who wants to break up while Dong Yu tries to win him back. I don’t know what happened there because she didn’t try to say much. It all just sort of fizzles out.


Eventually, Uncle 6 changes tact and decides to ask her friends what she’s like. So Dong Yu gets kicked out of the room as her friends dish out he dirt. Not much though, just that she’s slow to warm up to people so he has to be patient. I think we all know that already. Just as he’s about to ask more, Dong Yu comes back.


Our couple does end up singing a duet though (the classic Rooftop / Wu Ding).

Dong Yu’s cute friend suggests another game (or maybe it’s the show producers who’s suggesting all this stuff LOL) – our couple puts on a blindfold and tell the truth about each other. Uncle 6 praises her to be a straightforward, cheerful, simple person, but in front of strangers she can be pretty nervous. He suggests she should let go. On the other hand, she says she blames herself when he asked her to step out earlier (to speak to her friends). Gosh – they are such a serious couple aren’t they? She will try to be not so scared about everything and hopefully, they can keep taking small steps forward.


They take off the blindfolds to find all her friends are gone, so they get some private time together to cut her birthday cake.

But as a final ‘gift’, her friend sends them a message asking them to take a photo with their noses touching each other… In the end though, Dong Yu ran away again. Although she comes back, they didn’t end up taking the photo and this week’s parting words from Uncle 6 was:


I’m not angry. I just think the distance between us has grown wider apart again.

What a downer. Apparently next week she heads to Hong Kong to try to patch things up.



MoMo asks BoBo what hobbies he has and he says he occasionally plays the guitar at home, even though he hasn’t play it for a while. MoMo is impressed as she loves the sound of guitar and tried to learn it before, but gave up because her fingers hurt too much.


So of course a guitar pops out of nowhere (the restaurant has one apparently) and he starts playing. She totally has her fangirl face on!! Although I would’ve liked to actually hear what he played rather than some superimposed music.


Bolin and Ji Hyo are still the stars of this show by being ridiculous cute this week. However, as I watched the other 2 couples they seem less ‘realistic’. Not sure if that’s the right word since the whole show is not really ‘reality; anyway, but Ji Hyo definitely went in with the mentality that Bolin is her boyfriend already, and to eliminate any awkwardness between them she’s willing to take the initiative at times. Also, it’s weird watching Ji Hyo talk in Korean while Bolin responds in Chinese. (I’m having Love me if you dare flashbacks!!!!) At least you can see they’re wearing a headphone of sorts so there must be a translator talking into it right?


The other two girls are different and Dong Yu can definitely learn a thing or two from Ji Hyo. Otherwise, there’ll be nothing to watch between her and Uncle 6 for the rest of the series. As for Da Xun x Li Qin – gosh she wasn’t exactly likeable this week. So critical right?! But next week, she’ll act as his manager/assistant so that will be fun to watch!



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    Whew, Bolin and Jihyo are the ones saving the show. Who is Bolin’s ex mentioned?

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