Upcoming Mini Movie – Dive in 2013 with Bolin Chen, Kai Ko, Annie Chen and Nikki Shao

**I’m currently recapping this mini movie – Part 1: Love’s Exam Paper, Part 2: The Last First Date.**

Bolin Chen in another mini movie? After no less than four mini movies in 2012 (advertising everything from green tea, a Japanese island, consumer electronics to icecream!), he teams up with Cornetto again for Dive in 2013! This time he is reunited with Dive in 2012 co star Nikki Shao, along with new cast Kai Ko and Annie Chen. I’m trying not to spazz right now… seriously, just look at the poster!

Looking at their official website, there will be three mini movies, focusing on the present, past and future. The full version with the complete ending will be released on the 20th May! Although Fu Xin Bo is not listed as one of the lead actors, he will be singing the theme song. (and is he the fifth guy in this picture? I know, I only just saw him in “Saving General Yang” last night but I’m not familiar with his work!)

If you haven’t seen “Dive in” 2012 yet – go watch it NOW! (There’re English subs so there’s no excuse!!) It’s one of my favourite mini movies (especially part 1 and 4 – of course I’m a biased Bolin fangirl but nonetheless…) – despite the blatent advertising where everyone is eating Cornettos at the weirdest of times, the stories are heartwarming and are beautiful to watch. I hope the 2013 edition will feature even better mini movies, and from the preview – it might even be better than Dive in 2012! 

VO: The person you love now, who loves the other the most?

The person whom you loved before, do you still love them?

The person who silently entered your world, is there a possibility?

Every person’s love story can experience difficulties and challenges.

At the crucial moment, please close your eyes and speak to your heart.

No matter which stage your love is at, bravely take the next step…

At this moment, let love combine with “ing” at the end. Dive in.

ARRGGGHHHH. It looks so good. I cannot wait.





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  1. dee Avatar

    hi thank you for your effort to write the summary of taiwan drama, I love it :* btw do you know where I can download this mini drama? I am Bolin’s fangirl as well 🙂

    1. kat Avatar

      Thanks dee – great to see another Bolin fangirl here. 🙂 I just downloaded it off Youtube, it was the easiest way.

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