[Love SOS 119] Daniel Chan & Jian Man Shu photoshoot, Amanda Zhu guest stars

Upcoming TW drama ‘Love SOS 119’ had just finished filming. Although its Facebook page has not confirmed the airing date yet, it will highly likely be following ‘Borrow ur Love’ – the drama I’m addicted to at the moment! In a previous post I mentioned I’m not really convinced of new pairing Daniel Chan and Jian Man Shu yet… but these magazine scans prove otherwise! Despite the 13 year age difference (Daniel is 37 while Jian Man Shu is 24!) they look rather cute together.

‘Love SOS 119’ (I’m not sure whether they dropped the 119 from the official name yet…) is being advertised as a summertime series and promotion has begun already. To generate more chatter, Amanda Zhu guest stars as a wife who caught her husband cheating… and she hits the third party! (Complete opposite to her most famous role in ‘The Fierce Wife’!)

‘Love SOS 119’ should air on June 2, if ‘Borrow ur Love’ finishes at 13 episodes.

Photo credits: Love SOS 119’s official Facebook page, Amanda Zhu’s official Facebook page





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