Happy Birthday Dylan Kuo! (shameless fangirl picspam post)

I think people would’ve noticed that out of the last 10 posts… 6 have been tagged with a certain someone? LOL. Since today is Dylan Kuo’s 36th birthday, just thought it would be a good time to unleash the inner fangirl and shamelessly do a PICSPAM!  It’s so unfair some people get better with age…?

Look at this cute little boy~!

Super adorbs even with other people’s children…

Or animals… (that is Tammy Chen’s doggie ‘Hua Hua’ / Flower!!)

The adorbs doesn’t stop there. Meet QQ and Bai Pang Pang (白胖胖 / White Fatty) – yes they are actually his teddy bears. He brought them to a talk show before and said they were actually gifts from his ex-gf. Sorry to bring up to sad past but there were sweet memories attached to each of them.

Stop it. You!

And of course all the pretty people hang out together… at the gym. (because his BFFs are Peter Ho and Jiro Wang) gosh I have a weakness for arms…!

Or at home playing video games…

Or just out and about where they do occasionally indulge in food other than poached chicken, eggs and steamed vegetables…

I’m including these for no other reason than thinking they were pretty…


And of course current fav Ye Chen from Borrow ur Love!

Didn’t think I was going to do a picspam without something like this right…? LOL. Why is Tammy frowning…? (because his chest is bigger than hers <– that’s what she wrote!)

This was taken yesterday – where he is in Beijing promoting upcoming movie “Love is Beautiful“.

Host: You’re very fit, will you release a photobook?

Dylan: Sure! The ones where you don’t wear a lot…

Someone needs to hold him to that one!






10 responses to “Happy Birthday Dylan Kuo! (shameless fangirl picspam post)”

  1. Shaz Avatar

    Happy birthday indeed! This was such a glorious post!! Amen to all the above, Dylan Kuo does indeed get better with age; so glad to have caught up with this hunk! I can only hope that I get to see him on the small screen a lot more! Lol nice to know he likes to hang out with other hunks of a similar nature, Peter Ho is equally fine, though perhaps more of an acquired taste, he does grow on you after watching his dramas. Love it when he plays the angry man lol. Kudos for the post Kat, wouldn’t have expected any less, ha!

    1. kat Avatar

      LOL interesting you said Peter Ho is an acquired taste? Really? I’m rather fond of him too hahahaha. Glad you enjoyed the picspam 🙂

  2. kpopfan Avatar

    thanks for this…. i will remember this as it is on my mums bday as well…… Happy birthday…. he certainly is getting better… i agree with you shaz.. and the weakness thing with jiro and dylan….. i have been squelling all morning cuz of fanfics and now this…..:)

    1. kat Avatar

      ooh Happy Birthday to your mum too!

  3. danyestelle Avatar

    he is indeed HOT!!! Happy birthday to you 🙂

    I was in Taipei for 2 weeks in July and how come I did not see this kind of men???? 😛

    1. kat Avatar

      HAHAHAHA I know right? (Maybe we need to look inside gyms LOL).

  4. Chika Ariel Horas Avatar

    I love dylan since i saw him at outsider,, im only 11 years old that day,, lol..now im 20 years old a nd still love him,,xp

    1. kat Avatar

      LOL! He has gotten better with age. 🙂

  5. Jodie Avatar

    My brother Mervin Tran looks like Dylan Kuo sometimes lol except Mervin is a young figure skater and Dylan is a mature actor.

  6. The Literary Spinster Avatar

    So glad I came across your blog! Love all of your post about Dylan Kuo. I am totally fan girling over Dylan since I finally got around to seeing The Legend of Mulan and loved him in it! Keep up the great work!

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