The cast of Dragon Gate takes countdown to a new level

Taiwanese Drama Dragon Gate (飛越龍門客棧) starring Sunny Wang, Alice Ke, Tammy Chen and Melvin Sia is premiering tomorrow night and I really wish I can watch it live because all the main cast will be chatting with fans on their Facebook page! (Seems like a trend these days? With other currently airing dramas like “Love Around”, “Love SOS” and “Just You” also having similar fan interactions!) Anyway, to generate more publicity for their upcoming drama, the cast had been posting some rather interesting photos on social media to countdown to the premiere!


I love four, three, two and one!!!!


We even had some ‘guest stars’ on the countdown… including hmmmarms Peter Ho for four…

 and James Wen for 2…


And finally… Alice and Tammy – one day to go!


Since I’m posting about Dragon Gate, I thought I’d include its closing theme by Yen-J titled “A Better Lover” (好的情人). Not sure how I think about it yet, as it’s a lot less edgy as its theme song concentrating more on the relationships. Still not buying Sunny as a ‘good guy’ though…. the bad guys are indefinitely more interesting?! 😉


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  1. Kappy A Avatar
    Kappy A

    Those number poses are so adorable! Especially the number 1 pose! 😀

    Alice Ke needs to be fed. She’s more skinny than before! I recognize all the cast but am still on the fence about this one….hmmm… I shall wait for someone’s impression. heh. 😉

    1. kat Avatar

      I think zero tops it though! OMG!!!

      Everyone is this drama is so skinny, even the boys!

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