[Translation] Shining Days Theme Song 叫醒愛 by Peter Ho

Despite some netizens’ complaints of its ‘dog’s blood’ storyline (I think that means all kinds of crazy), Shining Days has been rating so well, the network has extended its run from 57 episodes to 80!!! (How they do this I have no idea.) So that means I’ll probably never end up watching it which is unfortunate, even with the fast forward button it’s still very time consuming.


Since I quite like the theme (which I mentioned previously), just thought I’d post a translation, along with Peter’s poster advertising the finale which will be aired on the 30th September.


叫醒愛 – 何潤東
Wake Up Love – Peter Ho


Music: Chen Wei Chun (陳威全)
Lyrics: Yao Ruo Long (姚若龍)

xi guan le gu dan de huo zhe
Used to living a lonely existence


shuang yan xiang ye de yan se
With eyes like the colour of night


guan xing fu shi shen me
not caring about what is happiness


bu tao xin jiu bu hui tong le
It won’t hurt if I never let my heart exposed


wo qiang po wo ji de
I forced myself to remember


沒有安慰的 沒有笑容的
mei you an wei de, mei you xiao rong de
Without comfort, without a smile


zai feng li zhang da le
Growing up amongst the winds


* 你融化我冰冷原則
ni rong hua wo bing leng yuan ze
You melted my cold principles


用燦爛到底的神色 去浪漫了曲折
yong can lan dao di de shen se, qu lang man le qu zhe
Using the shiniest expression to romanticise the difficulties


讓我懷疑我是錯的 敢付出才快樂
rang wo huai yi wo shi cuo de, gan fu chu cai kuai le
Making me suspect I was wrong, you’ll only feel happy if you bravely give


只遠遠伴隨著 默默呵護著
zhi yuan yuan ban sui zhe, mo mo ke hu zhe
Only following from afar, quietly protecting


ye jue de xiong huai zhong xing xing liang le
Still felt the stars shining in my embrace


# 你叫醒愛 卻帶來傷害
ni jiao xing ai, que dai lai shang hai
You woke up love but brought hurtful feelings instead


我的關懷 我的安排
wo de guan huai, wo de an pai
My caring, my arrangements


dou bian cheng wu jie he ze guai
have all turned into misunderstands and blame


你叫醒愛 讓痛苦超載
ni jiao xing ai, rang tong ku chao zai
You woke up love, but allowed pain to overflow


努力割捨 努力掩埋
nu li ge she, nu li yan mai
Tried to separate, tried to bury


si nian hai zai
the longing is still there


repeat * #





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