Fortnightly Roundup No. 6 – 27 October 2013

Thought I might change this to ‘fortnightly’ roundup from now on, it probably works better this way. Although I have a bad memory and some things I wanted to include might have been forgotten by the time I write this post. >< I might need a system in place!


Why the Triumph in the Skies 2 poster as the featured image? I kinda ‘finished’ this drama but won’t be writing about it. Consider the below a micro-overall thoughts writeup. LOL.



Dragon Gate Ep 12 to 13 – I’m slightly annoyed there was no episode 14 last Friday because of the Golden Bell Awards. I just want this to end! Episode 13 was quite a shock, with 2 more episodes to go though I’m not sure what they’re going to fill it up with? Why do I get the feeling no ship will have a happy ending now? It will be weird for Xiang Yu x Huai An – since Xiang Yu pretty much admitted defeat in the car right before they rescued the Prime Minister. Sure, there’s a very very slim chance of Xiang Yu x Xiao Dao, but Xiao Dao has been shafted in the corner with not much to do for most of the drama so it doesn’t look like the writers will be so kind to him. Just have to wait and see I suppose.


Just You – nope, no progress still. It’s ending next week and I’m so behind now! The follow-up drama doesn’t look interesting to me so I will have time to catch up later.


Loved in the Purple / The Purple Hairpin Eps 18 to 21 – Did I really only watch 4 episodes in TWO WEEKS? That’s weird. I thought I made some progress. But then I did watch episode 21 twice because the first time I was so confused. Things were moving really fast and I must’ve missed something so I had no idea why things were turning out that way. Within on episode, the evil guy set up Jing Lan on an arranged marriage to some faraway country and to prevent this from happening, her father tried to marry her off to some other guy in the city… so Jing Lan pleads with Na Lan Dong to marry her but he refuses… AND she eventually does leave her house on the red carriage… only to arrive at the door of her arranged husband’s house to find he just DIED the night before. WTF. Lucky her I guess. At least he died before they got married? This is on top of all the other things that are happening in this drama.


Let’s just say Loved in the Purple doesn’t drag. It’s moving in such a fast pace I have to really pay attention otherwise I might get lost.


The Pursuit of Happiness Eps 2 to 3 – I really liked these two episodes! I found myself laughing out loud in quite a few of the scenes. Of course the shower scene in episode 2! And the interactions between An Lei and Yi Kang are very natural. Although there still isn’t a lot of focus on Yi Kang, but he always seem to have the right words when he’s comforting An Lei. I particularly liked the chat they had on the rooftop when they were both doing the laundry. Helen remains okay, but my dislike for Wei Ting is growing A LOT. This guy is getting on my nerves!!!!

Triumph in the Skies Eps 31 to end – Well this is weird. I watched the first 19 episodes but wasn’t really motivated so it was ‘dropped’. But then someone was watching it so I kinda watched the last ten eps with them. Honestly, even though I skipped 10+ episodes I didn’t really feel like missing out. There were a lot of unnecessary relationships  (who cares about Apple / Tucker and that other guy I forgot the name of) and even Nancy Wu’s storyline was pretty absurd. I don’t have an issue with her being a surrogate mother (even though she never had children herself) but it was for all the wrong reasons. Didn’t feel like her friend was all that grateful either.


Sam / Holiday / Jayden – I don’t understand why Sam and Holiday are together? Making Jayden a weird stalker / lovesick puppy is not cool <- HAHA. Now I don’t understand why there’s so much hype around “Captain Cool”. He didn’t do much for the last bunch of episodes.


Issac / Summer – I’m glad I skipped all the episodes with the Josie girl. HA.


Roy / Heather – Quite unexpectedly they were my favourite couple in this drama. I looked forward to their relationship development more than anything else. Roy getting jealous was really funny to watch.


Overall, a bit ordinary but probably one of the better TVB dramas this year. Although I don’t think I’m qualified to say this because I have only completed ONE TVB drama this year. (That was Friendly Fire which was released last year? And I was soooo annoyed with it.) A coupe of others I watched a few episodes of but never continued… like A Change of Heart, Awlfully Lawful and that was it.




SS Xiao Yan Night: Tony Yang’s Pursuit of Happiness (15 October 2013) – Based on the name of the episode it’s supposed to be a promotion for The Pursuit of Happiness but Tony was the only cast member there! Instead they invited his mum, his grandmother and his manager as guests as well! It was quite funny they talked about how Tony has a lot of female friends in real life – especially older females, like he would be friends with his older sister’s friends as well lol. But in the end when the host asked him to choose between Lin Chi Ling, Sonia Sui, Janine Chang and Tian Xin he dodged it by saying it was great to work with all of them he likes them all… until it was pointed out that he got to work with all these tall and beautiful ladies but in the end chose someone more petite and cuter like his mother! (In certain angles Amber Kuo and his mum do share some similarities!!! LOL)

This was a part when Tony describes all the stupid stuff him and Joseph Chang gets up to… like once after a concert they were so high they made faces at a policeman. Or when they see a good looking girl they would call out “Xiao Wei!” to see if she turns around! LOL (because Xiao Wei is a common name!) <—that is like so silly!! HAHAHA.




George Hu’s interview with Razor TV – this was from his visit to Singapore in September I think but it’s the first time I’ve heard his interview entirely in English and it’s so cute!! Here’s part 1 of the interview, but I embedded part two here because the title is funny (The prettiest boy of all) <—LOL, “I feel pretty, pretty and beautiful” says George, referring to the feedback he got from his role in Langling Wang! LOLOLOL. Although… is his English getting rusty?



Firstly, I loved this photshoot from his Japan trip. Althought it would’ve been nice if they could shoot from another location, rather than this… rooftop somewhere?


I also made this gif-set from In Time with You – just because. I love this scene in episode 2 and Mother Cheng is hilarious.


I read this article re the Golden Bell Awards red carpet saying Bolin was the best dressed male but he looked very tired. If it was Zai Zai’s head on Bolin’s body then it would be perfect HAHAHA. I LOL so much because they also commented Bolin looked like he had a hangover.


Sure I prefer the shorter hair but the facial hair made him look different! Then I saw this pic from last year’s award and you can see the huge contrast. He was such a cute baby last year… and now it’s more, woah thesex HOT?


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  1. Celine Avatar

    I would say George’s English is getting a tad rusty in the sense that he seems to take a while to respond back, like he is racking up in his brain for like “how do you say this in English?” But either way I still love him and I would love it if he can speak more English.

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah, it’s cute!! I wouldn’t mind seeing more of his English interviews and he can practice more lol.

  2. Celine Avatar

    Kudos to you for still keeping up with Dragon Gate. I gave up up on it like 3 episodes ago. I initially started it b/c it was a modern take on the classic HK movie and it’s action, a genre that doesn’t come out of Taiwan often. Plus I like Tammy. I believe her drama Happy 300 Days was almost finishing up when they started promoting for Dragon Gate, so naturally I would want to check her out in this one too. I think she looks really stunning in Dragon Gate and was curious to see what kind of chemistry she would cook up with Sunny Wang. I think this drama was just poorly done. The outcome from the episodes that I did watch I learned: 1.) I like Melvin Sia 2.) Don’t like Alice Ke at all and 3.) Very close to not liking Sunny Wang.

    Right now, the only way that I am keeping up w/this show is skipping to the previews. Maybe I will tune in to the last episod just to see how the relationship lines wrap up. I pray that the writers don’t pair up Tammy and Sunny. I rather nobody gets a partner in the end. I think it would really be forcing it if they paired Tammy w/Melvin b/c as you said he was pretty much shoved to the side in the last couple of episodes and I feel Tammy doesn’t have any feelings for him anyways. I think it would also be forcing it if they did Tammy/Sunny pairing. I do not believe at all that Sunny has any feelings for her. I do think he pity her for her sad background and is grateful to her for helping him all this time but it is definitely not love.

    Also, just one last thing: Alice’s dad in just really hateful. Every time he came on screen I just wanted to slap him. I think my dislike for Alice was b/c of her dad. I hated 艾心 as well. I thought her character is just useless and unnecessary to the story.

    1. heisui Avatar

      Omg I agree, Tammy looks so amazing in this drama. The stylists were spot-on this time!!!!!!! But the drama does her no justice, her potentially great character has gone wasted with the bad storyline, 0% chemistry with Sunny, and the bad acting from the majority of the cast. T_T” I liked Alice Ke in Office Girls but this role just was not working out for her……..

    2. kat Avatar

      Same~ I was curious about Dragon Gate because it looks different from other TW dramas. Sure, it’s different, but then it wasn’t executed very well.

      Tammy was definitely the standout, although her character started off with so much promise but slowly became medicore like the rest of the drama. YAY to more love for Melvin though LOL, too bad they didn’t use him more!!! You’re right about might as well having no one pair up in the end, honestly I don’t feel much for Sunny and Tammy/Melvin is more of a ‘friends’ thing.

      I’m sure Alice’s dad can act better than his. He just won a Best Supporting Actor award! But as the bad guy, I just want to laugh because it’s so unnatural. At least he’s better than the other guy (Lu Zhen Ting or something who’s the assassin), both their acting were horrible! I cannot take any of the villains in this drama seriously!

      After she left Dragon Gate Ai Xin became annoying for me, before she didn’t have a lot of scenes and I thought her crush on Melvin was cute LOL.

  3. heisui Avatar

    I liked your bit about Tony’s appearance on the variety show! 😀 And yay, I’m still loving PoH too!!

    Dragon Gate, what is going on here?!?! The latest preview for ep14 has only confused me even MORE.

    Is Huai An gonna die? (I hate to say it but I don’t really like his character much anyways so..) Anyways why are Xiao Dao and Xiang Yu holding hands!?!?!?!? Ah!?!?!

    1. kat Avatar

      LOLOL This is why I just want Dragon Gate to END… it always leads to more confusion!!! Just when I said Xiang Yu is admitting defeat she’s now saying she can’t let go of Huai An (because he’s been shot?) ??? ARGH. Well, that shuts the door on Xiang Yu / Xiao Dao. Please have him riding into the sunset in his motorcycle as the last scene of this drama. But now that I’ve said it, I’m sure that will never come true.

      (Nope don’t really have strong feelings for Huai An either! HAHAHA)

      1. heisui Avatar

        I still think Xiang Yu and Xiao Dao have a chance. Not a chance to get together that really makes SENSE…but…nevertheless, a chance! I mean, throughout this whole drama they’ve been harping about the love square, how can no one end up together at all?

        I would also like the dramatic Xiao Dao riding off into the sunset scene AHAHAHAAHA

        1. kat Avatar

          HAHAHAHA you’re right. What’s worse they could have an ambigious ending! No… Huai An can’t die surely?

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