Fortnightly Roundup No. 9 – 13 December 2013

Hrm… Another 2 weeks gone already? I think it’s about right… originally I planned to post on Sundays, then it was taking longer and became Monday… the last one was on Friday? So maybe if I start the post on Wednesday, we’ll eventually be back on schedule again??? LOL.



Bounty Lady Eps 1 to 8 – After the first three episodes I was thinking… not again. Got my hopes up but failed to deliver. Honestly, the beginning felt like an extended (bad) joke poking fun at fat people. Glad it got better though I was LOL-ing so hard by episode 6 when he had to ‘remake’ Grace Wong’s character. Sure, the show is still filled with stereotypes – it’s like life is OVER if you’re a single woman over 30, but Dayo and the supporting characters (especially Benz and Louis Yuen) are always funny and I’m really enjoying it overall. Kate though, has been overshadowed a bit? Even Samantha Ko who plays her sister has a more flashier role. Might be the first TVB series I finish this year! (Triumph doesn’t really count since I only watched 75% of it and I’m also excluding Friendly Fire since it’s a 2012 series? <- plus I was really annoyed with it.)


Marry or Not Eps 6 to 10 – For a 40 episode drama, I expected this to be a bit draggy or have a few useless subplots. But surprisingly the main OTP is moving so fast now I’m wondering what’s going to happen for the next 30 episodes! I see that the ex-girlfriend has come back, no doubt she’ll cause trouble. (She reminds me of Jia Yu aka the evil ex from Just You lol.) The other two couples I quite like, so it’s a real bonus. (Especially the younger guy Hao Ze who has a crush on Tian Xin’s character… he’s so sweet! But too bad he can’t win…) Did I mention I keep staring at Xiu Jie Kai’s ARMS?


Master of Play Eps 12 to 19 – I was thinking this series was going downhill (and around in circles) from about 9 to 13ish and I think I skipped one or two eps but it’s picking up again by about episode 17. I really should stop even half reading reviews because of spoilers!!! The more I think about it, the more crazy the story appears to be so I guess it’s better to just sit back and enjoy the ride. It might be very philosophical with hidden meanings and all, but I just find the story interesting enough to keep going.


The Pursuit of Happiness Ep 8 – I’m behind this week! The other thing nagging on my mind is why I don’t have strong feelings about this drama. >< It’s nice to watch but not really personally / emotionally connecting (with me). I am giggling so hard when watching parts of Marry or Not but TPOH… has been fairly calm so far. All I know is, I’m not really understanding how Yi Kang can fall for Lei Lei already. Maybe if I accept that TPOH is really Ji An Lei’s journey, rather than a joint adventure with Wang Yi Kang, then it makes more sense? I don’t know what I’m talking about anymore. To put it in perspective, since Lei Lei’s niece (?) is still on her honeymoon that means Yi Kang has been living with her for less than a month? Feels like they’ve been together forever right?


(I just saw these stills from Ep 10… WHAT? What’s going on? I’m only one ep behind and suddenly I feel like I’m looking at another drama LOL.)


100% Entertainment: Alien Huang birthday party (28 November 2013) and Show Lo’s 100% Love Segment (2 December 2013) – I don’t have a lot to say about both shows actually. But at the end of Alien’s birthday party, they read this letter from his sister which was super touching!! I had tears in my eyes!!! (And I’m not even a fan of Alien’s!!! <- I like his hosting… but wouldn’t call myself a ‘fan’???)


SS Xiao Yan Night: Cast of Campus Confidential (6 December 2013) – I had been waiting for this one for what seems like a LONG time!!! I think it has been almost a month since it was recorded? The first half of the show concentrated on what the guests (Bolin, Yao Yao and 2nd male lead Chiang Kang Che) were like when they were at school – for each guests, they also invited their high school friend to talk about what they were like! (Bolin conveniently just brought his manager LOL, since they were classmates.~)

The second half was a lot more interesting since the OH CARD READING is back!!! (Remember the one they did with the Dragon Gate cast?!?!) These cards must be like magic because all the guests proclaim they’re eerily accurate. Although based on a Google search these Oh cards are not tarot cards? They’re just meant to inspire and encourage people to think so there’s no ‘official’ meaning or interpretation to each card. Maybe that’s why they’re so ‘accurate’ because you can interpret it in any way you like?

Anyway, by the looks of things Bolin is hiding a girlfriend somewhere HAHAHAHAHA. The smaller card has a group of people talking while there’s an outsider/observer. While the larger card has the word “Threat”. Since Bolin describes himself as more of the observer type, the psychologist (who is helping with the card interpretation) thinks there’s someone he wants to protect right now. He’s worried by going public this might threaten the relationship, although not announcing it would also have its issues because the girl might feel she’s not valued if he keeps hiding it. (Just let things be Bolin~) <- of course this is just what the CARD says, he’s coy about this! There’s been some news (again) this week about him and a certain Popu Lady but guess we’ll have to wait and see huh? (As the saying goes, paper cannot cover fire!) OK, it sounds better in Chinese.


AND finally… here’s a obligatory Bolin pic at the end of the post. I’m not a fan of this current long-ish hair, apparently it’s for a role? So let’s pick something you can’t see it clearly LOL.


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  1. heisui Avatar


    1. kat Avatar

      I know right!!!!!! I saw the pics but then the ppl on facebook were like… This is not a dream sequence right? Lol.

      1. galen Avatar

        I watched ep10 as soon as I could. It’s real! It’s a really hot scene too. Makes sense since the characters are supposed to be in their thirties…

        Marry or Not is moving at a fast clip. The ex-gf’s trying to create trouble, but so far the OTP are handling it alright. I’m going to have to trust that the writers follow the thus-far unusual approach and have the characters react logically and sensible.

        1. kat Avatar

          oh wowowow, I need to catch up this week on TPOH!!!! 😀 😀 😀

          That is good to hear, I’m guessing not just the ex XJK is going to have to face his fear of marriage issues as well?

  2. carolies541 Avatar

    I’m really enjoying Marry or Not and I share your sentiments about TPOH, don’t really feel personally too connected with that drama. TPOH can be frustrating at times, I think it’s unevenly written as there’s some great and some bad parts about the drama. I was glad that Lei Lei ended her quest to pursue her ex-boyfriend back but the latest episode had to drag (reading from some spoilers) and that got me dropping the series until it’s done then I’ll catch back (a few episodes left anyway).

    I’m still at ep12 for Marry or Not, still waiting for the HD version of other episodes to come out in youtube but so far I feel more connected to it than Love Family which is airing at the same time slot. Love Family is a harmless watch but it got the typical cartoonish-comedy TW-drama fllair that makes me hard to connect to the characters. Anyways, I’m watching both series pretty casually except for that I’m slightly more invested in Marry or Not.

    1. kat Avatar

      Ah yes I had been thinking about what went wrong for me with TPOH. I really really liked the beginning then it just fell flat. (at least it only has 2 more eps to go) In short I think it’s too focused on the main couple and nothing else, which makes it a lot less realistic than it sells itself to be?

      Yeah!!! I’m still at ep12 of Marry or Not too LOL. I want to write a post on it before continuing but it’s been two weeks and nothing. It’s suprisingly good, I actually like the other couples (except for one) so it’s enjoyable to see their development as well. 🙂

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