[Friday5] Aarif Rahman (Lee) songs

Earlier this month I saw some stills of Fan Bing Bing’s new c-drama The Empress of China (Wu Ze Tian) and amongst the cast is her rumoured boyfriend – Aarif Rahman aka Aarif Lee aka 李治廷. Well, I don’t know whether they are actually dating or not but my first reaction was actually – *GRRRRR/SIGH* When is this guy releasing music again? I’m sorry. I’ve only seen his acting in HK-movie Cold War and let’s just say I was not impressed. It’s tough to be a singer at the moment, especially in Hong Kong since the market is shrinking and not many companies are willing to spend money on promoting new talent.

(This is not a post about The Empress of China – Cfensi and JayneStars have all the news and images!)


Just when I thought Aarif isn’t going to release any music in the near future since he’s concentrating on acting now I read some news that he does have a new EP coming out in March. Titled Zhi Ai (治爱 – ‘Zhi’ being a part of his name + love), and most, if not all of the songs will be in Mandarin.


This is all great news (since I’m still listening to his last album from 2011!!!!) and then I saw the first MV off his EP and realised he actually came to THE CITY THAT I LIVE IN to film it. Like what! HOW! What! How did I not know!!!! NO ONE ever comes here!!!!! They usually go to Sydney or Melbourne for concerts etc. So I can’t believe it! It is so strange seeing places you know so well in a c-pop MV. ARGH.


OK now that we get that out of the way, let’s just get back to the music!!!! That is the whole point of the Friday 5!!!!


1. Inconceivable (不可思議)

First single from his new EP. This was filmed in Australia! It’s very easy on the ears and just gives you those ‘feel good’ vibes.



2.  Starting today (今天開始)

I really like the laid back vibe of this song. It’s like I’m running along the fields with my shoes off. (Yeah, that’s the image I get when I listen to it!) I remember I was channel surfing when I came across this MV (Not the one attached below, because I think it was the TVB version.) and thought to myself – is Leehom Wang singing Cantonese songs now? How can his Cantonese be so good?!?!?!?! Then I realised it wasn’t Leehom LOL. Aarif was a newcomer at the time and that was the first time I’ve heard of him. They look so much alike, and they both write their own songs. I’d love to see them play brothers in a movie or something!



3. Lone Ranger (獨行俠)

I feel like this is the song of my life. The lyrics! It’s about finding happiness even when you’re alone.



真開心只有一個原因 我終於可不再倚靠人
There’s only one reason for true happiness. I finally don’t have to rely on anyone.


無約要悔 無需講責任 孤獨換自由亦有快感
No promises to break, no need to talk about responsibilities. There’s a satisfaction in exchanging freedom for loneliness.


如不開心懶找人談心 怕等等等 怕好友都費心
If I’m unhappy I’m too lazy to find someone to talk to. Afraid of waiting, afraid of causing worries for my friends.


我愛靜靜自我開解 不見人
I like to quietly console myself and not see anyone.


4. Couldn’t wait for the miracle (奇蹟等不到)

I know. It seems like a typical ballad but the way he sang it + the lyrics just really touched me. The song talks about being in love with someone, but can only stay as friends. *sigh*



5.  Speed of light (光速)

Listening to this song feels like I’m going on a journey to outer space. Comparing a relationship to the speed of light doesn’t sound too promising, but it’s fitting since Aarif studied Phyrics in College?



6. Still

Yes, it’s the ‘Friday Five’ but I feel like I’m doing him a disservice by not including any of his English songs – because they’re also very very good. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. His accent is kinda English, mixed with US?




Actually, I have a few other favourites as well so I will list them all here just because!!!!

English songs


Other songs






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