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  • [Friday5] Aarif Rahman (Lee) songs

    [Friday5] Aarif Rahman (Lee) songs

    Earlier this month I saw some stills of Fan Bing Bing’s new c-drama The Empress of China (Wu Ze Tian) and amongst the cast is her rumoured boyfriend – Aarif Rahman aka Aarif Lee aka 李治廷. Well, I don’t know whether they are actually dating or not but my first reaction was actually – *GRRRRR/SIGH*…

  • [Friday5] Daniel Chan classics

    [Friday5] Daniel Chan classics

    As “Love SOS” is premiering this weekend, I thought now would be a good time to revisit why Daniel Chan was popular in the mid 90s to early 2000s!

  • Leehom Wang Music Man II World Tour – Sydney

    Leehom Wang Music Man II World Tour – Sydney

    Argh, it’s been almost a month already since Leehom Wang held his first ever concert in Sydney, Australia. I’m just glad I WAS THERE!

  • [Friday5] Cantopop Duets!

    [Friday5] Cantopop Duets!

    Friday 5 is a bit of an experiment at the moment – just something fun for the weekend! So let’s start off with something I grew up with – Cantopop!