Fortnightly Roundup No. 11 – 8 March 2014

This post will be quick, I think. Because if anyone was reading my irregular updates on the sidebar, they would’ve noticed I haven’t watched much of anything lately. I keep seeing news about upcoming dramas that are neither here nor there, by that I mean yeah… I want to see (insert actor) in a drama again but I’m not sure whether I like him/her enough to watch a modern C drama and I have no idea who the other actors are. Seems like the productions can only afford one big name and then just surround them with newbies. Or maybe I’m scarred by Shining Days, which became unintentionally funny.


Maybe this weekend I’ll try to collate all the snippets about upcoming dramas and write a post about them. MAYBE. I still want to start that A Time of Love recap I keep putting off!



A Good Wife Ep 15 (Complete) – I feel so relieved I FINALLY finished watching it. But only relief, definitely no warm and fuzzy feelings here.  (POSSIBLY SPOILERY) It seems to be the “logical” ending, but it left this bitter taste, that helpless feeling where you know something is not right, but there’s nothing you can do about it. I feel like curling up in a corner after watching the finale. Not the drama to watch when you’re feeling down.

This is what I feel like after I finished A Good Wife.
This is what I feel like after I finished A Good Wife.


Files of Justice V (approx 67% complete) – I’m using percentages because the VCD version is broken into disc numbers instead of episode numbers! For a supposed legal drama the legal aspects of FOJ isn’t that great. >< The relationships though, especially the friendship between the guys were hilarious and feels more real than the legal cases. Although these characters are so rational sometimes, it feels unbelievable? It’s contradictory I know, maybe I’ve watched too many dramas where breakups, relationships, romance are messy. Not the case here. Past lovers can be good friends, breakups can happen over a peaceful dinner. Doesn’t sound dramatic? But it’s still a decent drama.


Shining Days Eps 40ish to 59 (Complete) – Another sigh of relief that this drama is OVER. My ‘skipatching’ (skipping + watching) probably backfired because I missed some of the more crucial points of this drama – eg. when He Fan (Peter Ho) and Yu Fei (Li Qin) actually got together! Ooops. I didn’t think it was going to happen so quickly. I was watching it more as a comedy though, like why am I watching this, it’s so predictable and as the drama progressed I felt less and less invested in the characters.


I was all set up to watch the final ep but it was so rushed and poorly edited it annoyed me even more. eg. The girls were talking / walking and then next scene – BAM! Ye Lin is crying saying Yu Fei is kidnapped because of her. WTH. You had 59 episodes to tell a story and can’t even do it properly in the end? Then right at the very end I looked down for like ONE SECOND (literally) and missed the most important flashcard which talked about what happened to the villains. I’m throwing things at the TV!


It was hilarious though, the last line uttered by the main antagonist – Xia Yu Yang (Michael Zhang) was something like – “Yu Fei, you haven’t changed at all! You’re still sticking your nose in everyone’s business!” That’s right. Arguably the most important character (because she’s supposed to be the ‘good’ one, so saintly!) has shown no growth after 59 eps, all she ever does is smile and comfort others and ‘sacrifice’ herself. Boring, boring, boring.


Finally, since Peter Ho was pretty much the reason I watched this in the first place, I thought I have to at least mention him. He does look good like he always does as the rich, cold boss but has a secret type of guy, but looking yummy in a suit can only so far. His character’s stubbornness over a girl he met when he was young got pretty tiring. And it’s probably exacerbated by how annoying Yu Fei is. He doesn’t do much in the latter part of the drama though?


For a much better review of Shining Days, see here. I pretty much agree with everything said lol.


Whitechapel series 1 & 2 –  Two series in one week! (Although British drama series are painfully short – this one is like 3 episodes per series.) The main investigative storyline is ok, but of course what I love about this series are the relationships. It’s so full of testosterone though! Not a single, even remotely important female character. Bromance everywhere! I won’t go into detail about this series but highly recommended if you like British accents + crime drama + bromance HAHAHA.



Not much to report here, so for a bit of a change I’m going to post a pic of Melvin Sia, Joseph Chang & Sunny Wang just hanging out…. because… there’s no reason not to?


Despite my reservations about this Aaron Yan / Tia Li pairing in upcoming drama Fall in love with me, I’m sure SETTV will keep sending out great Aaron stills so I’ll end up watching anyway.




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  1. Bruneichun Avatar

    If you have time, I recommend In a Good Way! It’s currently airing, but Lego Li is handsome eye candy! I’ve just started watching it, but it’s super promising and the canon couple have sweet chemistry.

    1. kat Avatar

      Yes I have read a lot of great reviews for IAGW! Just for some reason, haven’t watched it. Maybe one day…

  2. Jo Avatar

    Haha, you pretty much summed up my thoughts about Fall in Love with Me. Maybe Tia’s acting will have improved… >_>

    Shining Days sounds like it went the route of Summer’s Desire.

    1. kat Avatar

      At least SETTV actually has a proper story outline? It’s nothing groundbreaking but I hope that means they’re making more of an effort since they couldn’t get a Puff/Aaron return.

      Shining Days was such… melodrama. Reality pretty much goes out the window very early on. lol.

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