Fortnightly Roundup No. 13 – 6 April 2014

Oh another fortnight gone. >< I’ve had plans to write a post on Rock N’Road and Ruse of Engagement but it just hasn’t gone all that far. There’ll be a rather huge change in my personal life too but I hope I still have time to watch dramas etc!!!!!



Bounty Lady (Completed!) – Almost forgot I finished this last week, finally! I really don’t have any strong feelings towards this drama because it was nothing extraordinary. (How does Dayo Wong get Best Actor for THIS? It’s an insult to all of his previous dramas because his acting was so much better.) Of course I’m happy to see him because Bounty Lady did have some funny moments, but the last few episodes felt like a drag. Yeah, sometimes I don’t understand why HK netizens praise Dayo to the skies when they have to pick on every single thing that is wrong with other dramas like Ruse of Engagement. Dayo is infallible, just like Francis Ng aka Sam gor from Triumph in the Skies.


Files of Justice V (Completed!) – This felt like a really long journey (the original series was 45 episodes) and in the end, everything just went back full circle. TBH the legal cases were all fairly weak, none of the cases left a deep impression. The romantic relationships… well, I guess they’re really ‘modern’?! Eg. Bobby Au Yeung and Ada Choi’s storyline. When Bobby met Ada, she had a husband who was a petty thief. A chain of events happened so Bobby ended up being the one who got Ada’s husband arrested and executed. (Since there’s capital punishment in Mainland China.)  She moved to HK and became a prostitute. After even more difficulties, eventually Bobby and Ada got together and was about to get married…ONLY to have her ‘realising’ she doesn’t love him. So she left Bobby for Lawrence Ng and they were engaged. Some bizarre crime happened and Lawrence ended up dead and guess what, in the end Bobby and Ada lived ‘happily ever after’. Like…wow. That is crazy.


In the less bizarre end, the Michael Tao / Jessica Hsuan / Flora Chan seemed more ‘normal’. I am always surprised by how Jessica’s character can take breakups in her stride. She doesn’t get upset at all when she found out her best friend (Flora) got together with her ex so quickly. Plus she’s good friends with another ex – Steven Ma.


The best part of this series was the friendship between the men. I got such a good laugh everytime they’re on screen. Overall, I probably won’t be rewatching this anytime soon LOL, maybe if I ever find Part 4? Because I believe that’s the only one in the FOJ series I haven’t seen? Or maybe I have I just don’t remember?


PMAM Eps 13 to 14 – Hrm, progress has been slow on this one. Not because it’s bad or anything I just really wanted to finished Files of Justice V before continuing it and that look way longer than expected. There are some parts of an episode which can be skipped but there’re still some funny moments, I love the quotes from Dou Zi!! There was also some development between Xiu Jie Kai’s Ni Ke and Beatrice Fang’s En En. I look forward to seeing more of them!

Rock N’Road Eps 2 to 3 – I’m a bit on the fence with this one. Not absolutely loving it, but enjoying Chris Wu (HAHAHA – see above) and Kimi Hsia (only when she acts less hyper). I am pleasantly surprised there hasn’t been boring moments in the first three episodes and the drama is developing at a good pace. Looking back the only thing that’s preventing me from liking this more is only Lin Wei Zhen? I’m starting to tune out everytime she says…


“Hello, I’m Lin Wei Zhen. Before I turned 15, I filmed 30 commercials…”


WHYYYYYY. She is actually really good when she’s ‘normal’. Even during that drunken scene at the start of ep 3 when she apologised to her mother it was rather touching. But then for the rest of the ep she’s back to her old self again. I just couldn’t believe she could use that introduction when she meets her co-workers!!! Can I take her seriously from now on?!


Ruse of Engagement Eps 6 to 10 – This series is getting a not so good rep and the ratings are fairly low. BUT, I’m really surprised that I’m enjoying it. Even more surprising is that I’m enjoying Yoyo Mung’s storyline more than Ruco and Ron. I never really liked Yoyo as an actress and I was really dreading seeing her but her storyline is the most interesting and I’m eager to find out more about her. If they were trying to promote Aimee Chan in this series then it’s definitely not working because I’m feeling no chemistry between her and Ruco, and her character doesn’t do much except to look pretty. Even her colleague Leanne Li seemed more interesting.


For an action/police drama, its weakest parts so far are unfortunately the action scenes! They are so unrealistic! I just hope they don’t stuff it up later on because they’ve built up some good suspense surrounding the ‘organisation’ Yoyo belongs to and TVB has a habit of bad endings.



I woke up early this morning and randomly watched the first part of We Got Married Global Edition season 2. (Puff and Heechul parts only). Had a good laugh! How are these two going to communicate?!? It’s cute and all but I don’t think I will have time to follow this regularly. I like Puff but not THAT much.


Did manage to watch an ep of BFB last week – the fansclub episode for Lollipop F. Now I have 怎麼了 [official MV] in my head! I still don’t think they work so well as a ‘group’ but the boys look like they’re having fun. I like the idea of making ‘台’ as something cool. The MV for 那麼厲害 [link] is funny too. Wei Lian’s face makes me crack up everytime.



Why does Peter’s eyes look so puffy? I like the photoshoot though. Their movie (which also stars Janine Chang) ‘One Minute More’ will be released in May!




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  1. heisui Avatar

    I hope things are going ok for you! Will you be much busier with this new change?

    1. kat Avatar

      Thanks very much. Hope you had a great Spring break too! April will be a slow month since I’m going away around Easter HAHAHA~. Otherwise I’m starting a new job where the hours might be better, but the commute is longer! Maybe it’ll end up being the same?!?

      1. heisui Avatar

        OOO a vacation? *W* I hope your new commute will be ok. >__< Good luck at your new job!!!!

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