[Picspam] Bolin Chen & Raymond Lam at Burberry Prorsum SS2015 show in London

Has it been one year already since this post? In 2013, Bolin Chen, Chen Kun and Khalil Fong were invited to Burberry Prorsum Menswear’s Spring Summer show and this year…?



First – thanks to xinuk@weibo who brought us some great photos of both men. I had a really busy week at work last week and when my friend sent me the pic below I nearly screamed (I was at work!) when I saw it!!!

My two favourite people meets!! OMG LOL. I’m sorry – allow me to my blog to spazz for a bit. I treat these two fandoms as pretty separate so suddenly it’s like BAM~ fandom clash! I’m frailing seeing them meeting each other LOOOOOL.



If anyone had noticed, I haven’t blogged about LF for a long time. I do follow his news from time to time but it’s always about the same stuff. *whistles* But I do like his outfit here – he’s going for the gentlemanly style (I suppose he is a real life chaebol afterall haha) while Bolin’s floral shirt is definitely more playful.



Of course everyone who goes to the Burberry show has to take a photo with Christopher Bailey…


Plus some other famous faces in the crowd, including Tom Felton and Thai actress/model Laila Boonyasak.


Finally… I thought I’d post my favourite photos of both men. I love how the light shines on Bolin in the photo below. ^_^ What a ‘ray’ of sunshine HAHAHA. (and a bad joke)







5 responses to “[Picspam] Bolin Chen & Raymond Lam at Burberry Prorsum SS2015 show in London”

  1. heisui Avatar

    AHAHA, this is so perfect for you kat! And I laughed at your ‘ray of sunshine’ joke, heheh.

    I feel like a lot of Bolin’s outfits are more quirky?

    1. kat Avatar

      HAHAHAHA Yes it was a great moment!~! And quirky is a good description, suits his personality I think. 🙂

  2. Celine Avatar

    I use to like Raymond Lam a lot. Now not so much. I don’t know what it is about him that makes me feel like he is a bit fake sometimes. Now that TVB hardly comes out with anything good to watch anymore, there are hardly any actors in HK that I can fan girl about anymore. Back in 2007 I was crazy over Moses Chan and Raymond Lam. Now, Moses is still on my good list but not too crazy anymore. Raymond is pretty much gone. Right now I would fangirl over Steven Ma, Kenneth Ma, Julian Cheung, and Ruco Chan. I would be in extreme fangirl mode if I was watching one of their shows but TVB has terrible scripts these days that even if they were in a show, I would watch for them initially but probably end up dropping it b/c of bad and draggy plot. These days Moses seems to be picking up bad projects in general.These days it’s more dramas from Korea and Taiwan that catches my attention.

    It would be nice to watch a drama with these two in it though. Although my bias would be towards Bolin. If these two were to be rivals in anything, I would side with Bolin all the way.

    1. kat Avatar

      I understand how you feel!!! It’s like he’s pretty guarded and TBH my first impression of him wasn’t that great lol. I think he has changed a bit since that PSS incident but still… you have to catch him in a good mood. 2007 – Heart of Greed period??? Awww I miss those days. From your list I like Julian (and that was before Raymond! In his Return of the Cuckoo days!!!!) and after Ruse of Engagement, Ruco is growing on me. I think Ruco’s one of the more versatile actors in TVB right now. Kenneth Ma… I don’t mind but can’t fangirl over him. I only watched maybe 2 TVB series per year in the last two years I can’t really judge anymore. I get really annoyed that because of all their political in-fighting between the TVB executives, certain producers only pick certain casts for their series. So I’m watching the same group of actors all the time.

      I don’t even remember what is Raymond filming these days? He’s holding concerts but no new album? The dramas he filmed last year are nowhere to be seen. Well, it would be fun if they were in a series together although that would mean a C-drama which could be difficult to watch!

  3. Kay Leach Avatar
    Kay Leach

    Wow, this photos…. I don’t have words to describe,✨ Bolin Chen ✨is amazing!

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