[Upcoming TW Drama] Love Cheque Charge aka Happiness Voucher with George Hu, Phoebe Yuan and Xie Kun Da

OK so what is with this title? Surely they will change it eventually right? But they already registered their Facebook fan page with this name so… I’m referring to 幸福兌換券 by the way, aka Happiness Voucher – the new SETTV daily drama announced a couple of weeks ago (news here & here) when George Hu, Lin Yo Wei, Lego Lee and Chris Wang attended a press conference.


Unfortunately, those four are NOT in the same drama.


Naming issues aside, we finally have more details. Well, at least we know the female lead will be Phoebe Yuan Ai Fei and NOT Annie Chen. Xie Kunda is also part of the cast. There is a rumour(? or is it confirmed) Annie will be in the next TVBS drama – which will be interesting because it has a political theme. I don’t know enough about Phoebe to comment on her acting. I only saw some parts of Sweet Sweet Bodyguard and she kinda reminds me of Tiffany Hsu.


Some news articles also mentioned the reuniting of Ren Wei & Bai Xue aka Jay Shih and Smile Weng from In a Good Way. However, both were missing from the press conference a couple of days ago. I guess for a 70+ episode drama it needs a large cast.


I know dailies are more often misses than hits (or at least it’ll start off great but gets draggy in the middle), but alas, I do miss George Hu on my screen. (Even if I’m already watching one of his older dramas – Summer Fever right now.) He is also singing the theme song, giving him the chance to test the market when he releases an album later in the year.


Not much has been revealed about the story yet (well, you know how it is with SETTV’s live filming aka make it up writing / changing as you go along), all we know is that George will play a character who is a cold / aloof, difficult to get along with, perfectionist and doesn’t have a lot of patience.  Phoebe will play a happy-go-lucky type character. Kunda is Phoebe’s ex-boyfriend but died after an accident. He’s now an angel who secretly watches over her, but only George can see him.  So I guess it’s not really a love triangle when one party is not technically human?


Love Cheque Charge is set to follow Tie the Knot and should air in the beginning of September. (If wikipedia is correct and Tie the Knot has 75 episodes, then Love Cheque Charge should start on September 10.)




12 responses to “[Upcoming TW Drama] Love Cheque Charge aka Happiness Voucher with George Hu, Phoebe Yuan and Xie Kun Da”

  1. Celine Avatar

    Yay for George Hu on my screen again!!!! Although I’m kind of skeptical about Phoebe Yuan as leading actress. I’ve seen her work before and I quite liked the characters that she played but not sure if she is ready to be lead actress yet. It also saddens me that Taiwan has very few lead actors and actresses left. I think there are more lead actors than actresses in Taiwan.

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah there’s a lacking of leading actors & actresses in Taiwan dramas. They’ve either graduated to movies or work in Mainland China. I hope Phoebe is good, or at least they have some solid supporting actors which could elevate her performance.

    2. zubda Avatar

      I wish it was Annie chen

  2. misscupcakees Avatar

    LOL, so it wasn’t just me who found the title weird! I don’t get what is it with SETTV and their tendency to skew towards having the word “love” in their drama titles!

    1. kat Avatar

      HAHAHAHA I don’t think creativity is their strongest point. Marketing is their specialty. 😛

  3. mylovebuggeroos Avatar

    I am excited for this drama! I hope it is good. Do you know how many EPs?

    1. kat Avatar

      Usually SETTV daily dramas have at least 70 episodes so it’s probably around that number!

      1. mylovebuggeroos Avatar

        I am excited! Will you be doing any of the recapping?

        1. kat Avatar

          I’m not sure I have time to do that… but if it’s good it gives me motivation to talk about it!!

          1. mylovebuggeroos Avatar

            Yay! I hope so! It will be a fun discussion!

  4. rowanmdm Avatar

    So I’ve watched the first few episodes and I’m looking around for someone discussing this show in English. I would love it if you did discussion posts every other week or so!

    1. kat Avatar

      I would love to catch up with this drama too!!! I just finished one of George’s older dramas so am ready to see him on screen again LOL.

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