[Upcoming TW drama] Bad Romance with Annie Chen, River Huang, Melvin Sia and Yang Ching

ed: This drama changed its name to Boysitter. The Chinese name 魔女搶頭婚  remains the same.


A few days ago, TVBS announced the cast of its upcoming drama Bad Romance (魔女搶頭婚)Annie Chen, River Huang He, Melvin Sia and Yang Ching! This will be the 5th drama produced by TVBS (the first four being – Dragon Gate, Kiss me, Mom!, Rock n’ Road and the currently airing The Way We Were). Even though TVBS had previously said they are aiming to produce dramas of different themes (rather than the standard rom-com TW dramas are known these days), Bad Romance sounds like a rom-com!


This drama will ask the question – What if you have a steady boyfriend but he doesn’t want to get married? What should you do?



Annie and River is definitely a fresh pairing as this will be River’s first time as a lead in an idol drama. He will portray a playboy type character who tends to say nasty things. Annie will be a hot single mum with a six year old daughter. River said, “Usually I stay at home a lot and don’t really care about my appearance. So for me to give off that ‘handsome’ vibe, I went to do facials for the first time of my life.” Melvin Sia’s character will be mature and reliable (a typical rich, handsome, educated type) who will also fight for Annie’s love. Yang Ching will play Annie’s close friend.


After a pretty long break, it’s good to see Annie back on our screens again. (Her last drama Love Around finished airing in October 2013!) River Huang is completely new to me but according to Wikipedia (obviously the source of all truth), he was the first actor to be signed by Yee Chin Yen (aka director of Blue Gate Crossing and he also discovered other stars like Bolin Chen, Gwei Lun Mei and Joseph Chang). River’s first drama, 2006’s Dangerous Mind (危險心靈) not only won Best Series at the 2007 Golden Bell Awards, River also won Best Actor at the age of 18. Wowsers! I’m not a huge fan of this long hair though, it’s so 90s!!!!



I’m happy to see Melvin Sia in another TW drama again though (back to back too!!). However, he’s the second lead *again*. At least he gets to look ‘normal’! (In contrast to The Way We Were where he’s barely recognisable!) I’m also not familiar with Yang Ching except her fairly minor role in Rock N’Road. (She was one of the Winner band members.) Speaking of Rock N’Road, apparently Nita Lei (aka Yang Jia Xin from that drama) also has a role in Bad Romance as well.


If The Way We Were has 15 episodes, then Bad Romance will probably air at the start of November.

Not sure if I’ll end up watching this, since I have a backlog of dramas I still haven’t made any progress on! Plus, I think Sonia Sui & Christopher Lee’s Notice from a Bachelorette will air at around the same time!




4 responses to “[Upcoming TW drama] Bad Romance with Annie Chen, River Huang, Melvin Sia and Yang Ching”

  1. Dora Avatar

    I was about to comment about Melvin being the second lead again. But I am happy to see both Annie and George back on our screens even if in different dramas. Although have no idea when I’ll manage to watch them all as I barely manage to make the time for The Way We Were (but I do because I love it so much:))

    1. kat Avatar

      At least Annie’s drama will probably follow The Way We Were and it’s a weekly! No idea how to keep up with George’s daily drama and it’s so many episodes.

  2. Celine Avatar

    Great to see Annie sporting her long hair again. Did not like Annie’s short do in Love Around. Although it did get a little bit better towards the end of that show. As for Melvin, he is someone who definitely looks better with facial hair. I totally couldn’t recognize Melvin when you had first posted about The Way We Were.

    1. kat Avatar

      She looks more feminine with the long hair so it’ll suit this hot single mum role!

      Re Melvin – so glad he got his ‘look’ back, I love the facial hair too haha.

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