Fortnightly Roundup No 20 – 1 September 2014

I’ve been in full blown fangirl mode for the past week or so. HAHAHA. Been pretty restrained on this blog but probably less of that on Twitter. Like… 3 of my last 5 tweets were related to him in some way. LOL.


Hello, you. Expect more of his face around this blog soon.



Line Walker Eps 1 to 5 – I live watched episode 1 and actually didn’t have much motivation to keep watching it every day. Maybe it’s because I expected TVB series to start well but the first ep was just… so-so? However, I caught up with week 1 now and it’s pretty good so far. At least it has the intriguing storyline about “Who’s the undercover?” which I want to keep watching to find out.


Pleasantly Surprised / Love Myself or You Eps 13 to 15 – To be honest I never remember much happening in each episode but you should know by now why I’m still here. 😉 The kidnapping in episode 15 was just completely stupid though! Like WTF. I want to laugh for the whole of that scene because it was so poorly staged. There’re so many holes in that plotline I can’t even begin. Maybe we should all forget it ever existed. Of course my wish for finding another girl for Hao Wei as a plotline for the remaining episodes will never be realised!


Summer Fever Eps 12 to 22 – I was expecting this drama to go downhill but I’ve really enjoyed it even up to episode 22. Sure, the story started to head into melodrama territory from about episode 20 (you know, 2nd lead girl gets injured, male lead takes care of her out of guilt, but she recovers and doesn’t tell him…) but I didn’t mind it because they’ve laid down enough “potential bombs” throughout the way that you’d expect some of these issues will pop up eventually, ESPECIALLY Gui Gui’s illness – which even after Googling I’m not really sure what it is. It’s probably not going back to that summer, happy, breezy drama we started off with but I hope it just doesn’t go too crazy.


The Way We Were Ep 5 – Hrm… I intended to make *some* progress on this drama but it got away from me. I’ve pretty much slapped myself in the face by saying I wanted to see the story in the present time (mainly because of the ending credits!) but now when I got to it, I can just feel the angst and heartbreak already. However, there’re spoilers all over weibo and news articles so I need to get off my ass finishing that post I was writing and keep watching!



Chef Nic Ep 7 – I think I kinda lost track of where I was up to because some weeks I would live watch but if I miss it, I forget about DLing it and suddenly I missed 1 or 2 episodes. The one I watched was with Gwei Lun Mei, where they were in Singapore! Since I only went there a few months ago (and also ate a lot LOL!) it made me realise how much I still want to try… argh!!! This episode had some fun moments where they worked as room service attendants and the competition at the end where they had to eat a burger while being on a flying fox… see, life is so unfair when Gwei Lun Mei is so skinny but she eats so much! But she’s totally cool since she didn’t care how she looked in front of the camera when she had tomato sauce all over her face!!!


And… to sign off the way the same way that I started this post, I’ve been listening to this a lot for the past few days. 🙂 I like this a lot more than the original version…

Xiao Yu x Jolin Chien – 找你的地圖 / zhao ni de di tu aka The map to find you



6 responses to “Fortnightly Roundup No 20 – 1 September 2014”

  1. Kappy Avatar

    I’m gonna watch Line Walker today! 😀 I sincerely hope it’s good!

    Someone looks so much hotter with some gruff on his face!

    1. kat Avatar

      It’s ok so far… I realised how much I miss Charmaine which feels strange. LOL.

      Who looks much hotter with gruff?!

      1. Kappy Avatar

        I missed Charmaine too. Her mainland works are hard to digest because of the dubbing.

        Jolin Chien!

        1. kat Avatar

          Yeah, I like her – but not enough to sit through many many many episodes in a cdrama just to see her. TVB series are more familiar and accessible.

          Jolin BB <3 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA~

  2. heisui Avatar

    Has Jolin been added to your favorite actors? 😛

    1. kat Avatar

      Hrm… but he’s not a great actor yet… LOL. (Probably better as a singer?) Pleasantly Surprised is only his 2nd role but at least his acting is not exaggerated. If anything I would like to see more emotions from him hahaha.

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