Ella Chen and Chris Wu’s X Lies (The Game of Lies) – Story Outline and Teasers

You’ll be forgiven for thinking this drama went into some blackhole never to be seen again since it completed filming almost a year ago. However, if more post production time means better quality, then I have no objections to the long wait at all.


Ella’s dramas were probably before the time when I started watching Taiwanese dramas but many have been eagerly waiting for her return since her last full length drama Down with Love back in 2010. She’s doing a lot of hosting work now and since I don’t really have an attachment to S.H.E  either (It’s not that I don’t like them it’s just I’ve never really listened to their music?)… X Lies / The Game of Lies aka 謊言遊戲 (literal translation: Game of Lies – it was also previously known as No Lies / No lie can become truth) wasn’t really on my radar. Actually, I’m not sure its official name is X Lies or The Game of Lies because the CTV site has X Lies, while the official Facebook page is The Game of Lies, go figure. There’re just too many dramas to watch and not enough time! However, I do like Chis Wu and after seeing the story outline and the teasers, X Lies look super interesting and definitely a break from your normal idol drama fare.


Story Outline

An out of luck writer, Sun Zhen (Ella Chen) accidentally discovered a recluse famous writer who died at home. At first, she used his identity and finished his book for money. But as she continued her pretence, she becomes addicted to the money, fame, power and most importantly, respect and worship her new identity brings. She is unable to pull herself out.


When she realises none of it actually belongs to her, she starts to destroy the reputation of the writer. But as she deliberately writes poorly, her books surprisingly sold more.


Other characters in the story include – a reporter boyfriend (Wei You Liang – Chris Wu), a manager who is convinced she is the famous writer, an amoral, troublemaking younger brother (Sun Ping – Jett Lee Jie Yu), an unhappy rival (An Shi Jie – Lawrence Ko Yu Luen), a mysterious stalker who sends her death threats, plus the dead writer’s friends… they think her identity is very suspicious.


The lead character must decide: Will she be a liar everyone loves, or the real her – a nobody? Will she choose to reveal the truth? Or will someone else expose her? How will she face her real life relationship? Does she remember the real her? Or has she become that famous writer?



The supporting casts of X Lies including Lawrence Ko Yu Luen and Vivi Lee (I think there’ll be a love triangle between Ella/Chris/Vivi), both of which I’m not familiar with at all.



Here’s the YouTube playlist to the 30s teasers released so far. I’ve embedded a couple of them below.





X Lies / The Game of Lies will premiere on CTV – Sunday 5th October 10pm.


Sources: Official Facebook page, CTV’s official website





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  1. carolies541 Avatar

    Looks intense and full of suspense, I would never thought there’s a day I find Ella attractive but she’s looking really feminine and beautiful with her current hairstyle. Definitely will check this out.

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah the love triangle teaser looks quite intense, and the kiss scenes! I hope it’s good. 🙂

  2. timeinthegray Avatar

    I’ve been anticipating this drama for some time now! It definitely deviates from the idol drama norm, and maybe it’s just me but that poster gives me some dark J-drama vibes haha. Can’t wait!

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah I was kinda expecting her holding an apple or something… or I don’t know, I just thought of apple instead of the flower in the middle…

      1. timeinthegray Avatar

        Twilight, maybe? Haha!

        1. kat Avatar

          omg no~~~~ it poisoned my mind!!!!

  3. misscupcakees Avatar

    Loving that poster, especially with how Ella is posed! It’s so beautiful but yet in a way it feels off a very eccentric and dark tone.

    1. kat Avatar

      Definitely! It fits in the mystery / darker tone of this drama. 🙂

  4. tas Avatar

    where can i find this drama translated >>ella rocks

  5. ellie Avatar

    i’m here just for Chris Wu =)

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