Eye in the Sky Episodes 6 to 10 thoughts

There is SO SO SO much I want to say about Week 2 (episodes 6 to 10) of Eye in the Sky I don’t even know where to start. This series is fast paced, intense and I’m officially addicted. Having two good looking guys in it helps, A LOT. The ratings for this so far (average around 25 points) is a little disappointing, but its viewership on myTV is like double the numbers for Young Charioteers.


This is the type of drama that requires your full attention. (OK, 90% of the time. I think we can relax during the scenes involving Jan’s father (George Ng) which are supposed to be funny but I guess with everything else going on I don’t really care.



When Ruco became Kevin…

You do not want to miss the beginning of episode 6 because what happened during Ah Lik’s ‘missing 18 months’ was revealed. After Ah Lik (it’s just easier to call Ruco’s character Ah Lik for me) rescued Dai Fu Long (Tony Hung) from the burning warehouse, they escaped to Manilla, where Ah Lik planned to steal a precious diamond worth billions. Although the heist seemed to go smoothly, they didn’t expect a mystery person would appear with a shotgun and just blast at their getaway car, causing it to explode. Unfortunately, Lik’s face was up in flames. Ouch!

30 surgeries later, Kevin’s face became…Ruco. That’s a pretty amazing job if you ask me, but I guess it’s just not the same. Plus, Ah Lik now suffers from excruciating headaches which can only be relieved by sticking his head in ice cold water and serious painkillers. After their ordeal, Ah Lik and Dai Fu Long returned to Hong Kong to find the person who stole their diamond. When they heard that diamond could be in the Y Suite Hotel, Lik seeked a job as a security guard while Dai Fu Long became Lun Tai Lun / Terry – and started staying in the hotel.


I guess what was a missing link in these scenes was Ah Lik’s ‘lightbulb’ moment when he saw Szeto. I’m not sure if Ah Lik knew about the guy who looks a lot like him because of arson case. If he was planning the robbery then subsequently got injured, he might not know about the news. He doesn’t seem too shocked by it?


The Family Reunion

Probably until episode 8 I was on Team Ah Lik. Maybe not for the love triangle but more for character development and Ruco’s acting. This week, Ah Lik was gradually accepted into the Szeto family and then became their godson (because Ah Lik and Szeto Sir share the same birthday – hint hint!). I’m a huge sucker for those ‘tears in the eyes moments’. When you see Ah Lik’s eyes were watering but no tears fell out, gosh, I just felt so bad for him. The two scenes where the family was playing the Wii game, and the surprise birthday party were really a highlight this week. I guess we have to enjoy the happy times before the craziness later on.


Ah Lik vs Szeto Sir

Just when I was about to sign up for Team Lik, the events at the end of episode 8 really did shed some doubt. Although Ah Lik is clearly yearning for a family, he also wants revenge – against the woman who sold him when he was a baby and the mystery person who caused his face to burn off. Yikes. At first, when I saw how Ah Lik asked Dai Fu Long to steal the old woman’s money and threw it away I thought – gees, that was cold. But after episode 10 I’m still giving Lik the benefit of the doubt because he’s not truly evil, right? When he saw those thugs following Szeto and then kidnapped him, Ah Lik went in (unarmed) to save his brother, without hesitation. Lik must feel somewhat responsible for Szeto not being a policeman right now. Argh… maybe I’m similar to Ah Lik – I’m just a glass half full type of person. 😉 Plus, (hopefully) none of us had to experience the same hardships Ah Lik did while growing up. It’s easy for us to say he should forgive the old woman because it’s so long ago now and it’s not like she’s living the high life either, but I guess none of us really knows how we would react if we were in that situation.

I love draggy storylines! – says no one ever but Eye in the Sky is the complete opposite which brings me to something that’s gnawing at me. There were some parts that I wanted to see more of, but this plot train is going so fast I’m missing the scenery. Example – when Szeto started to suspect Ah Lik and wondered why Ah Lik was so interested in Hon San (Vivien Yeo). That spying and counter-spying and Kevin looking all hot while watching Ah Lik doing push ups and random exercises was frankly, something I could watch for another 2 or 3 episodes. The spooky music, fake smiles, weirdly staring at each other while playing table tennis – more please!

Stealthy = HOT


Most importantly – what a difference styling makes. When spying on Ah Lik, Szeto Sir gets to wear something… hotter. (Sorry, I have no other words for this.) Stop putting him in those grandpa cardigans!!! I miss the trenchcoat! I guess it’s not going to be back until he becomes a policeman again right? Those cardigans are just… he looks 10 years older.

It’s even double breasted – argghhh!

At least Ah Lik totally rocks that uniform. His casual looks are not so great.

You can’t see the uniform here but hey, it’s a hot photo.


I haven’t forgotten about Jan…

900 words later I still haven’t written about our female lead – Jan yet. Hrm. The reason is obvious. Her storylines are somewhat detached from the rest of the story. It would help if they’re actually interesting and less predictable but the sole purpose of of her investigations seem to be just getting her and Szeto Sir closer together. Even when Szeto Sir saved her from the crazy taxi driver I didn’t really feel much for this couple. Maybe it was because I was too busy trying to remember the name of this movie I had seen something similar. You know you’re old when you watched this movie two years ago and you hardly remember the cast. Eventually, I figured out it was Prisoners – in the finale Hugh Jackman was kidnapped by this crazy woman who put him in this underground chamber with a car on top. I’m not saying anyone plagiarised anything, I just thought of it and got distracted OK! (Decent movie by the way…)

However, the scene in the rain in episode 10 was cute. Ah yes, the moment when they gaze into each other’s eyes. I wonder though, does Szeto like Jan because he actually does.. or did Ah Lik’s feelings for Jan ‘twinned’ (is there such a word?) to him? I have no idea. There’s hardly any development between Ah Lik and Jan though, so the writers are all out selling Szeto/Jan at the moment. I’m not complaining.



The cliffhanger at the end of episode 10…

Obviously, you shouldn’t miss this episode. So much going on. Car chase! Gun fight! Szeto Sir looking all suave rolling on the ground to avoid gunfire! Ah Lik gets shot AND Szeto Sir felt it! That look on Szeto’s face! Argh that was a good scene. It didn’t take long for him for figure out Ah Lik’s true identity, leading him to confront Dai Fu Long… but what? Ah Lik bursts through the doors hours after he got shot?!

That’s right, I’m not Cheng Lik Hang. I’m the Ka La Jai you’ve been looking for. My real name is Tsang Yuk Fai. I’m your twin brother.

I think my eyes nearly popped out at this scene, and then screaming (inside) because I had to wait for the next week’s episodes! How freaking intense was this? I sometimes forget this is a 20 episode drama, so we’re at the halfway point already! What! Just don’t let me down now, show!



4 responses to “Eye in the Sky Episodes 6 to 10 thoughts”

  1. Rachel Avatar

    week 2 went by so fast! the pacing of the drama is much faster than typical dramas and i actually really like it (i’m already on episode 13 and i love how the love triange isn’t dragged out) the fast paced style of this drama keeps me on my toes b/c like you said, you really gotta pay attention to every scene else you’ll miss something.

    i’m totally Team Szeto Sir and am even more sure after seeing Ah Lik’s evil side emerge. I know, I know I’m biased and Ah Lik has his reasons for turning to the dark side, but man I love seeing Kevin act as the serious, cool, quiet Szeto Sir, something about it is so charming! hahaha i loved the rain/hiccup scene with Tavia and was so disappointed when they didn’t watch the movie together! can’t wait for the love triangle to stir up some drama between Szeto Sir and Ah Lik! excited to see how they start their dispute

    1. kat Avatar

      Yeah I just caught up to ep 13 now and everything is still happening so quickly! Although at some points I would’ve liked to spend more time to explore some parts, or even more opportunities for Szeto and Jan to fall for each other! Szeto just seems like the type of guy who would take a long time to trust someone let alone develop feelings for them, and we just haven’t seen that many good scenes of him and Jan. Also, some history about Szeto Sir’s love life would be nice HAHA. 😉

      I still feel bad for Ah Lik, can’t be mad at him (yet) for what he’s doing. Maybe I’ll change my mind after ep 14, the preview looks like he might do something shocking!

  2. Anna Avatar

    Lol I was really amused by how shocking the cliffhanger for ep10 was, and then Szeto was legit just like, “Oh, you’re my twin? Okay, cool.” in ep11. Plus the fact that we had to hear Lik mention over and over again how his face got burned off. Way to make the guy relive the worst moment of his life.

    But EPISODE 14. Omg, Lik! Thanks for confirming my Team Szeto allegiance though…

    1. kat Avatar

      Agreed. The show doesn’t have time for the characters to just absorb these things. It’s too busy moving to the next explosive revelation! I guess Szeto Sir already know after the gunshot… it’s like he knows everything before it happens. 😉

      Whilst I like Szeto Sir, I’m still not sure whether he actually likes Jan, or is it just the twinning thing which makes him think he has feelings for her. ><

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