Eye in the Sky Episodes 11 to 15 thoughts

I’m being good this week and started writing this post less than an hour after I finished watching episode 15. But it doesn’t mean I was excited about this week’s ‘cliffhanger’. There wasn’t one! This show has been spoiling us so much I’m starting to think what goes up, must come down (or at least plateau).

Let’s start off with one of these TVBfun guessing games. What will Ah Lik’s ending be?

A. Turn back into a good person

B. End up in prison

C. Died to save Szeto Sir

D. Died from an accident


I don’t know what to think right now. Not liking those 4 options though! You know what. I don’t mind if Ah Lik runs away and not get caught. Then he can leave with an evil smile on his face and Szeto Sir will be all hot and bothered because in a moment of weakness he let his brother go. Hey – then we can have a sequel! *evil laugh*


But if I’m going to guess, I’m going to guess C. Boooo. I hate it already. Why? I’ll explain somewhere below.


After the events of episode 14 you might think I’m either a Ruco fan (I’m not) or I’m being wayyyy too lenient on him. But I think I found the reason why I can’t support Szeto Sir wholeheartedly.

I’m disappointed Szeto Sir has such poor judgement. 😛 Kevin himself even retweeted that pic declaring his love for ManU. NOOOOOOOO. (I used to be a Chelsea supporter but I don’t watch much EPL anymore, but BF is an Arsenal fanboy so we both dislike ManU.)


OK, if I can look past this I finally saw how good Kevin is this week. Szeto Sir requires him to be quite subtle, it’s all delivered through his eyes. And I like how Szeto takes his time with everything he says. He has to carefully consider his words. (Or he’s been such a loner it’s difficult for him to express his feelings verbally.) The hand gesture thing is awkward at times, but I accept it’s just a part of Szeto Sir. I have a sudden urge to rewatch some Kevin series now. Addiction looming!




Szeto Sir and Ah Lik share a bunk bed

This is honestly the highlight of the week. Seriously. But if we backtrack a little, last week ended with Ah Lik admitting to Szeto that he is indeed the long lost twin brother. Szeto probably knew this already because of what he felt when Ah Lik got shot, just like everything else in this series. Szeto Sir knows everything.


At the hospital, Szeto calmly tells his parents Ah Lik is actually his twin. Of course they’re shocked, but they’re overjoyed and quickly accepts him into the family, including getting a bunk bed so the brothers can share a room together? What’s wrong with the rooftop? The only times grown men should share a bunk bed is when they’re in prison or a backpackers’ hostel. Both are not so pleasant situations. It is hilarious nonetheless. I just can’t help but laugh everytime I see it.


Should I change my name to Szeto Lik Hang?


However, just like everything else in this series, the happy times don’t last. When Father Szeto mistakenly wrote that Ah Lik ‘is not a part of the family’ (He didn’t, don’t you just hate auto-correct?) the seed is already planted in Ah Lik’s mind that he’s not truly accepted in the family. Doesn’t help that they can’t tell anyone about Ah Lik’s true identity because the police will know Lik was the arsonist.


I must mention this scene in episode 11 because it not only shows the bunk bed (I just CANNOT get over this!), I believe Ah Lik is genuine in this – when he’s wondering whether he should give up seeking revenge because it’s eating him up inside. Sure, his own pride and stubbornness play a huge part on his ‘descend’ into darkness, but at the same time, I feel that the writers are throwing Ah Lik a lifeline. There’re not writing him as pure evil. (Sorry cat lovers) He poisoned the old lady’s cat, and the old lady technically died of an accident. I KNOW Ah Lik should’ve called an ambulance – but also notice how he was having a headache? I would like to think that’s his conscience fighting inside.

Which is why my guess of Ah Lik’s ending is “C”. He’s redeemable. The rift between him and his family was just a stupid misunderstanding!



The Love Triangle

I know back in my week 1 post of Eye in the Sky I said that I was looking forward to this. But I retract my own words and would even argue this series is better off without any romantic elements. Jan / Tavia is extremely underutilised in this series I’m questioning whether we should’ve just concentrated on the family / sibling rivalry / investigative elements instead. Heaven forbid the male and female characters can have a plutonic relationship! My argument is if you’re going to give us a half baked apple pie (I don’t know why I’m thinking of apple pies right now), I might as well just not have it because it’s inedible.


We’re straight to the point with Jan x Lik. Ah Lik assumes Jan hasn’t changed her mind (since a few episodes ago she declared she wants ‘Johnny’ and not Szeto) so he pursues her pretty aggressively. Their first light drawing date was really cute! However, Jan realises she likes the face and makes the brilliant decision of simply avoiding Ah Lik instead of bothering to explain it to him. I am going to be harsh on Jan because that scene when Agatha just blurts out everything – that was freakin cruel. And it was unnecessary. I know it’s because Agatha doesn’t know Lik = Johnny, but still, it shouldn’t be her news to tell?

Making it even worse, was the scene when Szeto announces he’ll stop being the consultant at Agatha’s PI firm. Jan rushes up to Szeto and pretty much declares her love for him, claiming she saw everything (I’m sorry, I thought taking out tissues when something spills water is like, a normal thing a human being would do. Not just because you have the hots for someone?) and pushes him to say he love her or something. I think she forgot that yesterday she very cruelly broke up with his twin brother, the same twin he lost for the last 30 years. Like, WHAT? NO.

AND… based on what this series has shown (emphasis added), I personally think Szeto’s ‘feelings’ for Jan has a lot with this twin thing. You know, same dream? Except… those dreams were Ah Lik’s. Lik experienced those things then dreamt of it. Jan appearing as an angel? I thought that’s what Ah Lik thought, not Szeto.


Now we can argue (and I would accept there is a possibility) Szeto and Jan had been teacher / student and investigated many cases together, so it’s not a stretch that they would develop feelings for each other. But we know Szeto is a cool cat, a bit of a loner who doesn’t really get along with others. I would’ve liked to see more of Szeto/Jan investigating together to make this more convincing?


So what about Szeto running after the ambulance? I can only say that’s where the story has to go now. However, my problem is with the setup. (or the lack thereof)


By the way, I still think ‘Johnny’ and Jan shared the most chemistry. I am very disappointed the writers are implying they did not sleep together.  (One can argue just because the table broke that doesn’t mean they didn’t – HA!) But then, if they did – that would make Jan even more of an idiot. “Oh hey, I slept with your twin when he had your face. But now he lost the pretty face, I have the hots for you and we should kiss and make babies.” Logic fail.


I wonder though whether my real reason for thinking we shouldn’t have this love triangle is because my favourite pair is actually – Szeto Sir and Ah Lik. Is it wrong for me to have slashy thoughts when Ah Lik got right up to Szeto’s face? Oops, don’t shoot me!


And everything else…

I’m all caught up with this family business and the love triangle I almost forgot we have this other plot about master thieves – the blind guy and Vivien Yeo’s character Hon San. To be honest, despite having some explanation as to what that blind guy does (steals stuff) and why (I forgot, maybe for money at first and then for the thrill?), I’m just wondering why Hon San is so devoted to him. Her pretty face!

This was a good scene though.

This one, not so much. But it was funny! Like, we’re all trying to be mysterious with the smoke and shadow but we already know who was the gunman. I’m sure the last time I’ve seen so much smoke and posing was in a music video from the 90s.

Oh, there’s also a case this week involving Susan Tse’s character’s death, Madam Chik getting accused etc… but I forgot their relevance.


Honourable mention though to Tony Hung this week. I thought his character was too pervy before but his emotional scenes this week were done well. I’m not sure why Agatha is so in love with him now but that heartfelt scene in the park and the confrontation with Szeto were both really god.


Final Week!

After being such a whirlwind ride I am a little sad it’s ending next week. I love the leads and the story was really good probably until episode 15. Then all the illogical things that seem insignificant at first are bugging me now. I guess I just have to switch my brain off and just go with it because it’ll be hard to find a series with Kevin / Tavia / Ruco again!

By the way, where’s the KFC? Why is Szeto Sir eating BBQ (chicken? pork? duck? goose?) rice this week!



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