The Time I’ve Loved You or We Were Not In Love – Round Table + Eps 5 to 8 Ramblings

Quick checkin here! I just wanted to thank Kappy from AVV for the invitation to join the round table! Keane and Hess (from A Virtual Voyage), misscupcakes (from A Fairytale World) and I discuss the premiere episodes of The Time I’ve Loved You / The Time We Were Not in Love.

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I think I’ve already said most of what I wanted to say about this drama in my previous post and in the round table. So I won’t keep repeating myself. I haven’t caught up to the latest episodes (9 & 10) yet, but I think in episode 8, I’ve finally let go of the huge shadow that was In Time with You. Throughout that episode, I seriously did not think about ITWY at all which is a good sign. Not that I’m saying I love TTILY, it’s just better if we dissociate it from the original.


Overall, I think it’s ok at the moment. I did like a couple of scenes in Ha Na’s workplace. The one where she took responsibility for her junior’s mistake (that was very mature of her and how a manager should act) and also the scene where her co-worker berates her for spending too much time emo-ing over relationships instead of actually doing work. Rightly or wrongly, Ha Na’s involvement with Cha Seo Hoo in the workplace (and outside) is not doing her credibility any favours. I liked these scenes because it brought some realism into an otherwise, mostly fluffy drama.

Now speaking of Cha Seo Hoo, I still don’t like him. He just looks suspicious to me and to this day, he never truly explained why he just left Ha Na at their engagement party. (Can’t even use a phone?) And with him seeing Ha Na with Won after the engagement party… the jealousy in his eyes etc, really that is just an excuse. He owes Ha Na an explanation and until he does so, he shouldn’t be anywhere near her. (Although if we’re following the general gist of ITWY, we know Ha Na is running to him at the end of episode 8).


At the half way point of this drama, I think it’s the right time for Won to at least attempt a confession. Because they took away a lot of Da Ren’s passiveness and didn’t give much context as to why he hesitated for so long, I don’t find Won as likeable. I still feel bad for him, sure (and it’s still Won > Seo Hoo at the moment) but at the same time, a little competition goes a long way.

Poor So Eun has been relegated to background prop. I mean, did Won lead her on? I don’t think so. It was always her who pushed for him and now it’s fairly obvious Won will not have any of it. Not sure what her role will be in future episodes?


Besides the scenes I’ve mentioned above, there’re a couple of other things I do like about this drama – can I mention how cute Ha Na’s brother and her co-worker (Eun Jung?) are? And the ending song, I love it! It is your typical ballad but brings so much more hope than Da Ren’s ‘I will not love you’ – gees, that song was way depressing.


5 responses to “The Time I’ve Loved You or We Were Not In Love – Round Table + Eps 5 to 8 Ramblings”

  1. misscupcakees Avatar

    I am so annoyed with this drama right now. urghh, and it’s going so slow too.

    1. adekmanja Avatar

      Indeed. The feelings and thoughts are mutual. As much as I tried to disassociate with ITWY, the storyline just a mess. Ha Ji-won acting cutsies, just didn’t look well… awkward….and annoying. The chemistry between Choi Won & Ha Na,was ok, but doesn’t feel cool where I can’t help to think about how Li Da-ren’s feelings towards YQ. It was obvious yet subtle. It was strong, yet gentle. The way he looked at YQ, from a distance of from closeup, you can feel the tenderness inside, its obvious he loves her yet withholding it. The relationship between YQ and her exBF too was pretty hot and that made us understand how exasperated LDR was.

      In this one, there isnt any ummph nor sparks between Ha Na & Seo-hoo… nothing at all. Seo-hoo’s act, is just like a wooden stick! I luvs him in Pinocchio -that look, that empty gaze, was fine in Pinocchio but not here when he was supposed to look hot and delicious… hmmmmm…. I was rooting for this drama, yet, can’t be positive nowabout it and feela real waste of good casts here. Sorry HJW &LJW, luvs you guys but the roles here, just didn’t work…

    2. kat Avatar

      I saw eps 9 and 10 a couple of days ago and I totally feel ya! Although it’s been pretty slow for a few eps now. :S

  2. Kappy A Avatar

    I think I will save the round table for the finale because everyone seems frustrated with this drama at this point. Lol.

    1. kat Avatar

      LOLOL I agree!!!! So many complaints right now.

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