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[Overall thoughts] Marry or Not (TW-2013)

So I started Marry or Not (結婚好嗎? – literal translation: Is marriage good? or it can also be meant like a proposal) almost a year ago (it began airing in late November 2013) but didn’t actually finish until July…

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HKTV is finally coming on November 19!

With everything that is happening in Hong Kong right now, HKTV finally launching is definitely great news. As a bit of background, the free-to-air TV market in Hong Kong is pretty much a monopoly (TVB). In recent years, the…

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Sunshine Award!

First of all – Thank you so much jyl / timeinthegray from sphere of gray for nominating me! Sorry for the lateness since I haven’t been in the mood to watch anything (except for fun episodes of Pleasantly Surprised…

HK Dramas

Line Walker Episodes 16 to 20 thoughts

One step forward, two steps back. That’s kinda what I felt after the fourth week. It wasn’t bad per se, not much happened in episodes 16 and 17 but I guess we have to take a breather after the…

HK Dramas

Line Walker Episodes 11 to 15 thoughts

EXCITEMENT!!!! If I was a bit apprehensive about Line Walker being ‘just another TVB series featuring cops, undercover cops, dirty cops, triads’, then the third week completely blew my expectations out of the water. It is fast paced, no…