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  • Just You Episode 3 Recap

    Just You Episode 3 Recap

    It’s morning and Qi YI wakes up to find Mrs Cheng exercising downstairs. Liang Liang and her dad had gone out to the flower markets but Mrs Cheng stayed behind because she wanted to make breakfast for Qi Yi.   As he’s eating, Mrs Cheng is staring at him. He feels a bit uneasy about…

  • Just You Episode 2 Recap

    Just You Episode 2 Recap

    Continuing from the last episode, Liang Liang agrees she will work on a new proposal. Just as she’s leaving, she gives him breakfast, because he has to take his medicine with food. Since she didn’t know whether he’s allergic to anything else, the sandwich doesn’t have eggs or mayonnaise.   Liang Liang is at her…

  • Just You Episode 1 Recap

    Just You Episode 1 Recap

    Out of the three currently airing dramas that I’ve watched (Love Around, Love SOS and Amour et Patisserie), I am least interested in the actors of ‘Just You’. Normally I wouldn’t even watch it, but since I’m not really loving the others at the moment, just thought I’d give this one a go and it…