[Now Filming] Web drama Le Jun Kai (乐俊凯) – last update 10 April

10 April 2013 – Le Jun Kai is now in post production! No confirmed release date yet but it will be “soon”.

14 March 2013Some great new photos released from Le Jun Kai’s official weibo and this blog!!! (Especially the 2nd pic!!!)


10 March 2013 – Le Jun Kai finished filming already (so quick!) and it has been reported there will be 7 episodes of 15 minutes each. It will be released in the first half of this year! 🙂


2 March 2013 – Has the drama finished / almost finished filming already??? There needs to be more news about this…. argh.


1 March 2013 – I love it how there’re updates everyday on how filming in progressing 🙂 The first pic – a scene where Le Jun Kai abuses Ye Zi…. I know…. we really SHOULD NOT glorify domestic violence, but seriously – let’s all treat this as just a bit of escapism entertainment?


28 February 2013 – Only one pic from today, there’re a few others but since their quality is not too good I will just post the official one of P & J. 🙂



27 February 2013 – So many pics today!!! The first pic Peter posted on his weibo is OMG! Gangster Peter is rather intriguing I must admit 😀 😀


26 February 20133 more filming pics posted today, OMG so much love for the first pic of Peter & Janine – how cute are they! Can’t wait to see HD stills tomorrow!!!!




25 February 2013 – To be honest, I’m worried that I’m looking forward to this way too much. But gees, look at these filming pics posted on various weibos today. Peter as a gangster! Janine looking all sad with Tian Tian (their child in the series). WHEN IS THIS COMING OUT!!






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