First behind the scenes video from web drama le jun kai (乐俊凯)

Finally! It’s been about two weeks since they finished filming Le Jun Kai and the first behind the scenes video is released! Both leads Peter Ho and Janine Chang talks about the difficulties in raising a child.


Janine: I’ll tell you guys, I’m the king of children. (aka very childish) Why? It’s because I’m just as childish as them.  Being childish is especially good because when you play with them,  you don’t feel a lot of pressure. Plus you are more happy being with them.

Peter: Only like them if they’re obedient. If not…. (slapping action – LOL!)  Baby making plans? Well, that really depends on fate… have to find the right person,  have to find the time, so it’s not really possible in the near future. Usually people soften up after they have kids. If their son or daughter cries, the fathers will be like “oh come on… don’t cry”  then the mother says she wants to hit the child but the father will say ‘don’t hit, don’t hit! Be good now, he’s my baby….” So yeah, it’s easy to talk about it now, but what happens when I have kids – who knows!

OK…. so why do they have a Cantonese song as the background music??????





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