Character intro videos from web drama Le Jun Kai (乐俊凯)

Earlier this week, two short behind the scene videos for web drama Le Jun Kai (乐俊凯) was released. This time, it concentrates on the main characters played by Peter Ho and Janine Chang. Not a lot is revealed but I do question their music choices? It just seems so random?!

First video shows Le Jun Kai (Peter Ho)’s masculine side – he’s a gangster boss afterall!

The Second video concentrates on Janine’s Ye Zi – the poor girl who’s going to be abused by her husband, her boss… and there will be a kidnapping? (In the beginning of the video, Janine is basically saying they’re filming some additional scenes in Heng Dian – a place known for the filming of ancient dramas so it’s rare they’re filming a modern drama there!)

Apparently, Janine Chang has watched the finished product already and was brought to tears >< So when do we, the audience, get to see it too!!!





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  1. Emily Avatar

    What’s the song played ? The name please !! :!)!

    1. kat Avatar

      Which song are you referring to? The ending song from the drama itself is called “Regret” (遺憾), it’s on the Themesongs page.

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