Peter Ho and Janine Chang reunite (again!) for new Taiwan movie A Moment Forever

I am squealing with delight right now!!! Today, a press conference was held for new movie “A Moment Forever” (只要一分鐘 / Zhi Yao Yi Fen Zhong / literal translation: Only need a minute) where the leads are Peter Ho, Janine Chang and Sphinx Ting!! The director will be Wei Ling Chen – whose previous works include “Autumn’s Concerto”, “Year of the Rain” and “Material Queen”! (I saw the English name “A Moment Forever” from the producer’s name tag so I hope it is correct!) 😉

 “A Moment Forever” had two years of preparation and will be the first Japanese/Taiwan collaboration to explore the theme of pets. The movie will also star a cute golden retriever Ke Le. Based on a Japanese novel, it talks about a fashion magazine editor (Janine Chang) who unexpectedly adopts a dog on the brink of being euthanised. Peter will portray a ‘house husband’-type character where he cooks everyday for his girlfriend. There will also be a love triangle between Peter, Janine and Sphinx’s characters.

During the press conference, Peter and Janine were so adorable! The weather was very hot so everyone was sweating. After Janine wiped her sweat with a tissue, (can’t let it ruin her makeup now!) a bit of tissue got stuck on her chin and Peter sweetly helped to take it off. When the host joked that they’re acting like an old couple, Janine openly admits – “Yeah, we’re like an old (long time) couple now!”

To prepare for the film, Peter and Janine had to become familiar with working with animals. So they started training a month beforehand to develop rapport with the dogs. Unfortunately they are both allergic to dog hairs so it was a tough challenge! Peter had an allergic reaction where he could not open his eyes as they were swollen. His nose was also running. For Janine, she would get rashes and her skin will be very itchy. So they both took different antihistamine medications and swapped tips on which ones are better.


Even though Peter had to endure allergic reactions he was still willing to film because finally, he doesn’t need to show off his body. “I’ve been in the entertainment industry for so long, finally someone is forbidding me to take off my clothes. I’m so relieved!” He hopes the audience will focus less on his body and more on his face, otherwise people will forget what he looks like!

“A Moment Forever” is expected to complete filming in August. Hopefully it will be released in Taiwan and Japan in March next year.

News and Photo credits: Sina Entertainment, China Times, ETToday, Wow News





14 responses to “Peter Ho and Janine Chang reunite (again!) for new Taiwan movie A Moment Forever”

  1. annedarmawan Avatar

    OMG OMG OMG…..
    When will it aired? is it a movie or a drama series?
    I love them so much in Ring Ring Bell..
    Can’t wait to watch this!!!!!

    1. kat Avatar

      Lol same! They had so much chemistry in RRB. This is a new movie which is expected to release in March next year. Long wait!!!

      1. annedarmawan Avatar

        March next year?? OMG 🙁
        I saw in your other post that there’s another series of the two of them… It’s three letter words.
        Do you know when it will be aired?
        Thank youuuuuu

        1. kat Avatar

          Oh Le Jun Kai… it was supposed to be ‘in the first half of the year’, then it was ‘July’ and now ‘before the end of summer’ =.= argh. So annoying they keep pushing it back!

  2. Aehyu Avatar

    Yay!!!!!!!! They’re such an adorable pair, I can’t wait to see them paired up in a bright fluffy movie 😀

    1. kat Avatar

      Exactly!!! Can’t wait to see them in something cute 🙂

  3. Sharon C Avatar
    Sharon C

    Same here! Very adorable couple.

  4. Shaz Avatar

    Lol he’s back, and so is she! Loved them together in their previous drama – what a beautiful pairing!

    1. kat Avatar

      Yes!!! Such a beautiful couple.. Love to see their chemistry with hopefully a better script this time…

  5. Eva Derosales Avatar

    I really admire the actors/actress who can speak English fluently what ever their nationality is…so Im the fan of Peter Ho..i like Janine as well …they’re good partner in movies/dramas…

    1. kat Avatar

      Peter studied in Canada so he’s very fluent. Hrm, haven’t heard Janine speak English though! But yes I love this pairing!

  6. Eva Derosales Avatar

    Yah.. I never heard Janine speak english..therefore ….as she’s the the partner of Peter so it’s her too…
    Now I’m watching “Shining days” OMG I can’t wait….I guess it’s nearly ending…
    The second guy…his role make me enraged…ha..ha..I understand that it could be like that so its more interesting…
    BTW.. I’m not Chinese but luckily I can understand I bit of mandarin..thanks to all of you…..

    1. kat Avatar

      Oh that’s great! How is ‘Shining Days’? Is it draggy?

    2. janet Avatar

      Hi…am janet. Pls….where can I watch ” Shining Days ” with English sub??? Plsssssss

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