Just another Bolin Chen picspam

OK I started this post last week and didn’t want to abandon it so everything might be a bit disjointed!! This is like a spin-off from the Fortnightly Roundup because I was rushed for time and I kept finding stuff to add to it. So this post of random was born. Well, in this blog we don’t need a reason to picspam good looking guys. NEVER!


Perhaps the most exciting thing is this poster for Schizo! The Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival posted this on their Facebook page.

Golden Horse Film Festival – Film Project Promotion 2013 Selected Project – Schizo

Director: John HSU | Producer: Maxx TSAI

Production Company: Invincible Plan

A magnetic cast is key in unlocking a movie’s inner world, the fastest way to draw an audience into story magic. Silver screen leading man CHEN Bo Lin steps up to the challenge of playing a killer with dual personalities in Schizo, helmed by John HSU (Intoxicant, 2010 Rotterdam Film Festival). HSU’s highly-anticipated feature debut explores the well-known titular mental disorder through uncommon perspectives, a psychological study blurred by elements of crime drama and suspense thriller.


I’m ALL FOR the scruffy look which is popping up a lot lately. Even though I must admit I’m not quite seeing the dual personalities on the poster as yet. Want to know who else is in this movie!! Apparently Schizo might start filming by the end of the year!


Speaking of movies, the ‘official’ / full Campus Confidential trailer is here! (Although I don’t think there’s a lot of new stuff?)

Another two weeks until its release so promotions are underway already. A function was held last Sunday (10 November), with the main cast in attendance. Bolin and Ivy were so cute together. They’re like in their own little world. I would totally ship them but they’re giving off BFF vibes more than romantic vibes? I need to watch ‘Modern People’ ASAP because I’m curious. Anyway, they also celebrated Ivy’s birthday – she doesn’t look 31 at all!

>> more photos here – photoset 1 & photoset 2


The cast (minus Ivy) also recorded an interview on SS Xiao Yan Night!!! Can’t wait to see this because it looks like his manager Li Ge is also a guest!!! LOLOLOL. I’m guessing this will air this week since they usually record a week in advance? (erm, I don’t know what’s going on with this outfit.)


Apart from being busy with movie promotions, he also shot a new series of ads for Sony Xperia Z1.  A press conference was held last week and four 30 seconds ads have been released so far. The one with the goldfish is cuteeee but this!

This lens looks awesome and argh purple!!!! Just STOP it already. I have a weakness for purple things and I just changed phones like in February. ><

 I must say I’m not getting this 3/4 pants thing, the look above is okay but I just don’t understand it.

>> more photos from the press conference here + stills from the ads shoot + official pics

>> the other two ads here and here

This is a picspam afterall so let’s just include this for no reason whatsoever. I think I like the other one I posted earlier more.


Speaking of fashion / scruffy looks, he attended three fashion / award shows in Shanghai in one week. Which look is the best? I can’t decide!


Look No 1: Biker

I APPROVE. I know, I look at him with rose tinted glasses and someone commented that he needs a bath LOL. OKOK, maybe the hair, the hair I’m iffy on.

>> more photos here – photoset 1 & photoset 2
>> bonus – Daniel Chan also turned up in black


Look No 2: Three piece suit

Just a few days later, he’s in Shanghai again for another award. ‘Dream Idol’? I’m losing track of all these awards they’re handing out. Peter Ho was also there although his red carpet outfit was just… I’m speechless. A yellow turtleneck was involved. Need I say more? Anyway, Bolin was wearing a three piece suit.

I do have a weakness for three piece suits, because of a certain character from Law & Order HAHAHA. I’m questioning whether he has reached the age to pull it off. (Since the L&O character I’m thinking of is like almost 20 years older than him.) I shall ponder that while staring at the photos.

>> photoset 1 with Fan Bing Bing, photoset 2 & photoset 3


Look No 3: I don’t know what to call this?

I forgot what award was this. BQ? What’s BQ again? Kinda like the scarf, not sure about this jacket, but the hair is cute, no?

>> more photos here


And FINALLY~ I have to include this from the Sony press conference. I’m sure he has already mastered the art of a good selca.






9 responses to “Just another Bolin Chen picspam”

  1. heisui Avatar

    Lol Kat you never fail to show the best Bolin pics! And thank you for the Daniel Chan ~bonus~ HEHEHE. I think Bolin can pull off suits it’s just that the ones I’ve seen him in don’t seem as well-fitted as they could be? :/

    1. kat Avatar

      HAHA It helps he’s always so photogenic. *totally biased* But his Golden Bell suit was probably the best fitted one amongst the actors!!

  2. aehyu Avatar

    Lol pic 3 somehow works, it resembles something out of a university professors wardrobe, but the adorable grin made me like it. Daniel’s outfit on the other hand, someone needs to burn the heck out of that faux leather or whatever that shiny material is, because that outfit is terrifying.

    1. kat Avatar

      HAHAHAAHA it does have that ‘old fashioned’ feel to it! My grades would be so good if the teachers look like him 😛 LOL!

      ohh black is forgiving but also turtlenecks? Never really understand them (especially on the red carpet!)

      1. aehyu Avatar

        Lol so true, I wish they all looked like that, it would be such a motivation to actually attend classes XD That’s what it was! And here I was thinking it was just the material, nope it’s the god awful turtleneck >.< Gah his stylist needs to be fired.

  3. heisui Avatar

    Not sure if you’ve already seen this but I randomly stumbled across this video of the BTS of one of Bolin’s photoshoots


    1. kat Avatar

      Thanks~~~ 😉 He looks like he just got out of bed there LOLOL. *hrm…* Did you see the Tony/Sonia one also from that magazine? They look so cute together!

      1. heisui Avatar

        I saw the ones that you shared. Are there more?

        1. kat Avatar

          Oooh~ just the BTS video from that photoshoot 🙂


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