Anything Goes

Dear Dad, Happy Fathers Day

I have no doubt this is the toughest post I will ever write. Or should I say, toughest anything I will write. Today is Fathers’ Day in some parts of the world. In Australia, it’s in September but in…

TW Dramas

4 Upcoming Taiwanese Dramas to keep an eye out for

It’s a pity that Taiwanese Dramas are mostly known for their happy (sometimes mindless) rom-coms. But once in a while there’re ones that break out of this tradition but receive much less audience attention. Actually, this post was supposed…

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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

This sounds so cute – Sisterhood group hug!!! Thanks to Anna & Estelle for the nomination. 🙂   The Questions: 1. What is your favourite drama of all time? It’s difficult to choose between In Time with You and…

HK Dramas

Eye in the Sky Episodes 11 to 15 thoughts

I’m being good this week and started writing this post less than an hour after I finished watching episode 15. But it doesn’t mean I was excited about this week’s ‘cliffhanger’. There wasn’t one! This show has been spoiling…

HK Dramas

Eye in the Sky Episodes 1 to 5 thoughts

When you say ‘TVB series’ nowadays, the response tends to be – well, not so complimentary things. Whether it’s the low budget, or the recycled plots, or a bunch of newbies with questionable acting skills, or the same few…