A Minute More / Only Need a Minute 只要一分鐘 stills and first trailer

Filming for Taiwanese movie “A Minute More” (只要一分鐘 / Zhi Yao Yi Fen Zhong / literal translation: Only need a minute) starring Peter Ho and Janine Chang wrapped up a few months ago and finally a couple of stills and the first trailer is released! Since the movie name on Yahoo is listed as “A Minute More”, I’m using it for the time being. To add to the confusion I previously posted about it as “A Moment Forever”. The trailer and what’s been posted on their Facebook page so far focused a lot on Li La – a super cute golden retriever who is probably the real star of this film! LOL. Who can say no to that face?

Synopsis: Wan Zhen is an editor of a fashion magazine. Since her boyfriend Hao Jie works from home, he looks after her so well she is very competent in her job but very clueless in real life. By chance, she adopted a golden retriever Li La which drastically changed Wan Zhen’s life. She begins to wake up early, cook, take care of a newborn…


For Li La to have a better living environment, Wan Zhen and Hao Jie move homes and bought a car. When Miss Lin, the director leads a massive shakeup within the magazine, Wan Zhen has the chance to be promoted to her dream position as Chief Editor. She begins to devote more to her work. But as her career soars, her working hours increase. Stuck between the job she loves and Li La who has become family to her, which will Wan Zhen choose?


This sounds like such a sweet, heartwarming and super feel-good movie you just can’t help but fall in love with it. Its release date is 14 March 2014 though, have to wait a bit longer to see it!






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    It’s like Marley and Me, just a Chinese version!

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      Is it!! lol I haven’t seen Marley and Me but the dog look so cute also! 😀

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