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A Time of Love (Part 2: Singapore) Recap

The start of part 2 follows a pair of high heels, literally. While a well dressed woman Crystal (Charmaine Sheh) walks into an office building, we also see a geeky looking guy Oscar (Kenneth Ma) walking into the same…

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My first Liebster Award! YEAH!

Thank you so so much to Coffeenlucia (Pantomiming) Misscupcakees (A Fairytale World) and Heisui (My Drama Tea) for nominating me! The Liebster Award feels like a big virtual hug bloggers give to each other. 😀   The Rules: Each…

Fortnightly Roundup

Fortnightly Roundup: 2013 Edition

I debated whether I’m qualified to write a ‘2013 Year End’ post because – I didn’t finish a lot of dramas, I only watch CN/HK/TW dramas (Western ones don’t count) and a lot of the dramas I watched this…