TW Dramas

PMAM Episodes 1 to 10 thoughts

Taiwan has always given me the impression that it’s a rather conservative country. I’m not from Taiwan so this impression is just formed by watching their TV shows and a few visits. However, despite the talks of tradition, Confucius teachings and whatnot,…

Friday 5

[Friday5] Aarif Rahman (Lee) songs

Earlier this month I saw some stills of Fan Bing Bing’s new c-drama The Empress of China (Wu Ze Tian) and amongst the cast is her rumoured boyfriend – Aarif Rahman aka Aarif Lee aka 李治廷. Well, I don’t…

HK Dramas

A Time of Love (Part 3: Korea) Recap

At a coffee shop, Kim Dong Sung / King (Youn Jung-Hoon) is waiting for someone. He is about to leave when Linda (Linda Chung) arrives saying she’s only late for 45 minutes. She wants to learn basic Korean conversation…