[TVBS Weekly] Ivy Chen: I can marry Bolin!

With a title like that of course I’m going to take notice!!! Campus Confidential (愛情無全順) has been doing pretty well in the Taiwan box office grossing over $20 million (TWD) and the reviews have been pretty positive. (Although I’m…


[Review] Firestorm (HK-2013): Let’s blow up Central!

As human beings, to strive for continuous improvement is an admirable trait. But as movie audiences, our increasing appetite for bigger and better experiences isn’t necessarily bringing out the best in our filmmakers. Amongst the explosions, 3D effects and…

Site Stuff

New Theme (sort of holiday related)!

I remember Heisui wrote a post a few months ago about choosing the right theme, and I was thinking about how much I usually dread changing themes. So I’m also quite surprised the last one was only up for…

Anything Goes

Just another Bolin Chen picspam

OK I started this post last week and didn’t want to abandon it so everything might be a bit disjointed!! This is like a spin-off from the Fortnightly Roundup because I was rushed for time and I kept finding stuff to…

CN Dramas

What? We’re going back to Dragon Gate?

I don’t usually follow ancient / wuxia dramas but these stills caught my eye because – what? Dragon Gate? Again? Last week the Taiwanese modernised version / spin-off / inspiration / trainwreck had just finished airing and now there…