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    Just You Episode 5 Recap

    NOTE: Screencaps added!   Qi Yi is going to a meeting with the directors of the supermarket and takes Liang Liang with him. Poor Qi Yi, it’s because the directors especially…

  • TW Dramas

    Just You Episode 4 Recap

    After the meeting, Liang Liang goes to Qi Yi’s office to try to convince him to withdraw the warning. But of course it falls on deaf ears. She leaves his office…

  • TW Dramas

    Just You Episode 3 Recap

    It’s morning and Qi YI wakes up to find Mrs Cheng exercising downstairs. Liang Liang and her dad had gone out to the flower markets but Mrs Cheng stayed behind because…

  • TW Dramas

    Just You Episode 2 Recap

    Continuing from the last episode, Liang Liang agrees she will work on a new proposal. Just as she’s leaving, she gives him breakfast, because he has to take his medicine with…

  • TW Dramas

    Just You Episode 1 Recap

    Out of the three currently airing dramas that I’ve watched (Love Around, Love SOS and Amour et Patisserie), I am least interested in the actors of ‘Just You’. Normally I wouldn’t…